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Press Release: 04-03-98
Contact: Marc Perkel
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Marc Perkel announces that he has filed to run for Congress on the Democratic ticket in the 7th district in southwest Missouri. Marc Perkel is running against incumbent Republican Roy Blunt and two Libertarian Candidates. Marc Perkel is unopposed in the primary and will be the Democratic candidate in the general election.

Marc Perkel is a self employed business owner and a computer programmer. Perkel is 42 years old, born in Wheeling West Virginia, has lived in Missouri since 1975. Perkel is a political activist but has never held public office.

Marc Perkel was inspired to run for office because of his experiances with the judicial system. Perkel has been involved in a 4 year long divorce of a 5 year marriage with no children and has been fighting a judgement against him for more than 100% of everything he owns. Perkel is now representing himself and as appealed issues all the way to the United States Supreme Court. Perkel has created a legal reform web site called "People before Lawyers" where he communicates his ideas about legal reform to people all over the world.

"The problem with the judicial system", Perkel says, "is that self regulation doesn't work. The courts have good rules, but they don't enforce these rules. All I ask is that the courts obey their own rules." Perkel also says that self regulation of the courts is unconstitutional. "The Constitution contemplates a checks and balance system whereby each branch of government keeps the other branches honest. The judical branch, however, has opted out of the checks and balance system and has decided to be self regulating." Perkel feels that the courts must be externally regulated by the legislative and executive branches of government in order to restore the integrity of justice.

As examples, Perkel points out that you can't sue a judge even if you have video of him taking a bribe. "That's wrong!" says Perkel. "A county judge should not have more immunity than the President of the United States. But that's what happens when you have self regulation. Lawyers and Judges take care of themselves and not the public."

"Did you know that a lawyer can be disbarred for lying in court? Did you know that a lawyer is not allowed to make a misleading argument? Did you know that if a lawyer is aware that another lawyer has broken the rules that he is required to turn in the offending lawyer to the Disciplinary Counsel? Lawyers are required to be honest and trustworthy, and many lawyers actually are. But an honest lawyer can't win cases against lawyers who are permitted by the courts to break the rules."

Perkel hopes that by running for Congress that he will have the opportunity to tell the public that they have a right to honest and fair courts where lawyers and judges are required to follow their own rules. Perkel hopes to get the message to the public that the rights of people come before the profits of lawyers and that people have the right to expect honesty from lawyers who are permitted to practice law before the courts of the State of Missouri. Perkel hopes that his campaign itself, whether he wins or loses, will be a tool to make the public aware that only by the elimination of self regulation can justice be achieved.

Perkel believes that although he is running as a Democrat and that he is the underdog candidate, that his message about the integrity of the courts will be an issue that the public will identify with. "I hope that people who have been treated unfairly by the judicial system will support my campaign and my message and donate money to help me keep this important issue before the public. Even if I don't win, I think it's important to let the public know that the integrity of justice is crucial to the survival of democracy. I believe that a country is defined by its sense of justice and that we, the people, have a right to expect our courts to protect honest people from crooked lawyers."

Perkel is also an advocate of personal freedom and personal responsibility. "I'm not your typical Democrat." says Perkel. "I expect the Libertarians will accuse me of stealing their ideas." Perkel advocates on his web sire being a member of multiple political parties. "My picture of me and Hillary sits next to my picture of me and Bob Dole." Perkel isn't a "party politics" kind of guy. He is going to run on his issues, and if the people like what he has to say, he'll serve. If they don't, that's fine to. "I'd rather program computers." says Perkel.

Detail about my views can be found on my web site. I have hundreds of pages of opinions online. I may not win, but I will run an interesting campaign. Interesting enough to keep your readers rivited. - Campaign - Where I stand on Issues - People before Lawyers - About Me - Index


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