The Unofficial 1998 Democratic Platform
by Marc Perkel

The Man with the Vision Thing

There are few people in this world who have "The Vision Thing". I am one of them. I am not someone who regroups old ideas into new packages and adds a few slogans like "family values" and tries to pass it off a visionary. I'm a leader and I come up with fresh courageous ideas that are well thought out and make sense. Right now the only person in the Democratic Party who has vision is President Clinton, and the Republicans haven't had a visionary since Barry Goldwater, who's views are similar to Clinton's.

What makes my platform so interesting? Maybe it's interesting because of who's scared of my ideas. The chairman of the Missouri Democratic Party says of Marc Perkel in an Associated Press interview, "He's clearly out of the mainstream of Democratic Politics. My greatest concern is that the kinds of things that are on his web site. We don't want people to confuse what he's saying as party politics or the party's positions."

Joe Carmichael is a friend of mine and I understand why he says what he says, however, he has not called me to discuss my views and he really doesn't know where I stand. He also underestimates my political savvy and my ability to affect, improve, and to put the Democratic Party back on course to retaking the House and the Senate. Joe is a conservative party insider and I am not an insider. The Democratic Party will probably never tell me where Jimmy Hoffa is buried. I am a wildcard and I therefore make people nervous. So the party's reaction to me is understandable. If I were a Republican, I would scare them even more.

Joe Carmichael is a lawyer and although he's an honest lawyer, he is a member of the Missouri Bar and the Missouri Bar is not in favor of enforcing ethical standards on attorneys. As to his comment that not running any candidate is better than Marc Perkel, I would point out that if the Missouri Courts enforced their own ethics standards, I wouldn't be running for office. So if the Missouri Bar is offended by my candidacy, I would point out that I would not be running if not for The Law Firm of Wear and Sharp. Any pain that Missouri lawyers and judges are experiancing because I am running for Congress can be directly attributed to this law firm. When the Supreme Court of Missouri allows crooked lawyers and incompetent judges to flourish, people like me are going to run for office. I'd rather be programming computers, but I can't allow the courts to undermine the Constitution of the United States and to turn the justice system into a criminal organization to be used as a tool for crooked lawyers to rip off the public. So Joe, I say to you as a friend and a fellow Democrat, let's join together and bring ethics back to the courts and enforce the Rules of Professional Conduct. Then if the Democratic Party doesn't want to run a candidate for Congress, I won't stand in the way.

Although Joe has stated what the Democrats don't stand for, no Democrat has stood up to be the voice of the Democratic Party. President Clinton took the Democratic Party in a new direction, towards reforming welfare and personal responsibility for carrying your own weight. He cut government programs and reduced government spending. He, with the help of the Republicans, passed GATT and NAFTA opening up the world for free trade. Clinton put Democrats back on the political map.

I think Democrats can win this year by identifying with people who are being hassled by the law, the government, and the courts. It's not just criminals anymore, it's everyone. The Government is coming down on honest hard working people and hounding them to death. That's what they're doing to President Clinton and 3 out of 4 voters want it to end. People don't like what's happening to the President and they don't like what's happening to their friends and neighbors. People don't like the fact that it looks like the Government is becoming more intrusive into the personal life of private citizens. At the risk of being accused of ripping off the ideas of the Libertarian party, I think that the public wants the Government out of their lives and that it would be smart for the Democratic Party to identify with the voters on the issues of privacy and the right to be left alone be Uncle Sam.

The public wants the Clinton persecution to stop but the Republicans refuse to do that. They are trying to destroy the President we elected and they don't like it. A majority of Republican voters want the Starr persecution to end. But the Republicans are not going to give the voters what they want. They are trying to win through persecution what they failed to achieve at the ballot box. The only way that the voters are going to get what they want is to vote the Republicans out and let the Democrats shut down the witch hunt. Maybe if we get in power we can investigate illegal funding of Republican elections. Wouldn't that be interesting.

So, it's my belief that the Democrats can take back the Congress this year, but only if they are smart enough. And what smart enough means is addressing the issues that are important to the public. That is what I have outlined here. As someone with a 150+ IQ it is obvious to me what needs to be done. I just hope the rest of my party figures out that I am right about this and it's time for the party to "have the balls" to do what needs to be done. We can't go into the 21st century as the party of Liberals, Lawyers, and Labor.

In 1994 the Democratic Party distanced themselves from Clinton and the Democratic voters were offended. It turned out that Democrats liked Clinton and not the Democratic Congress and Democrats stayed home and now we have the party of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms in control of both houses. Now that President Clinton has been caught with his pants down with Monica, the Democrats can't figure out what to do. Both the Democrats and the Republicans have their political fingers in the wind looking for a direction. The Democratic Party, without Clinton, does not have a vision or a direction. The void is huge and the silence is deafening.

Thus I, Marc Perkel, Democratic Candidate for Congress now speaks from the void to give the party direction. Any other Democrat is free to refute my positions and my vision for the party. But if you don't like the Perkel Plan, put one forward of your own. I also invite candidates from other parties to review and adopt these positions. If an idea is a good idea, it's a good idea for Republican and Democrats alike. That's a radical idea, isn't it?

The Perkel Plan

Of all the candidates who have ever run for office, no one has published on the internet as many views as I have. You can go to my main index to get detailed information of my writings. Here I will lay out the issues briefly so as to send a short and sweet message as to the issues of the Democratic Party.

I Challenge the Democratic Party

It is not presumptous for me to speak on behalf of all Democrats because I feel that some one has to. Any Democrat who doesn't identify with this platform can call me names and distance themselves from me and my ideas. If you feel I'm wrong then say so. I also invite the Republicans and the Libertarians to embrace these principles and I call on the electorate to speak out. I am a person who believes in reality, the way it really is. We as citizens complain when politicians lie to the public. However, we seem to expect politicians to lie to us. We elect the persons who tell us what we want to hear, so that's what they do. I'm telling it to you the way it is.


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