Will Bob Dole pardon Timothy McVeigh?

Pardon Me!

Bob Dole is trying to make a political issue over pardons. He wants to know if Clinton is going to pardon his Susan McDougal who Dole is holding captive hoping she will lie about the President so he'll win the election.

But, should Dole win, who will he pardon? Will he pardon Timothy McVeigh? This may sound rediculus but there are a lot of McVeigh supporters out there that are among Bob Dole's strongest constituents. Bob Dole needs the McVeigh Republicans and the Koresh Republicans and the backing of the National Rifle Association if he's going to have any chance at all. Bob Dole is dangling a McVeigh pardon to maintain his 24 point lead in Idaho and his 18 point lead in Utah.

So far Bob Dole hasn't ruled out a McVeigh pardon and it's doubtful you'll see him publicly anounce that he will not pardon McVeigh before the election on November 5th. Bob Dole can't afford to lose the Koresh supporters or the militia vote. So you'll see Bob Dole keep his mouth shut on these issues.

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Who else will Dole Pardon?

There's a long list of people Dole might need to pardon if he became president. Newt Gingrich is in a lot of how water with several pending investigations into his book dealings. Newt is facing several serious ethics charges in the House.

Then there's several people in Dole's campaign team that are either facing charges or already in jail. Simon Fireman of Aqua-Leisure Industries pleaded guilty to 70 felony counts for laundering money into the Dole campaign coffers. David Owen, Dole's 1988 campaign manager, has already done time for money laundering. And then there's old Reverend Moon, leader of the Moonies, owner of the Washington Times, and major Republican contributor who very much wanted Bush to pardon him, but didn't get it.


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