Clinton Sex Politics Lies and Perjury

Why Clinton has Sex with Monica Lewinsky

We all know that President Clinton knows that what he did was wrong. Clinton is a smart man. There's no way that he could have not known that it was a bad mistake when he did it. Did he think he could get away with it and that it was worth risking his marriage and presidency for sex? How can a smart guy like Clinton come to the conclusion that he should have sex with Monica Lewinsky?

The simple answer is that there wasn't any logical process. Clinton did it because he's male and it's human nature. If we're going to talk about the President and sex, then lets talk reality here. It time the human race grew up and we talk about the real birds and the bees.

We are the descendants of 3 billion years of sexual activity. We are here because our parents did it, their parents did it, and their parents did it all the way back to the point when early single cell creatures did it. Virtually all life on this planet is trying to get laid. We humans like to think we're "above the animals" but in fact we aren't. Humans are the first animal to have a limited ability to control reproduction, but only limited. There are those who have managed to be celibate their entire lives, but we aren't the descendants of those people. We're the descendants of those who had no self control. Sex is a 3 billion year old tradition and it's not easy to break the worlds oldest tradition.

Men are from the Earth. Women are from the Earth. Get used to it!

People are having sex all the time. When we're not doing it with someone else we're masturbating. Most men ejaculate daily. This is the bodies way of getting rid of old sperm and making room for new fresh ones ready to get a woman pregnant. Women do the same thing so as to clean the lining of the uterus walls and to stay horny so that she'll be ready when the right male comes along. Since people are having sex on a daily basis, sex is happening all the time. It's everywhere and we're all doing it. The mail difference between a man having sex with himself or a partner is mostly location.

Sex is life and all life, with the exception of viruses and some plants, comes from sex. If we humans didn't have the sex drives we have the human race would have become extinct thousands of years ago. Our very existence depends on the kind of sexual urges that President Clinton is experiencing. If it wasn't for that, none of us would be here moralizing about it.

A lot of us look down our nose at Bill Clinton as if he's beneath us. After all, does the man have no self control? Apparently not. I'll bet he can't answer the question about why he did it any more that any one of us can answer the question as to why we masturbate. We're human. It's what humans do. Do we all cheat on our wives? No, I never cheated on my wife. How many do varies with who you ask but Bill Clinton is in the 1/3 or so of people who have affairs.

One of the big factors as to who has affairs and who doesn't depends a lot on opportunity. It's a lot easier to be monogamous if you're fat and ugly or too old to get it up. A lot of people who are "faithful" are that way because they couldn't cheat if they wanted to. Most people though have opportunities which they either resist or give in to. The more opportunities you have, the more likely you are to give in.

Imagine what it's like to be Bill Clinton. Women are attracted to power. In every species of animal the females want to mate with the strong and powerful males. Clinton is the most powerful male on the planet. In addition, he's young (for a president) and good looking. If Bill Clinton announced that he wanted to have sex with a new woman, he'd have 10,000 women lining up at the Whitehouse ready to go for it.

It's tough being President of the United States. Here he is working hard all day trying to keep the world in order. The press is on him about the scandal of the week. Ken Starr is riding his back. He's trying to balance the budget and pay off the Reagan debt. This causes a lot of stress. So at the end of the day when he finds himself alone with some hot little intern who putting the moves on him like a cat in heat, It's just hard to walk away from that.

Another factor is the type of men who become president. It takes a special kind of drive to rise to become the most powerful man on the planet. Men who have this kind of drive are usually very sexual men. So they have a natural tendency to want to mate with women more than the average male, and they have more opportunity. Thus Presidents would tend to have affairs more than your average male.

When looking back at the last 11 presidents, Roosevelt, Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, and Clinton had affairs. Truman, Ford, Reagan, Carter, and Bush didn't. (Although Nancy Reagan did Frank Sinatra according to their daughter, but that doesn't count.) The ones that did have affairs were as good or better presidents that the ones who didn't. So sex doesn't seem to have a bad impact on job performance.

But he lied about it

Sure he lied about it. Who wouldn't! Politicians in America are required to lie about sex. I'm sure that Clinton couldn't explain why he did it while he was doing it. He sure isn't defending his actions. He's as confused about his behavior as we are. And if he can't explain it to himself, how's he going to explain it to his wife, daughter, and the public. So of course he's going to lie about it. Duh!

"But he lied under oath!" So what. Unless the issue is criminal rape the government has no business asking questions about sex in the first place. What pisses me off about Clinton isn't that he had sex. It isn't that he lied about it. It's that he didn't tell Ken Starr to fuck off in the first place. Bill Clinton biggest flaw is that he's to polite. He believe in government and trusts the rule of law. He's innocent and naive. We live in a society where the government is not to be trusted. In fact it is the duty of Americans who care about freedom and liberty to always presume that the government is the enemy of the people and that we constantly have to prune the powers of government like a gardener prunes a bush to keep it from growing too big.

It's Time for America to Grow Up about Sex

We American are such hypocrites! We totally surround ourselves with sex and then we get all bent out of shape when someone actually "does the nasty". We humans like to think of ourselves as "above the animals" but we reproduce the same way everything else does. The only difference is that we're smart enough to feel guilty about it, but not smart enough to not feel guilty about it. Sex is an act that puts us right down there on the same level as the rest of the life on this planet. This behavior reminds us that perhaps we are not as special as we would like to believe we are. It makes us uncomfortable that we have this compulsive behavior that is ultimately beyond our control. And because of this we have to build this strange mystique around it. We have to try to make it into some holy event. And if you like that, fine. But holy is just one of many styles of having sex.

I think that we humans are special, but we're not that special when it comes to facing our sexual nature. I believe in reality and that one can't fully appreciate reality unless one is willing to look at the world the way it really is. It's time for Americans to stop pretending that sex is something it's not. Once you get past being weird about sex you can start exploring it for what it really is. I've been exploring it and I Wrote a Book on the Subject. For those of you who think you know what you're doing, you may be in for a surprise.

It's about Freedom and Liberty Stupid

When the government gets out of line and feels that they have a right to put people on trial and investigate their sexual behavior then it's time to cut the government down to size. I feel that Clinton betrayed me and the American people by cooperating with an illegal investigation instead of taking a stand and telling these people that they can't conduct a witch hunt. People who are too politically correct are the enemies of a free and open society.

I have no use for moralizing from either the political left or the political right. As to the Christians who may be offended by this, I make this theological argument. God gave us choice. Who are you to take that away. I have the right to sin and burn in Hell for eternity if I choose to do so.

For those of you on the left, women are sex objects. That's the element that distinguishes women from sexless creatures. If humans weren't sex objects, we wouldn't be here. Let's just admit it. Most people choose their mates because of visual attraction and smells. That's why the cosmetics and perfume industries are so prosperous. That's why they use sex in advertising. That's why they put whores on talk shows during the ratings season. We think about sex hundreds of times a day. And be clad we do because if we didn't then the birth rate would fall below the death rate and humans would become extinct. We exist because we are everything the Bible and the sex neg feminists say we shouldn't be. Without sexual obsession there is no life.

There are those who would criminalize normal sexual behavior. All we have to do is look at Iran and Iraq to see what kind of a society we would have if we let government control sex. As Americans we have a patriotic duty to the Constitution to break the law when the laws interfere with our basic freedoms and contradict our very human nature. A person who loves their country will not submit to laws that are fundamentally wrong. It is better to go to jail as a patriot than to be a free slave to the government. It's not only right to lie about sex under oath, but it is your duty to do so. Sex is a private matter and it is wrong for the government to ask the questions about sex, and it is wrong for citizens to answer the questions about sex.


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