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There are Things that need to be Said

There comes a time when a person can no longer stand by the sidelines and let the country deteriorate without having to take a stand and do something about it. I just can't stand by and watch this great nation go down the tubes. I am tired of being oppressed by the government and by a corrupt judicial system that does not serve the people, but acts only to enrich crooked lawyers at the expense of society.

I have many issues, but the main issue that made me decide I had to run is the issue that the rights of the people come before the profits of lawyers. That's why I started People before Lawyers. I've been involved in legal battles for the last 4 years and I have had it with a justice system where "Justice" is no more than a brand name. I am sick and tired of corrupt judges and crooked lawyers and it's time to put an end to it. The courts are here to serve us and not as a tool to make lawyers rich and the expense of the public. I believe that I have identified the problem. The problem is that the courts are self regulating and they are not regulating themselves. Self regulation of the courts is unconstitutional. The solution is external ethics regulation of both lawyers and judges to ensure that the courts obey their own rules.

This is my old 1998 campaign site where I ran against Roy Blunt for the United States House of Representatives in the 7th District of Missouri as a Democrat. I am now running for United States Senator from Missouri on the Republican ticket. Although I'm running on a different party, none of my views have changed.

Who is Marc Perkel?

Marc Perkel, born October 10th 1955 in Wheeling West Virginia is an arrogant opinionated geek with a hippie background. A fat middle aged nerd who enjoys programming, writing, farming, and arguing about interesting things. The following links will give you a lot more detail about me and my views. I have been writing for years and I have an opinion about almost everything. It wouldn't suprise me if I have more information on line than any other candidate who has ever run for congress. Some of my views need to be updated, but there's enough here to get a good idea about who I am and what I believe in.

Marc Perkel Loser! - Election Results

I'm the kind of person who tends to say what I think. I'm not a very sophisticated person. I'm only the third generation in my family to walk upright. I'm rather ordinary in a lot of ways and unusual in others. A lot of you who read my views will find a lot you agree with and a lot you don't. I'm not one to sugar coat what I think and if you don't like where I stand you're free to vote for the other guy. But whether or not you agree with me, I think you'll find my views interesting and thought stimulating. I often suggest solutions to problems that no one has thought of.

Am I Serious?

People ask me if I'm serious. Can I actually win? What are my chances really? To be honest, I have a snowball's chance in hell of winning. It's nearly impossible for a person, such as myself, who has never run for office before to win an election. Let's get real here folks, I'm the underdog and then some. Winning is almost impossible.

I want to be on national television talk shows like Larry King Live and Nightline. (no Springer please) My views are both unusual and interesting and I am quick and informed. My issues are controversial and I'll keep your audiance from channel surfing (except during commercial breaks).

However, having said that, I have built my life on doing the impossible. I barely made it through high school and never went to college. That's all the formal education I have. I come from a poor background and have had to work hard for everything I have.

I've been blessed with unusual mental abilities. I taught myself mathematics and was doing calculus by the time I was 13. At the age of 16 I learned electronics and built my first computer out of pinball machine relays. This was before Intel invented the microprocessor. At 17 I got my First Class FCC License with Radar Endorcement which allowed me to repair and maintain any kind of communications and transmitter equipment that existed. I worked for years repairing all kinds of electronics from 1972 through 1983.

In 1979 I decided that computers were here to stay and I wanted to be into it. I bought a computer kit and built it. I programmed it from scratch without and training writing my own operating system. In those days mputers didn't even know how to write letters on the screen without someone telling it how to do it.

In 1984 I opened Computer Tyme, a computer retail store located in the beauty and serenity of Smitty's parking lot. Even though I had no business training I managed to do well and make a good living. In 1988 I decided to get into the software business and convert from retail computer sales to software developer. I wrote utility programs to control large computer networks which I still sell today.

In 1989 I got married. The biggest mistake I ever made. The relationship fell apart in March of 1994 and by September my ex-wife had Filed for Divorce. This was my first and only marriage and after going through 3 sets of lawyers I ended up with a Judgement for more than 100% of everything I own. Rather steep for a 5 year marriage with no kids.

Facing total financial ruin and realizing that I was going to be broke and homeless unless I did it myself, I took over my own case representing myself in court. I picked up the law books and got on the internet and learned it. It was tough but I am not homeless and I am fighting back. I'm now good enough in law that lawyers are asking me for advice.

The point is that even though my chances of winning are next to nothing, I have spent my life doing the impossible. This is no worse than other things I've done that weren't possible either. I have a better chance of winning this election than you have in getting a fair hearing in court.

Am I actually trying to Win?

This is a fair question. The answer is that I am trying to change the system. It is more important for me to made a statement than it is to win the election. My goal is to bring out issues on a national scale and hope the issues catch on. I am not important, by America is important to me. I can no longer watch what is happening and not do something about it. That is why I'm running, to make a difference. And I may be able to make a difference by winning. And I may be able to make a difference by just running. Whether I win or not, my running for office and your support will make a difference. I plan to use this election as a tool for change and I can accomplish this whether I win or not.

I am an odd duck. I don't know if the people of this area want someone like me to actually be their representative. My plan is to present myself as I am and if that's what people want then I'll serve, at least one term. I don't know if I'll like it.

Quite frankly, I'm not a politician (what an old line) and I don't think that what a congressman makes, expecially with my X garnishing my paycheck, is worth my while. I'd rather go back to living in a schoolbus out in the woods. I'd rather spend my time with computers than people. In fact, I don't really like people and I'm not thrilled about being famous. I think I could do a good job because I'm bringing a lot of good ideas to the table. But if I don't win, that's just fine with me. I'm not going to pretend I'm something I'm not just to get elected. I'm more likely to say more than I should so as to not get elected. The day I filed to run was one of the most depressing moments of my life, but a guy has got to do what a guy has got to do. So here I am.

Having said that, I have the freedom to say whatever I want and to take stands that a politician who is dependant on winning would never take. I may not win, but I will run the most interesting campaign and I will stir the pile. No matter who wins the results will be better because I ran than if I hadn't. I hope to get national attention and hope to change how people run for congress. So it doesn't matter if I have a chance of beating my opponent or not. My running will be worth while.

What is my Plan?

I'm glad you asked that. I plan to raise money and focus on television and radio ads. I want to put together hard hitting commercials on issues that will cause change by just running these spots. I want trun ads that will demand that we the people have a right to judicial integrity and honest courts. I want to say that honest lawyers can't win in courts where dishonest is allowed to flourish. I want to educate the public that a lawyer is not allowed to lie in court. That a lawyer is not allowed to make a misleading argument in court. That if a lawyer knows another lawyer is breaking the rules that he shall inform the disciplinary counsel. When I tell people these are the rules, people laugh. But these are the rules and we have a right to expect the courts to follow their own rules.

After producing these ads I hope that people who have been ripped off by crooked lawyers will be inspired to donate more money to keep the ads going and produce more ads. The goal is that these ads themselves will lead to change and be worthwhile whether or not I actually win. I believe that the integrity of our judicial system is worth preserving and that Justice is important to what America is. And if you believe in this I ask you to send me money to help make it happen.

Why a Democrat?

I am a person who is a member of both the Democrat and Republican Parties. My picture of Hillary and I sits next to my picture of Bob Dole and I. I don't go for the football team model of partisan politics. I'm not playing that game. Both parties have good and bad ideas. I'm running on my ideas.

I don't like labels like "left" and "right" because they don't mean anything. Neither does "liberal" or "conservative". I'm runing as a Democrat because it's a mainstream party and what the Democrats are doing is more inline with my beliefs than what the Republicans are doing. Although what the Democrats are doing is what the Republicans say that are for but really aren't. The Republicans talk fiscal responsibility, balancing the budget, and cutting the size of government. Clinton actually did it. I'm with the guy who did it and not who talks about it.

Another problem I have with the Republicans is that they are a chicken shit party. The Republicans are focused on their own hides and not on what's good for America. All they can do is dig up dirt and create false scandals because they don't think they can win an election on the merits of their positions and on their accomplishments. I think any party who has to cheat to win doesn't deserve to be supported. That's why I created my Republicans for Clinton web site. If you're a Republican you should read this. It will help you improve your party.

I'm the kind of guy who can work with a wide variety of people. Even people who I don't agree with. I'm not a poser and I'm not going to defend a position that I don't believe in. So you won't see me siding with the Democrats on NAFTA, GATT, or Affirmative Action. I'm not politically correct and will never be.

I feel that issues are more important than party politics. I plan to produce hard hitting commercials on the issues I believe in. I will make these commercials available to other candidates who agree with me on these issues even if they are Republicans. If a Republican agrees with me on the issues, I don't care about his party.

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