Liberal Media Coverup of the
Real Clinton Record
And the Truth about Bob Dole

The liberal news media are just a bunch of tie dyed hippie tree huggers who conspire to cover up The Real Clinton Record. Here is the truth about Slick Willie that these pot smoking atheists don't want you to know. You don't have to put up with their multicultural politically correct crap any more because I'm going to give you the secret inside information about what Conservatives like you can do about it! The liberal Slickster is out to get you, and if moral, God fearing Americans like you don't join our crusade to get the TRUTH out about Billary and these bleading heart liberals who would rather play "hide the salami" than to lock up the homeless, who will?

These tax and spend liberal anti-prayer evolutionist heathens, who oppose Term Limits, don't want you to know the Truth about Bob Dole and what Kind of a Man he really is and how he has Served our Country and that Character and Honesty are important. These gay over educated liberal history revisionist, baby killing, bra burning feminazis, who are trying to get the government to take your guns away, want to win the election by Scaring Women away from voting for Bob Dole.


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