Candidates Positions on the Issues

Where the Candidates for President Stand on the Issues

Here is a simple table on the issues and where Bill Clinton and Bob Dole stand on many issues affecting the voters decision and the future of the country. In this table I'm attempting to keep the issues simple so the voter at a glance can see where the candidates stand. I invite suggestions and response to make this voters guide more complete. In this table I call 'em like I see 'em. So if a candidate says one thing and does another, I rate them on what they do, not what they say.

The opinions in this tables are my own. However, I'm a very smart guy and I am usually right. So if you don't agree with me, it is very likely that I'm right and you're wrong and you should reexamine the issues.




Years in Federal Government435
Number of Marriages12
Number of Children11
Home StateArkansasKansas
Present ResidenceWhite HouseWatergate Hotel
Election Fraud Fines$0$100,000
Balancing the Federal BudgetForAgainst
Balanced Budget AmendmentAgainstFor
Tax CutsMiddle ClassRich
Raise TaxesRichMiddle Class
Capital Gains Tax CutAgainstFor
Trade with ChinaForFor
Cutting the DeficitDid ItTalks About it
Job Creation10 MillionTalks About It
Cutting Big GovernmentDid ItTalks about it
Raised Gas Taxes4.3 Cents10.1 Cents
Right to Choose AbortionForAgainst
Late Abortion Ban - Protecting MotherForAgainst
Late Abortion Ban - No ProtectionAgainstFor
Abortion Gag RuleAgainstFor
Solution to Teen PregnancyEducationAbstinence
Attends ChurchYesNo
Public Funding of Private SchoolsAgainstFor
Family Medical LeaveForAgainst
Social SecurityForAgainst
Gay MarriageAgainstAgainst
Earned Income Tax CreditForAgainst
Student Loan ProgramForAgainst
Tax Credit for CollegeForAgainst
Head Start ProgramForAgainst
Child Support EnforcementForAgainst
Goals 2000ForAgainst
School to Work ProgramForAgainst
Tax Credit to AdoptForAgainst
Tax Credit for Vocational EducationForAgainst
Immunize Children form DiseaseForAgainst
Federal Funding for Medical ResearchForAgainst
Welfare ReformForFor
Gun Ownership ProtectionForFor
Assault Weapons BanForAgainst
Background Check to Detect FelonsForAgainst
Waiting Period to by HandgunForAgainst
Brady BillForAgainst
Star WarsAgainstFor
100,000 New PoliceDid ItAgainst
Protecting Veterans BenefitsForAgainst
Restoring Democracy to HaitiForAgainst
Vietnam WarEnd the WarKeep Fighting
Gays in the MilitaryForAgainst
Military ServiceCommander in ChiefWWII Veteran
Protecting the EnvironmentForAgainst
Forest ProtectionForAgainst
Endangered SpeciesForAgainst
Clean WaterForAgainst
Government Meat InspectionForAgainst
FDA Regulation of TobaccoForAgainst
Disclose Toxic Chemical ReleasesForAgainst
Limit Product Liability AwardsAgainstFor
Term LimitsAgainstFor
Federal Election Spending LimitsCompliesIgnores
Restrict Tobacco Advertising to ChildrenForAgainst
Tobacco is AddictiveYesDoesn't Know
Smoking worse than Drinking MilkYesMaybe
Reopen street in front of WhitehouseNoYes
Liked Movie "Independence Day"YesYes
Liked Movie "Striptease"YesNo
Biggest SupportersUnions/LawyersAlcohol/Tobacco
Corporate WelfareAgainstFor
Campaign Finance ReformForAgainst
Affirmative ActionForAgainst
Smoked PotYesNo
Legalize DrugsAgainstAgainst
Decriminalize DrugsAgainstAgainst
Eliminate Dept of EducationAgainstFor
Eliminate Commerce DeptAgainstFor
Eliminate HUDAgainstFor
Eliminate Dept of EnergyAgainstFor
Medical Savings AccountsAgainstFor
Death PenaltyForFor
"V" ChipForAgainst
United NationsForAgainst
Eliminate VA HospitalsAgainstFor
Cut Veteran ProgramsAgainstFor
Divert Tax Money to ChurchesAgainstFor
Economic PolicyTrickle UpTrickle Down
School Lunch ProgramForAgainst
Wife's ProfessionAttorneyAttorney
Role of First LadyStrongNone


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