Is George Bush a Moonie?


George Bush Sells out to the Moonies

It's bad enough that these nutcases are spreading their diseased cults all over the world. But it's a real shame for former President Bush to dishonor America by selling you to the Reverned Sun Myung Moon for a mere $100,000. By praising Moon George Bush is contributing the the personal destruction of tens of thousands of lives aroung the world.

This is insanity beyond belief and I just can't sit back and watch it happen. Moon is a serious brainwasher and a menace to sane and normal society. Moon controls hundreds of millions of dollars, many newspapers across that world including the Washington Times, Moon controls the Republican Party, and the Christian Coalition. If you're a Christian and think that your serving the lord, you might want to look into how the moonies are taking control of the Religous Right.

Moon seeks to control the news media throughout the world. When you hear about the so called "liberal press" think twice. There is no liberal press. It's a ruse to throw you off about how the press is really influenced. Whenever you hear about a story breaking in the Washington Times, your getting a message from Reverened Moon.

Bush owes Moon big time. Moon funneled millions of dollars into Bush's 1988 election. Had it not been for Moon, Bush would never have been president. Bush was supposed to pardon Moon so as to erase his felony conviction but never did. And Moon didn't support Bush in 1992 the way he did in 1988.

I swiped this story from Reuters. I hope my praise for their fine work will make up for stealing their copyrighted materal.


Monday November 25, 1996 7:11 AM EST

Bush Praises Moon as 'Man of Vision'

BUENOS AIRES (Reuter) - The South Korean evangelist Sun Myung Moon launched a new Spanish-language newspaper for the whole of Latin America this weekend, with the backing of guest George Bush who praised Moon's respect for editorial independence.

The former U.S. president, guest speaker at a banquet late Saturday to launch Moon's new publication "Tiempos del Mundo" (Times of the World), was full of praise for the controversial evangelist's best-known newspaper, the Washington Times, and referred to Moon as "the man with the vision."

Bush then travelled with Moon to neighboring Uruguay Sunday to help him inaugurate a seminary in the capital Montevideo to train 4,200 young Japanese women to spread the word of his Church of Unification across Latin America.

Moon already owns a major newspaper, bank and hotel in Uruguay and is buying up land in the Argentine province of Corrientes, where he plans to construct what his followers call "ideal cities".

"I want to salute Reverend Moon who is the founder of the Washington Times and of the new paper here," said Bush, who was reported by the Washington Post to have been paid $100,000 for his Buenos Aires appearance.

"A lot of my friends in South America don't know about the Washington Times but it is an independent voice," said Bush. "The editors of the Washington Times tell me that never once has the man with the vision interfered with the running of the paper, a paper that in my view brings sanity to Washington DC."

"I am convinced that Tiempos del Mundo is going to do the same thing," said Bush, who managed to avoid being photographed with the 76-year-old South Korean evangelist during his whole stay in Buenos Aires.

Bush was staying at Argentine President Carlos Menem's official Olivos residence, and there was a place reserved at the top table for Menem. But Menem, who met Moon secretly last year, snubbed him this time on the advice of foreign policy and religious policy aides.

Argentina's influential Catholic Church takes issue with Moon's portrayl of himself as an incarnation of God fulfilling the mission of Christ. Critics say he brainwashes the vulnerable into joining him and some countries, such as Germany, consider him a threat to public order and refuse him an entry visa.

In his speech at the Tiempos del Mundo launch, Moon made a bitter reference to the 11 months he spend in prison in the United States for tax evasion, saying he had "overcome significant persecution" in that country.

Before his speech titled "In Search of the Origin of the Universe," Moon promised his new paper would "provide the most edifying reports in every aspect...promoting harmony and reverting the tendency towards disbelief."

The first edition showed a tendency to optimistic headlines, its cover showing an elated President Bill Clinton over the headline "The North Moves Closer to the South."

Its Texan editor, Larry Moffitt, told Reuters the newspaper would come out on Sundays at first "but go daily very quickly" via satellite transmissions to editorial centers in 10 countries, including Argentina.

"Within a year we hope to be in every country in the hemisphere," Moffitt said. His circulation goals are ambitious: "There are 300 million Spanish speaking people in the hemisphere. That sounds like a good number."

Meanwhile Moon was in full flow, asking his 700 guest such penetrating questions as "why do sexual organs exist?" and "when you defecate, do you wear a gas mask?"

Moon's Message

The following paragraphs are Moon's own statements I snagged off his web site. Click on his picture, select the SEARCH option and type in "Bush" and you will see my source. If you don't believe this, check it out for yourself. Moon's complete statements are there.


What the Moonies say about Bush

Father proposed to the Soviet media world, "Why don't you come to America? You will understand American culture and how the American people live. I will invite you." At last, April 23, we had a media conference for them and twelve of them came here. They suggested to Father, "We will participate in a media conference in the United States sponsored by Reverend Moon." We guided them everywhere. They went to the New York Times, the Washington Post, everywhere. They met many important people through our connections. They thought, "Oh, Reverend Moon is a powerful influence!" No matter how much they used their ambassadors, they could not connect with the important people we could connect them to. Reverend Moon, during just a few days, could connect them with no problem. They understood that. They said, "Oh, maybe Reverend Moon is the power behind Bush!" Every day, curious people were asking about Reverend Moon. Even the Americans were impressed and started repenting for not understanding how influential Father is, and how brave in opening up these barriers.


Who is greater, President Bush or Reverend Sun Myung Moon? Why do you say Reverend Moon? My nose is wider, my eyes are smaller, and I am shorter than Mr. Bush. Also, Mr. Bush is white and I am a colored man.. The United States is an advanced country while Korea is still developing. Reverend Moon's background is not so great and his support is not so powerful, while President Bush has the support of the whole country. But, strangely enough, many people in the world are saying, "Reverend Moon is greater than Mr. Bush." Why is that? It is because nobody else can take the place of Reverend Moon. Mr. Bush will be replaced by the next president, perhaps after just four years.


Recently, an interesting thing happened. President Bush wrote to Dr. Pak. President Bush wrote that his note really should be addressed to Reverend Moon, but he feels more at ease writing to Dr. Pak. He congratulated him and said, "Please convey my congratulatory message to Reverend Moon."

On September 6, 1990, the United Broadcasting Station will have its Opening Ceremony in Washington. Members of both the Bush administration and the Soviet Union will be there. The world-renowned Kirov Ballet has been asked to join us. People are wondering how such a high level entity as the Kirov Ballet would join up with the Universal Ballet Academy and Reverend Moon. Actually, the spirit world gave the president of the Kirov Ballet a revelation and told him that no matter what difficult phenomena occur, no matter how difficult the situation becomes, he should follow Reverend Moon. He told Father that in person. So he said, "Reverend Moon, I am with you forever."


Father really helped the United States with The Washington Times. Reagan and Bush could not gain power without it. The world knows the Soviet's ultimate goal was to conquer the world by 1984. During Carter's time in office, he lost twelve countries to communism. If someone like him had stayed in office, would Gorbachev be doing what he is now? No. America would have pulled out of Korea, and taken many other actions causing worse collapse. What would have happened in 1984 if Mondale had won? He was a very good friend of Donald Fraser. The United States would also have pulled out of Korea. Would communism have gone down like it has? No. What about if Dukis had won? Would Gorbachev have had to open up? No. Father wrestled with all his might to guide Reagan and Bush. Even we wondered why Father, a religious mar,, was so interested in politics.

History will notice the fact that communism has been liberated because of what Reverend Moon did. Father had to go to Russia at any cost and connect it to himself. The Bush administration said, "Reverend Moon, don't go to the USSR." Father knows the American way of thinking so well, he never praised Gorbachev because he knew then Americans would go against him.


Reverend Moon has been working the hardest and receiving the most persecution even for the reunification of Korea. He has been working through Russia, America and other countries. Even though he has been put down, the equilibrium line is now very strong and he is coming up. Centering on True Love, who is most powerful? Reverend Moon or President Bush? True Father of course.


What about America? Father was instrumental in the election of Ronald Reagan. The Americans don't need a bush, they need a trunk. They need someone who can push Bush into becoming a trunk!


Did the American government ever help us? No. The American government is allowing cigarettes, which are killing people, to be sold in Korea, even pressuring them politically: "If you don't buy cigarettes from America. " This is incredible. Father almost protested to the Bush Administration. These are the kinds of things they are doing. They don't care about other counties, they don't care about the rest of the world. If America backs out of its responsibilities, can America say before God, "Well, we are a big administration and we had our priorities"? Can you say that before God? Will that stand up to the light? No.


Why doesn't President Bush, who boasts leadership of this big important country, meet with Reverend Moon and see what happens? Father will not propose a meeting saying, "I want to meet you." It is America, the administration, the President himself which must come down and propose to meet Father. That is more natural.


So even in the Persian Gulf War, Father made certain recommendations to George Bush, and he was making the same recommendations to Gorbachev. The recommendation was a serious one: it is a good idea, an incredibly strategic idea, so the staff brought it up to the level of the President. He read it and said, "Boy this is incredible; but I just got the telegram this morning and Gorbachev told me the same thing." Little did he know, it came from the same source. This is how Father shortened the war in the Persian Gulf. Yesterday, Sunday, the second Sunday in the month of April, the most incredible thing happened: George Bush declared April 5th, 6th and 7th as national days of prayer for thanksgiving for the great victory in the Persian Gulf with the lots of sacrifices of the good men and women of not only the United States but the allied nations. His declaration was made with beautiful penmanship, into almost a Declaration of Independence-well-written and quoting a tremendous amount of words from the Bible-particularly the Psalms. Then thanking God, Heavenly Father, "God, You gave this miraculous victory". Even the Commander-in-Chief Schwartzkoff stated that this Desert Storm war was won miraculously. So, "I, George Bush, President of the United States, declare to all members of this nation to celebrate this victory by giving thanks to God, by displaying proudly the United States' flag and each congregation meeting in their own places. Furthermore, on April 7th at 3:00 o'clock in the afternoon, all the bells of the country will ring in thanksgiving to God." George Bush made that special proclamation. He signed two original copies, framed beautifully; then George Bush said, "That one original goes to the Archives, giving copies to all the press, to the states, to all the necessary people; but another original one, he asked his staff to send to Reverend Moon.

I would like to add that Father wrote two letters to President Bush before the Persian Gulf War and during the war itself. In the first letter that Father wrote he said, "George Bush, President of the United States, you cannot win this battle without the help of God Almighty." George Bush stated the very words that Father had written to him in his own proclamation-quoted verbatim what Father had said in that letter. I was amazed. Father said, "Don't promote it too much."


Father built six organizations to help America while in Danbury, sacrificing the Unification Church. If I had not done that, Reagan would not have been re-elected and certainly Bush wouldn't be in office today. Imagine in 1975 how the United States was suffering, having lost the war in Vietnam. Nobody could imagine that the Republican Party could regain the presidency within just a few years. Even Reagan himself thought it would take at least 20 years for the conservatives to regain power. Who made it possible for a conservative president to be elected in the United States? Paying the right indemnity, Reverend Moon made the conservative administration a possibility in this country. This is historic reality, not just an interpretation.

After losing the Vietnam War, communism was rampant. The college campuses were dominated by leftist thinking. This was the peak of communism in this country. Who could have expected that someone representing the right wing of conservative politics, namely Reagan, could become president in 1980? What is the so-called Reagan doctrine? That Reagan doctrine was coached along by the Washington Times Who was the one who inspired Reagan to proclaim that the devil's representative on earth was communism? The Washington Times boldly said that. Also who emphatically asserted that in the Gulf War, Christianity and Judaism should stay united, never separating? The Washington Times. If we did not do that, the result would have been a religious war between even the Arabic religion there. And there would be division, like between the Western hemisphere and Eastern hemisphere of religion. Buddhism and Confucianism would have taken the Moslem side because they originated in the Orient. This separation between East and West danger which can be averted only through Father's direction.


What about the government of this country, is it something which God can be proud of? No, the government is certainly no exception to what we have said. The Bush administration, which has now been defeated, was not any better than the individuals of this country. They are all dog-like. Is there any place where God can dwell in this country? Just imagine. The White House is an illustrious place, and the one who occupies the White House-George Bush-has such a great position. Do you think God will be attracted to, and follow the president because God can see hope in him? Will God want to follow Barbara Bush or any of their children just because of their position in this country? Even if they expressed a desire to get closer to God, God would say, "Not the way you are now," and He would just chase them out.


Alpha is Israel, Omega is in Korea. Jesus and Israel needed a bride and because there was no bride available, they really suffered. So the central problems of the world today are Israel and Korea. Now Korea is in a great political turmoil and America is religiously in the same situation. It is like mind and body, not fulfilli what they should be doing. They have the same destiny. Father told the Bush administration exactly that. It is very simple. I suggested this during the Conference on World Peace. I said to Mr. Bush, "All you have to do is just acknowledge this by signing it. I will gather together all 160 nations and let you be the leader of these countries. Then you will be able to accomplish perfect peace among all the nations." I said that to Mr. Bush. "You don't have to do anything. I will provide all the plans and I will even do that for you." Furthermore, I suggested that he choose Korea as the "Eternal Country of Peace." After that, all America would have to do would be to support Korea in a small way economically, in order that they could continue to prosper. That is a very small part of the overall job. Then Israel would follow in America's footsteps, and when that happens, Israel would not have any more problems with war.

I said this to Bush and I told him that he would become a historic figure. He would have a role in history which no one would ever be able to deny. But Bush didn't listen and he rejected my idea, which was God's will. Where is he now? He is out of office. After I met with Kim Il Sung, I sent to him a carefully thought out plan. Even to this day, I have received no answer from him. That means he is thinking, "What is Reverend Moon's idea?" Through The Washington Times and the other media which we have at our disposal, I introduced this whole concept, even bringing to America an interview with Kim Il Sung, who is the most remote national leader in the world. It was Father himself who softened Kim's attitude toward America, the very Kim Il Sung who has been going against America. It didn't really take so much money to make such a thing happen. The world knows by now that even though Reverend Moon may have money, he does not use it for himself. American truly needed help, and Father had all the help they needed. I offered it to them, spending my own effort and money to help them. Still this country doesn't come along. Even God feels there is nothing more he can do in this country.

America lost everything little by little after the war because of this. Now, representing the right wing of the world, America is experiencing great difficulty. Father worked so hard to lift up America. When Reagan was elected, nobody expected such a thing. This was done literally by the work of Reverend Moon, though the power of prayer, and through the practical work for that event. But the Reagan administration did not respond to my direction, they even allowed me to be incarcerated. They should at least have recognized that Reverend Moon was their benefactor. But when they failed to do that, then Clinton came and knocked them out.

Now Bill Clinton has come to office and is in the same position as Carter. How can Clinton lead America? How can he be any better than any of his predecessors? Only through the help of Reverend Moon will Clinton be able to lead this country successfully. I had a great plan for George Bush. After I met with Kim Il Sung, I worked very hard on a proposal which was a concrete and workable plan, and I offered it to President Bush. But he did not pay any attention to this offer from Reverend Moon. What has happened to him since?


Last May, I traveled to Washington and spoke at a dinner commemorating the tenth anniversary of The Washington Times, which I founded. I was reminded that when I first announced the founding of The Washington Times in 1982, there were many people in America who ridiculed me. Some experts predicted, even if I founded a newspaper of acceptable quality, that I would run out of funds in six months. And if not that, then the paper would degenerate into nothing more than a mouthpiece for the Unification Church and would end up as a weekly newspaper, read by almost no one.

Now, ten years later The Washington Times is counted among the top three papers in terms of influence among the 1,750 newspapers published in the United States. It is the first newspaper read by the president of the United States when he gets up in the morning. On August 13, President Bush gave an exclusive interview to Wesley Pruden, editor-in-chief of The Washington Times, the first such interview of the campaign season for President Bush with a daily newspaper.


As Father explained already True Parents have been crowned at the pinnacle of the mountain. President Bush is not leading this country; actually True Parents are leading the entire world and the United States is a part of that world. It used to be that the very concept of True Parents seemed so strange, even the particular words "True Parents" were buried among many words. But from 1992 and on, True Parents are at the pinnacle. Therefore True Parents are shining, the words are shining, the entity of True Parents is shining and True Parents presence is going to be shining all over the world. Not only in this country but in all continents over the entire globe.


Then Father reaches out for Russia. Russia is an enemy too. During this long reign, the dark ages of communism, they along with Kim I1 Sung tried to kill Reverend Moon. Even Gorbachev wanted to assassinate Reverend Moon. But Father repelled that. They cannot beat God. Ultimately, Gorbachev has to bow down to Father.

At the time of the fall, Adam didn't know where he was going. The mother country did not know where to go, the fallen elder son did not know where to go. The archangel, Satan, did not know where to go. The only one who knew was God. Father's time is coming now. In all history-America, Russia, the Christian church, the elder son, the second son, the Eve country, England-no one in the world knew the direction to go. Only the man who centers on God knows. Who is he? Reverend Moon. So Bush and Gorbachev do not know. Just like after the fall, nobody knows. But Father brings them the right understanding. They aren't even willing to go and yet Father brings them. Christianity too is in complete darkness. They can't see even one inch ahead of them. Nobody knows. Other religions don't know either.


From now all Christians are going to hell. They have to pay more indemnity. How can we save the earth? No matter how difficult it may be for Christians to lose their position, they will, because I can defeat them anytime, anywhere. You have to take that attitude. We have to repent before the original American people. Don't forget it. Those under forty-seven years old belong to me. President Clinton is under forty-seven. He represents the bad presidents of United States history. How can he digest this? By following me. Reverend Moon is the most serious man. You have to have this concept.


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