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The Man with the Plan

People have been asking me, "Now that you are unopposed in the Democratic party and going into the general election, what are you going to do?" Well, I'm glad you asked that because Marc Perkel doesn't just waste his time. Marc Perkel is the Man with the Plan.

My main issue is reforming the judicial system. The problem with the judicial system is Self Regulation . The solution is external regulation. Lawyers and judges need to be regulated under the executive branch of government just like every other professional who is licensed to practice in this state. Because the judicial system is self regulating, there really is no regulation. And as a result, a lot of people are being victimized by the courts.

I intend to make my campaign a tool for change. As a candidate, I have the ear of the media. As a candidate I also have the ability by law to buy advertising at bottom rate prices, I intend to produce radio and television ads that expose the problems of self regulation and offer external regulation as a solution. These ads will be targeted at people who have been hurt by crooked lawyers and courts who won't enforce their own rules and offer these something they can do to be part of the solution.

People can donate money to my campaign to keep these ads on the air and educate the public that we Americans have an absolute right to honest courts. The ads will promote my web site where there will be form letters to send to your legislature to urge them to pass laws ending self regulation of the judicial system. The goal of my campaign is to make everyone in the United States aware that self regulation of the Judicial system is a violation of the balance of powers established by the Constitution. I want to cause people to demand honest courts, honest lawyers, and enforcement of the rules.

Since lawyers sue for money, people who have money are the targets of lawyers. I hope to inspire people with money, who have been burned by lawyers, to donate money to my campaign in order to keep these ads on the air. I hope to raise a lot of money to accomplish this. I want people to know that making this issue public is more important to me than my winning the election. Thus I don't have to compromise my message because I'm worried about actually winning.

If I am sucessful in raising money and keeping my message in front of the public, I will make my ads available to other candidates of any party who share my views on legal reform. We have an opportinity to educate the public and establish that the courts are here to serve the public and not the self interests of the Bar. We have to establish that the Rights of the People come before the Profits of Lawyers. This fight is winnable and I need you to help me win it.


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