It's about Monica Stupid!

Warning, this page uses adult defiant language that some people consider offensive. Especially if you're a Republican.

I'm tired of Republicans - Investigating Investigating Investigating

If I'm elected to Congress, I'll vote to end the sex scandals and the special prosecutor (persucutor). Yes, what Clinton did was wrong. So what. It's not like he lied to the public and said, "Read my lips, NO NEW TAXES" and then raised taxes. It's not like he was selling arms to Iran to fund an illegal war in Central America. Let's get real here. It's just sex. People lie about sex, even in court.

I'm tired of this crap too. The only way to stop this nonsense is to get rid of the Republicans. Elect me and other Democrats and Impeachment Dies!

I find Kenneth Starr to be morally offensive. He is a threat to Democracy and our freedoms that we enjoy as Americans. Who the hell is the government to ask a citizen about sexual issues outside of a rape trial? Sex is not a crime and it's none of the government's fucking business what two or more consenting adults do. Some people might not be comfortable with that word, but I want to use it so that the reader can appreciate how I feel about personal freedom. America is a free country, get used to it.

The Hypocracy makes me sick

Statistically, 40% of successful men cheat on their wives. That means that out of 535 members of Congress, there are probably 200 that haven't been caught doing the same thing Clinton has. And these people are going to sit in judgement? I say that ecery member who votes to imprach should sign a sworn affidavit that they themselves never had an affair and pledge to resign if it is discovered to have lied. What's good for the Goose is good for the Gander. If these men are to try Clinton for sex then they should be clean of the same crime.

Clinton and Monica were friends and got carried away. They probably had a pretty good relationship and it probably didn't hurt his marriage until it was exposed by Kenneth Starr. It's human nature and these sort of things happen. Some say that it sets a bad example. I don't think so because Clinton is saying it's wrong. If he were saying it's right, that sets a bad example. Clinton didn't even "go all the way". He felt guilty about it and tried to break it off several times and finally ended it. That's not a bad example because he was trying to do the right thing. It just speaks to the compulsive nature of sex and the fact that most powerful men, the kind who become presidents and congressmen, are usually very sexual people.

Republicans judge Clinton's Morals. Ha! Ha! Ha! You got to be kidding me!

Sex is by nature comuplsive. If it weren't, the human race would have become extinct thousands of years ago. Get real here people. America has the sexual maturity of a 13 year old nun. Sex is everywhere on TV. We surround ourselves in sexuality. But if you do it you're a sinner. Oh Please!

Clinton didn't even fuck her. But Henry Hyde, Mr. Pro Life, Mr. I'm more moral than you, had a nine year affair with a married woman and broke up a family, and he's going to judge Clinton? That's insane! The way I see it, Bill Clinton getting oral sex from a single woman is not nearly as bad as Hyde, who destroyed a family over his selfish sexual needs. Hey Henry, don't you think you should apologize to her ex-husband and her three daughters that grew up in a broken home because you had to get your rocks off? It may have been 30 years ago, but that family is still suffering today over what you did.

The party of "family values" has as it's biggest contributor the tobacco lobby who are out to get you any your children addicted to a deadly drug, nicotine, that kills more people that all other drugs combined. The tobacco lobby owns the Republican party. They don't want the FDA to control nicotine. They don't want restrictions on the sale of cigarettes to your children. They want to keep the cancer stick companies profitable so that they can give money to help get Republicans elected. Which is all they really care about.

The most important thing in politics is sincerity. Once you learn how to fake that, you have it made!

It like the Communist Secret Police

What ever happened to freedom of the press? Salon magazine runs a story about Henry Hyde and Republican leaders like Tom Delay want to get the FBI to investigate them for practicing journalism? On a story that Hyde admits is true? That's all the Republicans want to do anymore is investigate everyone. I want to tell the Republicans that I am an American and I can say what the fuck I want.

Henry Hyde is fair game because he is head of the judiciary committee who is going to recommend we impeach Clinton over a blow job. So if Clinton should be impeached because he got a little head, then why shouldn't Henry Hyde resign because he broke up a family? What kind of a message does it send to the public when a Homewrecker Hyde sits in judgement over Blowjob Bill. Maybe I'm nuts but am I the only one who's figured this out?

And now we have Ollie North calling for Clinton to resign? What is this? North who sold arms to Iran to illegally fund the Contras. North who allowed cocaine dealers to bring crack into America if they hauled weapons back on the return trip. Now he hangs with the Christian Coalition and says that Clinton has no morals? Hey North, wake up. Selling Stinger Missles to Iran is immoral. A blowjob is an infraction. This is a guy who would have gone to prison if not for immunity. If Jesus Christ knew that Oliver North was representing Christian morality he'd be spinning in his grave!


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