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I'm just throwing this together so I have something up today. More to follow. First, the big questions, why?

I decided at the last minute to run against Ashcroft. He was unopposed in the primary. I'm opportunistic. If John Ashcroft gets tapped by Bush to be Vice President, that leaves me as the Republican Candidate. Bush needs someone like Ashcroft to bring the Religious Right back from Buchanan. Without the right wing, Bush doesn't have a chance. With Ashcroft, Bush can move to the middle while Ashcroft reels in the right.

Ashcroft is also politically expendable. Although they won't admit it, John Ashcroft doesn't stand a chance to beat Mel Carnahan in the general election. Since Ashcroft has had presidential aspirations already, and he's nationally known, he could run with Bush and save himself the embarrassment of being defeated by a Democrat.

Which get's to my next point. John Ashcroft is a weak candidate. Missouri is just not going to elect someone who is that far to the right. I believe that Republican extremists are on their way out. Clinton and Gore have proven that the Democratic center is the place to be and their success with the economy speaks for itself. This race will be about who can best build on the Clinton/Gore economic recovery. That doesn't have to be a Democrat, but it won't be a Republican who denies the reality of what has happened to the economy over the last 7 years, and that Clinton and Gore, not the Democrats or Republicans in Congress, made it happen. My view is that it's time for Republicans to look at reality the way it really is. That's why I have my Republicans for Gore page and that I put the first Gore for President site on the Internet.

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Besides, the voices in my head told me to run.

Am I really a Republican or a Democrat?

Which brings me to my next point. Party politics. I don't buy into it. I used to own a Chevy pickup truck. Now I own a Ford. It's just a truck. It doesn't identify who I am. Running as a Democrat or a Republican is just a slot on the ballot to me. Yes, I did Run for Congress as a Democrat two years ago. But, none of my views on any of the issues have changed. And just because I changed parties doesn't mean that Gore isn't still the best man to be president. My views are my own and you will find that I have more of my views published in the Internet than any other candidate in the country. I endorse people, not parties. I put the good of the country ahead of any party loyalty. I define the party, the party does not define me.

Two years ago when I ran as a Democrat, the Democrats were asking the same question, "what am I really?". They looked at my views on the issues and decided to denounce me as a candidate. I don't expect any more from the Republicans, but it will be interesting to see if I get a warmer welcome from the Republicans. Actually the Libertarian Party has made me the most welcome of any party. In 1998 the Libertarian candidate, Mike Harmon, invited me to his election night watch party even though I was running against him as a Democrat. I respect that.

As to my Republican credentials, I was one of the people who helped talk Mel Hancock into running for Congress in 1988 and Republicans who were around at the time remember that I was one of his most active supporters. I have regularly attended Lincoln Days as well as the Democrats' Jackson Days, which I will attend this year. I have friends in many political parties and will continue to attend the same political events as I always have.

Compare my views on the issues to my opponents on the Democracy Network.

In fact, I consider party loyalty to be a form of "cult mentality" and that for a politician to put the interests of his party over the country is a form of treason. This practice of party politics is like a disease that is harmful to America and my campaign is about showing the public how ridiculous this is. If anything comes from this race, I hope to put a dent in the phrase, "I'm a Republican" or "I'm a Democrat". Party identity should never rise above ideas and issues and I ask the voters to either support me or oppose me based only on who I am and what I believe in and not what label I'm running under. I suffer personal embarrassment running as a Republican. I am not a Republican or a Democrat. I am running on the Republican ticket, that's all. Last time I ran on the Democratic ticket, that's all.

For those who want to try to describe me and my positions, my views on social issues and personal liberty are in line with the Libertarian Party. Economically, I support the Clinton/Gore economic miracle. I'm generally against taxes and feel that personal freedom and personal responsibility is more important than security for everyone. I ran two one man anti-tax campaigns in 1987 and 1992 in Greene County and saved the voters about 100 million dollars that would have otherwise been wasted. I do believe in some social spending to support older people and the disabled and disadvantaged. I believe the government has a place in helping people become normal productive Americans and help everyone have a place in society.

My views are most similar to those of Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura. My views are online and I have more online information than any other candidate in the nation as to what I believe in and why. I don't think the question is whether or not I'm really a Republican, but whether or not I'm the only real Republican running.

John McCain is no Hero

John McCain pisses me off. To a great extent it was McCain that inspired me to run as a Republican so I can contrast myself with him. McCain says he believes in campaign finance reform, but he sells out to the Republican machine. I don't. I wrote a letter that may appear soon in USA Today about McCain.

=[ McCain puts Party ahead of Country ]=

"I'm a War Hero" used to mean something. It implied that a person
had the strength, patriotism, and courage to stand up and fight for
what you believe in. At least that's what John McCain wants us to
believe when he reminds us that he was a prisoner of war in Vietnam.
He may have been a hero 30 years ago, but is he a hero today? I think

John McCain ran on the principle of campaign finance reform in an
effort to get rid of legalized political bribes where big contributors
give vast amounts of soft money in exchange for favors once the candidate
wins office. Now that George W. Bush has won the Republican primary,
McCain has abandoned his principles to support a man who has already
raised and spent almost as much money as Clinton and Dole spent in
1996 put together.

I therefore say to you, Mr. McCain, that you can't have it both ways.
Don't say that you're a war hero and that your principles mean something
and then sell out and put your party ahead of the good of the country.
You make war heroes look like wimps. Get up off your knees and quit
embarrassing us by groveling like a coward to the Republican party
machine. It takes more courage to stand up to your friends than to
stand up to your enemies, and your principles are still worth fighting

He's supposed to be a war hero. I burned my draft card. But you don't see me on my knees groveling before Bush and lying to the people about "Straight Talk Express" and "Principles" and then sell out to the party. I want to show America that if McCain was a war hero, he's not one now, and that wimps like McCain have no place taking advantage of the title "war hero" in order to lie and to sell out.

Pro-choice and other issues

Although I've written extensively on my issues, I will summarize these positions here. I am Strongly pro-choice. I believe that a woman has a right to have as many abortions as she chooses for any reason she wants. I believe that abortions should be free and the government should pay for them. Any woman who can't afford to pay for an abortion can't afford to raise a child and that the taxpayers are stuck paying for unwanted children in high taxes and can't afford to raise their own kids, and that isn't right. I believe the planet is overpopulated and having less children is necessary to avoid a global ecological disaster in this next century. I believe that vasectomies and tubal ligations as well as all forms of birth control should be free. I even think the government would be ahead to pay to have your pets spayed or neutered.

I believe Jack Kevorkian is a hero because he is fighting to restore a person's right to decide their own death and to get relief for the dying and suffering. I believe it is our life and that the government has no place to interfere in personal decisions. A person has the right to make these important choices, even if they make the wrong choice. It's their choice to make.

I believe in paying off the national debt before we give tax cuts to the rich. We spend 20% of the national budget servicing the national debt. If we paid off the debt we could give everyone a 20% tax cut without cutting social services. And this 20% tax cut will include the rich. We as a nation have a responsibility to pay our bills and when times are good you pay down the debt and ensure our future economic strength and security. I'm not for cutting taxes or expanding social programs at the expense of not paying off the national debt.

I believe that deficit spending is the cruelest of all taxes because the government is spending money that has to be paid with future taxes, plus interest. 15% of the taxes we pay today is to service the interest on the Reagan/Bush debt. We must never go there again. I'm not buying into the Republican tax cut gimmick. The balanced budged amendment is also a gimmick.

People before Lawyers I strongly support judicial reform and believe that it's time to rethink the concept of Judicial Immunity. I understand why it is necessary, but the judicial system has abused the privilege and trust of the public and has opted out of the checks and balances system as required by the Constitution. America can no longer afford to have crooked judges and crooked lawyers turning our courts into an organized crime syndicate. I want to be on the Senate Judiciary Committee and expedite the process of scraping crooked judges off the bench.

I'm against State led prayer in schools because it interferes with freedom of religion for all people. The government has no business creating a state religion. I'm against School Vouchers because if the government starts giving money to private schools then they will eventually control them and ruin them. I oppose Term Limits because it reduces my choice to keep someone I like. What we really need instead is campaign finance reform. I oppose tobacco taxes and other forms of "sin tax" because it makes the government dependant on sin.

I agree with Clinton and disagree with Bush and Gore that Elian Gonzalez should be returned to his father. We can't go around keeping kids because we think our country is better than their country, even if it is.

Although many people find it offensive, I support the burning of the American Flag. My position is that as long as people can burn the flag, the it symbolizes the dominance of the people over the government. When the government can prohibit the people from burning the flag then the government is dominate over the people. My postilion is that the government exists for the sole purpose of serving the people, and therefore, the people have a right, and in extreme cases a duty, to burn the flag.

For example, I am pro-choice, but if I were pro-life and I felt as strongly about abortion as many pro-lifers claim they do, I'd burn the American flag on the steps of the United States Supreme Court. Although I disagree with their positions, I have always wondered why flag burning isn't something pro-lifers have caught on to. It seems a more civilized form of free speech than killing doctors.

Here is a List of my 1998 Positions on the Issues when I Ran for Congress as a Democrat. My views haven't changed.

Burning my Census Form

Marc Perkel is not a big government long form Republican like my opponent is. In protest of the government overstepping its bounds, I Burned my Census Form on the steps of the Missouri Supreme Court. My position on the census is that the federal government only has the right to ask you two questions.

  1. What is your address?
  2. How many people live there?

My position on the census is that there should be two forms, and that the government pay you $25 to fill out the long form, if you choose to do so. It is more important to protect the personal liberties of the citizens than to get an accurate census count. If the government offered $25 to fill out the census, they wouldn't have to hire nearly as many census takers to try to scare and threaten the public to comply. Never forget that the government is here to serve us, not to rule us. Burning your census form is free speech, just like burning the flag is free speech. The government has no right to invade our privacy by forcing us to answer personal questions.

I hereby challenge my opponent, John Ashcroft, to stand up against big government and burn his census form like I have.

Where do my opponents stand on the issue of the government requirement to force you to fill out the long census form? Are they willing to stand up to big long form government and support the rights of the individual? If John Ashcroft is more conservative than I am then he should take a position against government invasion of privacy and uphold the Constitution. I think John Ashcroft is a big government long form pro-government liberal who talk from the right but governs from the left. If you love democracy, Mr. Ashcroft, burn your census form!

Likewise I challenge Governor Mel Carnahan and all the other candidates across the country to meet my challenge. Am I the only candidate in the nation who understands the Constitution? I hope not!

Reforming the Republican Party

This woman believes Clinton is immoral and should be impeached. Who is she?
Unlike political wussies like John McCain, I really do believe in reforming the Republican Party. The time has come where we can no longer hide the truth and unite behind a fantasy. This party hasn't had a good original idea since Nixon was president. We need to have some visionaries and leaders in our party who can promote an agenda of accomplishment, so that Republicans can run on their records and not on the scandals of others.

The Republican party has become the party of big money politics and we don't care who funds us. We are the slaves of big tobacco who we take money from in exchange for a license to poison our children. We have sold our souls to the gun lobby and everyone who wants to dump toxic waste into out drinking water. It takes more money to elect Republicans because we have no accomplishments to run on.

I propose we put aside partisan politics and come up with a plan and a vision and accomplish things and do things for the people we can be proud of. Lets do the right thing and fight over who gets the credit rather than do the wrong thing and fight over who gets the blame. There are several things we can accomplish that are worth pursuing that we could take credit for if we reform our mind set and get away from the politics of scandal and personal destruction.

For example, the Republicans aren't sold out to the trial lawyers like the Democrats are. We can be the party that puts the justice back in the justice system and hold judges and lawyers accountable for criminal conduct in the courtroom. We can restore the checks and balances system as it applies to the judiciary and put an end to the failed concept of judicial self regulation. Lawyers aren't allowed to lie in court and we need to make sure that professional misconduct is controlled by the executive branch of government and that lawyers who lie and steal are disbarred and prohibited from practicing law.

It's time we Republicans got up off our lazy butts and accomplished something useful.

We could be the party that ends overcrowded prisons by recognizing that drug addiction is a medical, not a criminal problem and allow doctors to prescribe drugs to addicts as part of a treatment program. That way drug addicts can live a normal life and hold a job and get medical help to break the addiction. By allowing addicts to get drugs from a pharmacy, with a doctor's prescription, the drug dealers will be put out of business and drug related crime will drop dramatically. We will ten have space for violent offenders who are often put back on the street to make room for addicts who shouldn't be in jail in the first place. With treatment, people who are addicted to Methamphedamine and Cocaine can get the same treatment that prescription drugs addicts and alcoholics get.

Additionally, we Republicans should support a medical initiative to fund research into the root cause of drug addiction and to develop a "pill" or treatment that will cure drug addiction. 30% of America is addicted to some drug, mostly tobacco. If we had to spend a trillion dollars to develop this it would be worth it and pay for itself quickly. This is something that we can do, take credit for, and get elected on. And it would break our party's habit of being addicted to tobacco money. And addiction that we, as a party, should break right now.

It's time the Republican Party got out of bed with Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms, and quit letting the Moonies control the party platform.

The politics of personal destruction is like a cancer upon us and it's a fight that we are losing. Here we go again after President Clinton over sexual issues. It's time we let this die. We Republicans are no sexually cleaner than the Democrats and there's nothing to gain by exploiting human nature. If not for sex, none of us would be here. Everything down to plant life wants to get laid. We attack people over sexual conduct because we are devoid of any accomplishments to stand on. At best we try to take credit for things Clinton did and Clinton allows us some credit so that we won't block things that America really needs. We are living off of Clinton's political welfare and it is an embarrassment. It's time we did something useful instead of whine and moan about what the other guy is doing.

I represent a new kind of Republican candidate who wants to take the party in a new an productive direction. Every vote for Marc Perkel sends a message to the party that we want to move on to a new vision, a new direction, and have a platform that is realistic, has merit, and accomplishes things we can be proud of. This is where I distinguish myself from my opponent as a man of ideas and vision. I am asking all voters to support this vision and help elect me to the United States Senate.

On the issue of Marriage in America

Here's an issue that should light a fire and get conservative Republicans and traditional Christian families excited. I was writing and article about the issue of Same Sex Marriage. The question in my mind was, what is marriage really and who does it apply to when it occurred to me that marriage in America is dead. Heterosexuals in America can't really get married either.

Marriage, as I was raised to believe, is a lifetime bond between two people where people vow to be together for "as long as we both shall live". However, about 30 years ago, all the states changed their laws and adopted "no fault divorce" laws, allowing anyone to get divorced for any reason, or for no reason. In doing so, the states no longer recognize, in the law, the lifetime commitment aspect of marriage. As far as the state is concerned, the vow "as long as we both shall live" has no legal recognition, and the only thing the government recognizes in law is marital property. What used to be marriage has been reduced by the government to a bad property contract. So it's not an issue that gays can't get married because in reality, no one can get married.

For example, a Christian man marries a Christian woman with the intent of having a traditional Christian marriage, lifelong commitment, for better or for worse. He assumes the role of provider while she stays home to be the housewife. He works hard and assumes the role of family provider. He's a good husband, good father to his children, and the live a traditional textbook Christian family life.

Then one day the she announces she wants a divorce because she has changed her mind about wanting to be married. She files for divorce. In divorce court the State does not take into consideration that there is a lifelong commitment, but does consider the marital property rights. Because he was the provider, his income far exceeds her income, and she has become accustom to a lifestyle where she is provided for. She goes off to live with someone else while the government turns him into her slave provider, forcing him into paying her more money than it cost when he was married.

Marriage no longer exists in America because lifetime commitment is no longer recognized in law.

In this example, the husband made the commitment of his property and to be a provider in exchange for a lifelong commitment. She gets to break the commitment part of the contract, yet still gets to keep the money. I say, that isn't right. I say, that if either party breaks the marriage vows without good reason for doing so, they should not be entitled to marital property rights, and that these marriages should be annulled rather and a divorce, on the basis of breach of contract.

The State should either recognize in law the lifelong commitment or quit calling it marriage. To call it marriage is a fraud on the public. If the State won't recognize the lifelong commitment in law then they should call it a "temporary domestic partnership agreement" and treat it under contract law. The should quit calling it "marriage" because it's not marriage. Marriage in America is dead. The lawyers stole it. It no longer exists.

The judicial system has destroyed traditional Christian marriage in America. I call on people of faith to join me to do something about it.

For those women who may be offended by this example, let me state that you can reverse the genders and my point still applies. A man marries a richer woman and shares her wealth with him only to come home one day and find him in bed with the maid. He wants a divorce because he's changed his mind, but wants to keep half her stuff. If he want's to break the marriage contract, he shouldn't be entitled to keep the marital assets. The reason I used the example I did is because the system is particular hard when the incomes of the spouses are disproportionate. The type of person who gets penalized the most in our divorce courts are working loyal fathers who work hard and earn a good living so his wife can stay at home with the kids. The worst thing a man can do as far as the courts are concerned is to be a good father, a good husband, and a good provider. Honesty and hard work are punished. Dishonesty and corruption are rewarded. I therefore call on the Christian community to join me in rising up against the courts to restore the sanctity of marriage and the integrity of the judicial system.

But here's where it gets dirty. It's not like the couple divides up the property 50/50. The courts forces you to get lawyers. The lawyers get together and conspire with each other and work together against the family in order to take everything for themselves. These lawyers are experts at getting people to really hate each other. The more hate they can generate, the more money they can make. They do everything they can to drag it out for years while running up the tab. And these lawyers can always count on the judge to make sure the lawyers get paid. You and your kids may be homeless, they may put you in jail, but the lawyers will get their money first. Our government and our courts see to that. I therefore say to gays who want to get married, you're lucky you can't.

Our courts are little more than criminal organizations where lawyers use the justice system to rip off the people, and to destroy families for profit.

Breaking up marriage and families has become a high dollar industry supported by our tax dollars. The State laws are family hostile and the main reason that the divorce rates are as high as they are is because our courts are part of a high dollar criminal organization who profits from the destruction of the family unit. The government and the courts have become the enemy of the traditional family and have put the profits of lawyers ahead of the rights of the people. They have done this by allowing lawyers to violate the Rules of Professional Conduct and allowing lawyers to commit criminal acts with the blessings and the protection of our so called justice system. Our courts are little more than a government sponsored criminal organization who hides their criminal acts under the guise of self regulation and judicial independence.

Although many of you out there may not like my position on issues like abortion, I am asking all of you to unite with me and support this cause and to demand that all the other candidate take a position on this issue. Marriage is sacred to all people, even atheists, and it something that it worthwhile for the people to take back from the lawyers. Please support me on this issue because I can't do this by myself anymore and I need your help.

Can I win?

I am a long shot at best. However, as they say, it's not whether you win or lose, but how you play the game. To that end, I hope to interject my issues stated here into the national debate. Additionally, this race is likely to be a very close race between John Ashcroft and Mel Carnahan. The amount of voters who vote for me in the primary may be greater than the difference between the two strongest candidates and the outcome of this election might be determined by which candidate I endorse. John Ashcroft can not assume that because I am running as a Republican that I will endorse a Republican. I'm no wimp like John McCain and have no party loyalty. Nor can Mel Carnahan assume that because of my history with the Democrats that I will support him either.

What I am looking for is a candidate who will take a strong position on judicial reform and put an end to self regulation. Should I lose, which is likely, the remaining candidates will have to compete for my endorsement, if I endorse anyone at all.

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