Marc Perkel loses Election

But I did have fun

Yes, any fool can walk in off the street with a $100 bill in his hand and run for Congress. I didn't win, but didn't really expect to. As I said, I'd rather program computers. I did however have a good time of it and I may do it again someday. It was a cheap education in public speaking. The main think I regret is not getting to do a debate. And I got an interesting perspective on what running for office is like.

Election Results

Here's the way the election turned out. I snagged the results off of Usa Today.

100% of precincts reporting
Marc PerkelDem43,38924
Roy Blunt (i)GOP129,58873Winner
Mike HarmanLib5,6273

I think I did pretty good considering. I spent about $500 and raised $0. My opponent Roy Blunt raised about $1 million dollars. The Libertarian candidate Mike Harmon raised and spent a few thousand dollars and actually bought some advertising. I didn't have the support of the local Democratic Party. My opponents had the support of their parties. Without any support and no money, my election was about the same as running as an independant. I also took some controversial positions such as legalizing pot and prostitution which aren't very popular issues here in the buckle of the bible belt. Although I am right about these issues, it doesn't generate very many votes. I also got amazingly little news coverage. That really surprized me. I did have a very detailed web site, probably the most informative site on the Intyernet. But in spite of all that, I still got 43,000 votes. Makes me feel almost popular.

News Coverage Poor

Channel 21, the local PBS station decided not to do debates this year. I hope people remember that when they come asking for donations. I think PBS is really a network and has nothing really to do with the public.

The local newspaper, The Springfield News Leader, actively ignored me. They did no articles on me at all and only printed one that was a national article from Associated Press. There was an election article comparing the three candidates that was pathetic. Half of it was wasted talking about how no one had a chance of beating the incumbent. The few issues they did cover were insignificant. The local paper totally ignored the fact that they were one of the subjects of my Lawsuit to take the porn out of the Starr Report. The paper refused to mention the suit existed.

KY3 did the best reporting. Jerry Jacobs did a very good interview. Channel 10 KOLR also interviewed me and did a good job. KSPR-33 never interviewed me. Do they have a news department?

I got a lot of national coverage. There were several AP stories. Radio News Network ran a story and I did about 8 national radio talk shows. Hustler Magazine is going to do an article on me in an upcoming issue.


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