The United States Supreme Court

Self Regulation is a Violation
of the United States Constitution

The Constitution Mandates a Balance of Power

Our forefathers contemplated a democracy where government was to serve the people, not rule them. In order to achieve this, government was to be divided up into three branches. Each branch would have the ability to supervise and regulate the other two. This system was to be known as the checks and balance system. But the Judicial Branch has opted out of the checks and balance system in order to be "self regulating". Self regulation doesn't work, and that why the courts are in such sorry shape. And self regulation is unconstitutional because it allows judges to usurp the power of the King. It's time we citizens demand an end to self regulation of the courts and restore the authority of the Constitution.

People before Lawyers

United States of America vs. King of England

On September 7th 1787, as a result of winning the Revolutionary War, we the free people of the United States were faced with the task of creating our own government. We were blessed with leaders who were absolutely brilliant who drafted our constitution. America was an infant nation and we were determined to be the first nation dedicated to the proposition that all power and authority comes from that people, and that the government is created only to serve the people.

This concept was very different than that of England, which was, and technically still is, a monarchy. When America broke away from the monarchy and decided to go to a new bold direction where free people rule, it became necessary to create a constitution which was monarchy proof.

WE THE PEOPLE of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

It is well established that the Constitution was written in a way to be monarchy hostile. For example, it forbids all titles of nobility. Titles of nobility leads to a class system where all people are not considered equal. Although true equality is impossible, America is dedicated, in theory, to create a government where people are as equal as you can get under the circumstances. The Constitution is dedicated to the goal of equality.

Three Branches of Government

To further discourage a monarchy from forming, the founding fathers created three branches of government. These three branches share power and oversee one another. Each has a different function and a different relationship to each other. The founding fathers contemplated and arrangement whereby each branch would keep watch on the other branches to make sure they complied with the constitution and didn't try to usurp power and become a monarchy.

Checks and Balances

The founding fathers created three branches of government, and they divided the power up in such a way as to create a check and balance system so that no branch of government could take over the country. Knowing that people are greedy and power hungry by nature, it was necessary to set up a structure to prevent groups from usurping power. This is all in an effort to preclude the possibility of any one branch of government, religious group, political group, or any individual, from usurping the power of the King. America was not only contemplated to be king-less, but also to be king-proof.

The reason we have a checks and balance system is to preclude the possibility of a monarchy. The Constitution of the United States mandates that checks and balances must exist and the possibility of a monarchy must not exist.

We have systems in place to create a checks and balance system. The President, for example, can be impeached for high crimes and treason. However, it is not the judicial system that puts the President on trial. The President is put on trial in the United States Senate and not the Supreme Court. You might think this to be somewhat odd because, after all, the United States Supreme Court is the highest court, isn't it? The short answer is, no it's not.

Checks and Balances are mandated by the Constitution. Failure to implement Checks and Balances is Treason to the Constitution.

Although the Senate is a legislative body, it also has the power to perform judicial functions. Although rarely if ever used, the Senate can conduct a trial in very specialized circumstances such as impeaching a president or a Supreme Court justice. No matter how rarely used this power is, it's the fact that this power is there that's important. Its the fact that the power is there that perhaps is the reason it's rarely used. It's like having a gun. You don't have to shoot someone to use a gun to stop a crime. In most cases all you have to do is show the gun and its presence is as effective, if not more so, than actually shooting it.

Hole in the Checks and Balances System

The checks and balances system works well for two out of the three branches of government. Members of Congress are often tried for crimes they committed. In the early 70s the checks an balance system worked to run Nixon out of office. Although in Nixon's case it barely worked. Nixon created the last constitutional crisis because he tried to save his hide by undermining the checks and balance system through the abuse of executive power. Nixon usurped the power of the King attempting to save his own hide. Usurping the power of the King is to Treason to the Constitution. Nixon was not only forced to resign, but his Treason to the Constitution caused new laws and procedures to be passed to preclude the possibility of another President to try to usurp the power of the monarchy as Nixon tried to do.

The Congress doesn't seem to have yet tried to usurp power it didn't have. Generally, larger groups are not as likely to try to be King as smaller groups or individuals. Lately the Congress has had the opposite problem. Instead of usurping power it doesn't have, it's failing to perform the duties it's responsible for, which is also treason to the Constitution.

Our present system of checks and balances only cover 2 out of 3 branches of government. The Judicial branch seems to be left out.

However, although the Judicial branch oversees other branches of government, no one oversees them. The judiciary has taken the position that they are self regulating and can police themselves. And anyone who has ever filed a Bar Complaint knows how well that works. In deciding to police themselves, the Supreme Court of the United States has bypassed the checks and balance system.

Treason to the Constitution

The Judicial branch of government is charged with the duties of maintaining justice. The court system is supposed to work for the people. That is how the Constitution defines the role of the justice system. The Constitution defines things the courts can not do as well as things it must do. The language of Chief Justice Marshall in Cohens v. Virginia, 6 Wheat, 264, 404, is most apposite.

In that case he said: "It is most true that this court will not take jurisdiction if it should not; but it is equally true that it must take jurisdiction if it should. The judiciary cannot, as the legislature may, avoid a measure because it approaches the confines of the Constitution. We cannot pass it by because it is doubtful. With whatever doubts, with whatever difficulties, a case may be attended, we must decide it, if it be brought before us. We have no more right to decline the exercise of jurisdiction which is given, than to usurp that which is not given. The one or the other would be treason to the Constitution. Questions may occur which we would gladly avoid, but we cannot avoid them. All we can do is to exercise our best judgement, and conscientiously perform our duty."

The court systems in this country have deteriorated to the point of total corruption. The United States justice system is the worlds biggest organized crime syndicate. The court system has become a self serving institution which uses their power to oppress the public to make lawyers rich. The word "Justice" in "Justice System" is no more than a marketing slogan. They don't police themselves, they are above the law. Their mission has nothing to do with justice and is a lot more like ruling as Kings. What the court systems are doing is Treason to the Constitution.

Plugging the hole in the Checks and Balances System

In order to plug the hole in the checks and balances system we need external regulation of the courts. All other professions like doctors, psychologists, and engineers are regulated by the executive branch of government. Every professional except lawyers and judges who regulate themselves. Lawyers and judges seem to feel that they are a special case and that we need an "independent judiciary". I agree that judges need to be free to make tough and unpopular decisions, but a judge should be able to be sued for taking a bribe.

The rights of the Citizens must always come before the Profits of Lawyers.

If lawyers and judges were regulated like every other profession we would have less crooked and incompetent lawyers and judges. We would have a system that would actually weed out the bad apples. The way things are now, an honest lawyer can not win cases against dishonest lawyers because judges are to lazy to enforce ethical standards in their courts.

The Independence of the Judiciary

One important aspect of a free and just society is the independence of the judiciary. the word "Independence" means that a judge must be free to make tough decisions that are often controversial, unpopular, politically charged, and often very complex. Judges need to be able to make these kind of decisions without the threat of being sued or otherwise persecuted for making a wrong decision. If judges have to compromise themselves because of potential personal threatening situations that can hardly make those tough decisions.

However, just as judicial independence is necessary for a free and just society, judicial ethics is equally important. When a judge breaks the law, disregards the rules, takes bribes, is drunk on the bench, or commits other acts that undermine and obstruct justice, or government has a responsibility to protect the integrity of the courts. And this can't be done through self regulation.

Self regulation doesn't work because judges and lawyers work together and are buddies with each other. When one breaks the rules his friends let it slide so that they will return the favor some time in the future. In the judicial system, you have "to go along to get along".

Although lawyers and judges are in theory required to report misconduct, in reality they are prohibited from reporting misconduct. If a lawyer squeals on a judge, its the lawyer who gets in trouble. Once a lawyer has filed a complaint, every other lawyer and judge knows about it and the judges rule against the lawyer in every action the lawyer brings before the court. Eventually the lawyer is driven out of business by judges who cover up for each other. The lawyers who are left quickly learn that you don't complain against a judge who is committing misconduct. You ignore it and let it slide. Thus a judge is not treated like a judge, but like a king who's above the rule of law.

With external regulation of the judicial system, the disciplinary body can act outside of the court system to enforce ethical standards. A lawyer could complain and submit evidence confidentially about other lawyers and judges who actions threatens the integrity of the judiciary. Lawyers and judges won't have to sit in judgement of their friends and colleagues who might compromise the law to help their friends. Nor will a lawyer or judge have to feel as guilty because they aren't put into situations where conflicts of interests exist. This would make it easier for lawyers and judges to come forward and obey the rules of court.

Although there are short term benefits to lawyers and judges to let their friends get away with things they shouldn't get away with, in the long run it hurts them more. Honest lawyers are pushed out of the judicial system by lawyers who win through fraud. When evil is rewarded and honesty is punished, justice will not thrive. Good lawyers are driven off by bad lawyers and ethical standards sink to the lowest common denominator. That is what we have today and the cure is the elimination of self regulation.

The Judicial System is Broken

People have come to expect lawyers to be crooks. That's why there are so many lawyer jokes. In reality there are a lot of honest hard working lawyers. But the honest lawyers are being pushed out by the dishonest lawyers because when lawyers are allowed to cheat, lawyers that cheat will win. Eventually honest lawyers have to quit and do something else. Many of them get so disgusted with the system that they can no longer stand to practice law. As a pro se litigant I already feel that same way.

Did you know that:

  1. A lawyer can be disbarred for lying in court.
  2. A lawyer is prohibited from making a misleading legal argument.
  3. A lawyer who knows that another lawyer has violated the rules of professional conduct is required to inform the disciplinary authorities.
  4. A lawyer who knows that a judge has violated the rules of professional conduct is required to inform the disciplinary authorities.
  5. A lawyer can be disbarred for knowingly offering false evidence to the court.
  6. If a lawyer knows that a witness has lied that he is required to reveal it to the judge.
  7. You can't sue a judge for taking a bribe.
This is what happens when we allow the courts to self regulate. They don't do it. They just sit back and let it happen. The good ole' boy network where you got to go along to get along. In fact I know of cases where lawyers are sanctioned by the courts for not breaking the rules. Where an honest lawyer is punished by federal judges for being honest and pointing out that other lawyers were ripping people off.

Why is this Important?

Knowledge is power. The more people know the truth that there is a higher court than the Supreme Court the more we, the free people of the United States, can control our government. We as citizens must never forget that this is our country and that it is a government of the people. These courts are our courts. They belong to us. Judges are here only to serve, not to rule. It is important that we put the judicial system in its place.

Self regulation by the courts is Treason to the Constitution because it undermines the checks and balances mandated by the Constitution.

The government and the court systems don't want you to know this. The courts are usurping the powers of the King. These judges want to rule with absolute power and immunity. I for one am not going to allow that to happen. Like all citizens, judges and lawyers have to have a reasonable amount of accountability for their actions. Self regulation of the courts over themselves does not constitute reasonable accountability. Only by using the authority of the Constitution and the powers of the Senate can we citizens take back the courts.

What you can do

Never let them tell you that it's hopeless and there's nothing you can do. The internet is the most powerful weapon on the planet for citizens to defend themselves from government. Use the internet to spread the word and to organize for the purpose of protecting the Constitution against those who would reinstate the monarchy. Send letters and email to congress and your state legislature.

What these judges really hate is if you challenge the core ideas that give them absolute power. The most important concept for us to attack is this notion that the courts are self regulating and that no other branch of government has any control of oversight responsibilities over the courts. This concept of self-regulation is a lie and a power grab by the judiciary to usurp the power of the King. We, the free people of the United States are entitled to external supervision of the judicial system. We must insist that the legislators impose regulation on the court system to ensure the ethics and integrity of the judiciary.

In order to counter them we citizens must demand from our legislators that they impose external ethics supervision over the court system. We must attack the concept of self regulation. Yes, we do need an independent judiciary in order to make those tough decisions. But we need to have a judicial system that adheres to the highest standards of ethics and justice.

What you need to do is spread the word that the Congress as oversight powers to control the courts and provide for legal ethics reform. Not only do they have the power, but they have a duty to the Constitution to protect the public from crooked lawyers and judges.

If we don't stand up to the bastards and stop judicial corruption, we'll become slaves to the judicial monarchy.

Besides the Congress, the executive branch has the power through the justice department to enforce the laws through criminal prosecution. We must lean on the President to get him to take a stand against judicial corruption.

Points to Remember

  1. The Constitution mandates a checks and balance system to preclude the possibility of a monarchy.

  2. Self regulation by the court system is treason to the Constitution.

  3. The judicial system's only purpose is to serve the people.

Spread the word. Knowledge is power!


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