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Gaurdian of the Public Morals

Q) You filed a lawsuit to remove X-rated material from the government's web sites, yet you have adult material on your web site like The Men's Guide to Escort Services and you support the legalization of prostitution. Aren't you a hypocrite?

A) No I'm not. I think that porn has a place in society but not in the G-rated news media and not on government web sites. People who want pron should have to got get it. Porn shouldn't be delivered to the door of homes where kids can get into it. My objection is the delivery of the porn by the United States government. The issue is public vs. private pornography. Likewise, the adult educational material on my web site would never be explicitly printed in the newspaper. But the Republican Congress has caused newspapers to feel it's OK to run X-rated material because the government did it.

Q) Is this lawsuit serious or just a publicity stunt?

A) It's as serious as a heart attack. I really don't want to see X-rated material in the G-rated broadcast media. I strongly believe that X-rated material has to be separated and distributed in such a way as to not infringe of people who don't want to participate in it.

The goal of my lawsuit is to accomplish that. However, the publicity of having filed such a suit is more likely to pressure the Congress into removing the porn from the government web sites than hoping for an order of the court. It is designed to raise the issue and attract attention to the subject. In that sense it could be catagorized as a publicity stunt. Is is not a false ploy to reposition myself as a moralizer. If I were doing that I'd have to take the adult material off my web server. And I truely believe my lawsuit has legal merit. But I have no faith at all the the federal courts are able to hear my case fairly because they are powerless to enforce their own ethical standards.

Q) Why are you attacking the Springfiled News Leader?

A) I'm not really. I do mention the Springfield news leader in my lawsuit. This paper was one of hundreds of papers that did the same thing in that they all printed X-rated material. In a lawsuit, however, you have to establish standing and jurisdiction. To do that the issue I'm suing on has to be personal and local. I therefore had to take the position that this was in MY newspaper. I will say however that out of the 400 pages of material, the Springfield News Leader focused on the X-rated material. This was their editorial decision to bring this into the homes of families. You judge them for yourself.

Q) Why are you attacking Roy Blunt on the porn issue?

A) The decision to post the X-rated material on the Internet, which lead directly to the newspapers printing it was a political move by the Republican Party to attempt to be so disgusting that voters will stay home this November. Roy Blunt voted to put the X-rated material on our government's web site and he is therefore part of this ploy that has exposed the children of America to sexplicit sexual acts.

Quite frankly, I'm as surprised as anyone that I have the moral high ground on sexual issues over Roy Blunt. Especially considering that I support the legalization of prostitution. But the difference is that what I advocate involves private behavior which I feel involves issues of personal freedom and I have Very Good Reasons that are worth reading. What the Republicans have done is to force sexually explicit material on people who don't want to participate in it. The Republicans have made porn public. I want to keep porn private. That's the difference between me and the Republicans.

For what it's worth. I don't think Roy Blunt intended to bring porn into Springfield homes. Roy is a Christian man with strong Christian values. I think that he didn't think through the consequences of what he did. I don't know if he yet understands it. Besides, this race has been rather dull. Someone has to do a little attacking just to liven thigs up. I'm sure the Congressman can appreciate that.

Q) Isn't this all Clinton's fault? He's the one who did the deed!

A) Yes, but he's not the one who put the details on the government controlled web sites. I don't want to know the details of the sexual encounter any more that I want to know the sexual details of Henry Hyde, Dan Burton, or Helen Chenowith who all Lied about Sex.

Although it doesn't make it right, about 40% of sucessful men have affairs. Statistically, there are probably 100 Republicans and 100 Democrats who have done what Clinton did and haven't yet been caught. we can only guess which ones they are. I think it's time that America looks at Sex and Politics the way it really is.

Q) What about your morals Perkel?

A) I'm publishing my sexual history because I want to. no one has the right to ask me to do so. I have been married once and am now divorced. I was married for 5 years and lived with my ex-wife three years before that. During that time I was 100% faithful and had no affairs. And that includes oral sex for those who wonder about that. I am not married now and when I'm not married I enjoy myself. I have no plans to ever get married again, especially as long as the penalty for being married is much more severe that the penalty for being with a prostitute.


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