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The Moonies founded, own, and control the Washington Times

Are you a Moonie? Are you being influenced by the Moonies? Did you know that the highly respected Washington Times is a mouthpiece for the Reverend Sun Myung Moon? Well it's True! Here's some quotes about the Washington Times I snagged from the Moonies Website. If anyone doesn't believe me, go to the moonies website and read it for yourself. I'm not making this up. I wish I were!

Do it! Go to his web site and select SEARCH and type in the words Washington Times and see what you get. So if you don't think there's a Right Wing Media Conspiracy, I invite you to go to the source and read it for yourself!

Moonie Influence - Cult Control of the World

A lot of what I posted here are things I just read for the first time, and quite frankly, it's scary. Moon has a big ego and likes to brag. After all, the man claims to be God. However, when you spend a billion dollars to influence the press, you're going to influence the press. And clearly the Moonies have influenced the press.

What I find disturbing is the amount of influence this cult leader has over our daily lives, especially if what he cliams is true. Moon takes credit for SDI or Star Wars and he takes credit for getting George Bush elected president. That's a hell of a lot of foreign influence over America, especially when you consider what a loser Bush turned out to be and what a waste SDI was. It was Reagan and Bush with bad ideas like SDI that quadrupled the national debt and now 1/4 of every tax dollar we pay is to service interest on this debt. If Moon is going to take the credit then he should take the blame as well.

Moonie Myths

I'm sure you've all heard this conservative myth. "We won the cold war because we invested in Star Wars and it broke the Soviet economy trying to keep up, and they collapsed." That idea is a Moonie idea and it's a rewrite of history. The credit for the reforms in the Soviet Union go to Gorbachev who realized through his own vision that they were better off with personal freedom. Reagans hard line and "Evil Empire" statements made Gorbachev's work much harder and Reagan's work, backed by the Moonies through the Washington Times could have triggered World War III.

The Moonies are not your friend

The Moonies are a dangerous mind control cult with millions of followers and billions of dollars. Reverend Moon is a religous nut who is trying to take over the world. Moon openly admits that he thinks he is God and he expects to be worshipped! As you read the folling excerps from Moon's web site, you will see how deeply rooted the Moonies are in the press, the Christian evangelical movement, and the Republican Party. If you're a member of the Press, a Christian, or a Republican, this should scare the Hell out of you.



Founder's Address
15th Anniversary of The Washington Times
June 16, 1997
Washington, DC

Respected guests from Washington D.C. and abroad, dear staff of The Washington Times, eminent world literary leaders, ladies and gentlemen. I deeply appreciate your taking time from your busy schedules to attend this meeting.

Today, as we celebrate The Washington Times' 15th anniversary, I cannot help but feel deep emotion. Fifteen years ago, when the world was adrift on the stormy waves of the Cold War, I established The Washington Times to fulfill God's desperate desire to save this world. Since that time, I have devoted myself to raising up The Washington Times, hoping that this blessed land of America would fulfill its world-wide mission to build a Heavenly nation. Meanwhile, I waged a lonely struggle, facing enormous obstacles and scorn as I dedicated my whole heart and energy to enable The Washington Times to grow as a righteous and responsible journalistic institution.

Today The Washington Times Corporation can be proud of its development into a world class global media enterprise. Since the end of the Cold War, the world began to realize that the direction taken by The Washington Times was correct. History will not forget our contribution. The efforts of The Times to revitalize the moral and spiritual values of the United States and the world are being recognized as absolutely urgent and necessary at this time.

I want to convey my warmest appreciation to all The Washington Times staff who have worked so hard together with me to develop The Times. I would also like to express my deepest gratitude to the American and world leaders who have offered their unwavering support.

What can be the pride of the Unification Church? We know we can be very proud of being Unification Church members, but for what? We founded a very influential newspaper, The Washington Times, Insight Magazine, and the World and I monthly magazine. Father created all of this in Danbury, not under normal circumstances. The Washington Times didn't start in Danbury but during the court battle, before Danbury. Father signed the final go-ahead on The Washington Times in the courtroom. Is that wonderful or not? Why? America was trying to hurt Reverend Moon-trying to do evil to him, trying to make him perish. Under this tremendous pressure, Father still loved.

Without The Washington Times, America could not have lived. Which power can embrace and overcome the other-the power of hate or the power of love? Love can embrace hatred. That is a natural course of events.

We must have an awareness of how splendid a work The Washington Times is. It is a unique newspaper in the whole of the United States. It reveals the facts and is not self-interested. The goal is to publicize and record the facts. When the satellite countries try to go against the Soviet system, they have no way to gather enough material. The newspapers here in America are liberal and rather procommunist. They hardly even print anything against communism. However, The Washington Times, paying no attention to what other newspapers said, audaciously reported the facts. The satellite countries took that information as precious material with which to oppose Russia.

These satellite-based media gathered all their material through The Washington Times because without it, they have no source of correct information. 100% of the material that Radio Free Europe uses came from The Washington Times. In this respect, The Washington Times has really, truly played a great role in making today's satellite countries what they are.

Within America, each different government department must understand what stance the media is taking. They have to make an analysis and a brief for each department and distribute this to all the different departments. They take material from the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Wall Street Journal, the Chicago Tribune and the Los Angeles Times-but The Washington Times provided by far the most crucial information. 65-75% of their quotations are from The Washington Times. Do you see what an important role The Washington Times played in providing the necessary information? This is used all throughout the U.S. embassy-not just in the American government, but everywhere in the world. We made a great foundation. Use it as your armament. Is that a good feeling or not? (Yes.)

The borderline of where Father is needed is everincreasing, stretching. Reverend Moon's teaching and what he has endured and what he has implanted will be needed more and more. This is an American stage and Father is talking so publicly about these things that it might be seen as boastful, but unless it were real, could Reverend Moon say it? As Father said to the Washington Times staff members, the eighty leaders, a few days ago, "If I were not standing here, then America, like Insight, the Washington Times., the World and I, the television center, Universal Ballet Academy, the summit organization and media organizations all over the world would not be here." Father made that foundation under a situation of severe persecution. Did Father make that kind of foundation going an easy or a difficult way? How difficult of a way? In all of American history, no one has stood on that kind of foundation, withstanding the severe difficulty and persecution Reverend Moon has. That is most important. Who did that? God and Reverend Moon.

Accept God and Reverend Moon. That is the theoretical conclusion. No smart American can deny that answer. This is the reality. Don't you think so? Is it true or not? [True.] You true American people, answer clearly this morning. Is it true or not? [Yes.] Who did that? The American government or Reverend Moon? [Reverend Moon.] He became the victor. I don't need an adjective for it. The victor, that is all. Who can deny that? Who can accuse me?

The creation of the Washington Times in 1982 was r that purpose. American conservatives cannot deny Father's great influence for moral values. In 1975, around the time when America was retreating from Vietnam, American morale was incredibly low. Was there any politician talking about anti-communism at that time? Only Reverend Moon. He was talking not only about anti-communism but about victory over communism. Certain things that Father has said seemed crazy at that time but look what has happened -- every prediction Father made became reality. This is the reason that American politicians and the American president all respect Father.

In 1975 and 1976 liberalism was everything. It was fashionable to be liberal. The Washington Post was liberal and conservatism was gone! In those days America had absolutely no hope. The major cities had no people; they were deserted because the liberals said "no more cities, cities have gone." But at that time the Unification Church moved into New York City and bought the New Yorker Hotel to serve as its World Mission Center, paying only 5.6 million dollars. Now people offer 100 or 200 million dollars, but we say "No, not enough," because of Father's foreknowledge. We bought the HSA Headquarters building and the Tiffany building and many other buildings because Father knew the future. So who reversed liberalism, leading to its defeat, and predicted that conservatism was coming? Father. That's why, during that Reagan era the restoration of the economy occurred, which they called 'Reaganomics'. It's true; it's the reality of history. Many of you don't know that during the election of 1980 nobody thought that Reagan would win. Even the Republican party thought he could not win certain states no matter how much money they could spend. Therefore, they closed up the Reagan Republican campaign HQ in certain cities. For example in New York City there was no Republican campaign. It was the Same for New York state, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Minnesota and Connecticut. In those six states there was nothing. But Father knew they would win, and said so what happened? At the end of the day when the election was completed, all six states were victorious and a great victory came nationwide. Father predicted it the night before in the News World.

Look at the Washington Times. No one in America helped to create that. Without Father's guidance for the Washington Times, this country couldn't have found a direction. Literally nine hundred million to one billion dollars has been spent to activate and run the Washington Times. Did we make any part of this money and give it to Father, saying, "Father, please use this to continue the Washington Times"? The world thinks it is true that Reverend Moon really exploited young Americans by making them go out and sell flowers. The amount of money that American members raised was not even enough to support themselves with food and shelter every day. Father brought tons of money to this country to accomplish his goals. So how can they say Reverend Moon exploited the youth of this country? Because of this Father was persecuted.

Father wants that, no matter how difficult the situation. Do you know that I was creating the Washington Times during the court case? It was on tape that the American government wanted to kill me. They were my enemy-I understood that. But God until now, has been forgiving and loving His enemies, investing and forgetting that He invested in His enemies. I followed God's attitude-I forgave everything. Do you know how much the Washington Times spent? 830 million. How much money! Only one, The Washington Times , spent that much money. How much money was spent for all American activities? But Reverend Moon didn't take a loss. Why? I gave everything, centered on true love. So it expands everyday. So that I could affect the depth of American thinking, filling it full of true love water. Completely full, occupying everything.

The Unification Church, centering on Reverend Moon, came to America to connect that victorious foundation with the American government, the presidential level. The Christian world didn't take the subject position. Instead, the Unification Church inherited the Christian world, combining with it into one. Father is standing upon that combined subject-object foundation. Reagan became the president in 1980 through me. Think about it. Five years after the Vietnam War, a conservative, moral, rightwing Reagan could become the President of the United States. Who made that? Reverend Moon. During my time in Danbury jail, in 1984, I helped Reagan too. He was my enemy. Bush, too. I chose those great American leaders, centering on the Unification Church as subject, with the American government as object-connected into one. The Washington Times helped America overcome the communist world. The Washington Times completely serving the nation, eliminating the Soviet curse. That means that, centering on Father, the rightwing united into one and digested the leftwing. That is the resurrected Jesus' world foundation. Occupying those two thieves completely, and Barabbas' position. Islam is like Barabbas' position, that third one. God's religious side doesn't have that kind of concept. On Satan's side, the communist world represents the body and the Muslim world is the mind. Syria represented the center of Soviet terrorism. How can God digest that kind of situation? I chose the Syrian Grand Mufti, and brought him and his followers here for forty days education, digesting them here in America. After that they are completely following me. Three Muslim nations fulfilled this course, which is now finished. Reverend Moon combined with those three, turning them around completely 180 degrees. Now occupying them, with no accusation, no persecution. Making one direction.

Father is not so deeply interested in The Washington Times . Father can withdraw at any time. All he has to do is to say, "Closed." Then Father does not have to spend tens of millions of dollars every month. Father can divert that money into Russia or anywhere else. Father is investing millions of dollars per month into the media. Do you know what millions of dollars can do in a country like Russia?

In the last nine years, the Church poured eight hundred million dollars in cold cash into The Washington Times. 800 million. You have no idea how much money that is. If you deposited that money into a bank, the interest alone, at 10% a year, would be eight million dollars per month. At 12%, it would be even more. That is one hundred million dollars a year. This is just the money that the Church has invested in the American media. With ail the other money put together, Father has invested two billion dollars in the providence in America. This is a fact. How can we be the enemy of America spending that kind of money on this country, shedding tears for this country? Of course, two billion includes money spent all around the world, including Europe, but in America, our Church spent more money than anywhere else. If we had kept on buying buildings, what kind of investment property would we possess today? If we invested all that money in real estate, today our property, would be worth trillions of dollars. Father knew how precious, how painfully-gotten this money was, but Father knew that he had to safeguard the free world, the whole world against the invasion of communism, so Father fought against communism, fought against iniquity. Now we are getting results. We had to spend that money that way. It is not because Father did not know the investment value of that money.

When the Bush administration heard about the changes at the Washington Times, they were worried that we might stop its publication. They don't want us to stop. We have been spending seven million dollars every single month, on direct and indirect expense for the Washington Times. How much of that did you fundraise? Maybe two or three million at the most. And the American government wanted to get Father for taxes due on the amount of seven thousand dollars! Father didn't know anything about tax laws and didn't have any time to care either. What Father did was his very best to recover this country. Saving this country was the only crime he committed. Besides this seven million Father spends on the Washington Times, how much more did he spend elsewhere? Now we are ready to make this known to the world. Now America had better compensate for the damage they have done. Father doesn't expect the government to pay him back What they owe to Reverend Moon, Father is encouraging them to pay back to the American Unification Church. If you are going to be entitled to receive that compensation, you had better stand on the same foundation as Father himself. Otherwise how can you qualify yourself? If someone wants to give lots of benefit to you, but how many people actually stand on the firm ground where Father can say, "He is qualified"? How many among us are like that? That is the main point. One has to pass at least a minimum test to reach this qualification.

After losing the Vietnam War, communism was rampant. The college campuses were dominated by leftist thinking. This was the peak of communism in this country. Who could have expected that someone representing the right wing of conservative politics, namely Reagan, could become president in 1980? What is the so-called Reagan doctrine? That Reagan doctrine was coached along by the Washington Times Who was the one who inspired Reagan to proclaim that the devil's representative on earth was communism? The Washington Times boldly said that. Also who emphatically asserted that in the Gulf War, Christianity and Judaism should stay united, never separating? The Washington Times. If we did not do that, the result would have been a religious war between even the Arabic religion there. And there would be division, like between the Western hemisphere and Eastern hemisphere of religion. Buddhism and Confucianism would have taken the Moslem side because they originated in the Orient. This separation between East and West danger which can be averted only through Father's direction.

Last May, I traveled to Washington and spoke at a dinner commemorating the tenth anniversary of The Washington Times, which I founded. I was reminded that when I first announced the founding of The Washington Times in 1982, there were many people in America who ridiculed me. Some experts predicted, even if I founded a newspaper of acceptable quality, that I would run out of funds in six months. And if not that, then the paper would degenerate into nothing more than a mouthpiece for the Unification Church and would end up as a weekly newspaper, read by almost no one.

Now, ten years later The Washington Times is counted among the top three papers in terms of influence among the 1,750 newspapers published in the United States. It is the first newspaper read by the president of the United States when he gets up in the morning. On August 13, President Bush gave an exclusive interview to Wesley Pruden, editor-in-chief of The Washington Times, the first such interview of the campaign season for President Bush with a daily newspaper.

Year after year, The Times is awarded for its excellence in editorial design. In 1989, in the American Newspaper Society's annual design competition in the United States, it received Best of Show honors, the award of highest excellence awarded only by the unanimous vote of a jury of twelve judges. Furthermore, in the category of editorial writing, The Washington Times received their highest award for two consecutive years, something that had never before been achieved by any newspaper in the United States.

During these past ten years, I have invested onelion dollars in this newspaper. If I were pursuing political influence or personal wealth, or if I were trying to proselytize my religious beliefs, I would not have invested such a sum in a newspaper. Simply put, I founded The Washington Times in order to fulfill the Will of God.

I know that God loves America. America is a center of traditional Judaism and Christianity. It is the cradle of the spirit of modern Christianity. God's desire is that America play a central role in rescuing the entire world and that America maintain its traditional values, which have fallen into confusion in recent years. During the Cold War, God placed America in a position to block the attempt by communism to gain world domination. In the context of God's Will, it was most important that there be a newspaper that had the philosophical and ideological foundation needed to give encouragement to the people and political leaders of America. I certainly could not leave Washington, the capital of the United States, to be a victim of the leftist Washington Post.

So where are we now, after ten years? The bells heralding the collapse of communism rang out clearly on November 9, 1989, with the fall of the Berlin Wall. And on Christmas Day, 1991, the communist empire founded on atheism vanished from the earth after having held the world in fear for seventy-four years.

I am not saying that The Washington Times accomplished all this by itself. These developments were the results of God's providence. God, however, works His will on earth through human beings. I do not have the slightest doubt that The Times played a decisive role in bringing about the fall of communism. God used the newspaper as His tool to bring an end to the most pernicious worldwide dictatorship in history-and gave freedom to tens of millions of people. Even if I had spent ten billion dollars instead of one, I could not have made a more valuable investment.

The mission of The Washington Times, however, is not yet finished. The fall of communism does not automatically lead to the coming of world peace. Nor does it mean that the ideal society of God's desire will establish itself without any further effort on our part. It is still too early for the free world to be toasting its victory, for the world is still faced with too many urgent problems that strike terror in the hearts of all humanity.

A few days ago, Father gave direction to Reverend Joong Hyun Pak to make a video tape of Father's speeches that were given when Father first came to America in 1974 and spread this truth again to the entire world, in particular this country of America. In those speeches given in 1974, Father clearly gave a proclamation and warning to the world. We have to re-educate and re-alert them by giving these speeches because we now have enough external power and foundation to influence people. Many of the leaders, intellectuals, and politicians of this country who used to oppose Father recently changed their attitude by stating that they believe America truly needs Reverend Moon and begged him not to leave from America. However, in reality, it is we who have to do that work. Centering upon the Washington Times, all Christianity in this country is now united together with the conservative power. They are begging Reverend Moon to remain in the center of the Christian and Conservative Movement to save this nation of America. Have you heard of Nostalgia cable television station? Now we have complete ownership of it. During the process of our purchasing this company, Pat Robertson, Billy Graham and other prominent Christian leaders were strongly opposed to the idea of Reverend Moon owning this cable TV station. However, God was on Father's side so they were unsuccessful in their opposition.

Are you really truly American citizens? (Yes.) Do you really love your President? (No.) (Laughter.) This is not a laughing matter. If you are given a choice to love Reverend Moon or President Clinton, whom do you have to love first? (Father.) You say that because you are Unification Church members. (Laughter.) Thinking people in the society also consider Reverend Moon more valuable than President Clinton. Isn't the Washington Times becoming more famous every day? The Washington Times exercised its power properly by chasing seventy congressmen who were involved in immoral behavior and causing them to step down. At this time the Washington Times is digging into President Clinton's past, mistakes that have been covered up. When American people in general look at the situation, do they think that Reverend Moon is doing too much or would they encourage Father to go ahead and find out the truth? They all know that Reverend Moon is not an American citizen so, in a way, you should feel that a non-American is here, digging into these bad situations and coming up with the truth. There is no other choice because right now there is nobody else who is righteous enough or brave enough to do this except Father. What do you gain by opposing and judging your President? You may find yourself in all kinds of life threatening situations by doing so. Reverend Moon is labeled as a person who goes up against anyone who is unrighteous, so the entire population of 240 million American people have been judged at one time or another by Father. Therefore, even if he goes against President Clinton, they consider that normal behavior for Father. Father has the label that even though he is Korean, he is here to save the entire world.

Satan can only reach up to the national level. When it comes to the world level, only God is able to subjugate it. Once we go beyond the national level then Satan has nothing more to do with our lives. Look at the reality of the world, the gigantic nation of America is being manipulated by Kim Il Sung. President Clinton doesn't know what to do and the Washington Times is giving him such a strong blow that it may knock him down. Who is doing it? Who opposed President Carter? This man standing here on the stage. (Laughter.) Clinton is exactly like the brother of Jimmy Carter. How can we protect the nation and world from their political action? America doesn't have that power. We are the ones who must know in what direction the world should go.

America lost everything little by little after the war because of this. Now, representing the right wing of the world, America is experiencing great difficulty. Father worked so hard to lift up America. When Reagan was elected, nobody expected such a thing. This was done literally by the work of Reverend Moon, though the power of prayer, and through the practical work for that event. But the Reagan administration did not respond to my direction, they even allowed me to be incarcerated. They should at least have recognized that Reverend Moon was their benefactor. But when they failed to do that, then Clinton came and knocked them out.

Now Bill Clinton has come to office and is in the same position as Carter. How can Clinton lead America? How can he be any better than any of his predecessors? Only through the help of Reverend Moon will Clinton be able to lead this country successfully. I had a great plan for George Bush. After I met with Kim Il Sung, I worked very hard on a proposal which was a concrete and workable plan, and I offered it to President Bush. But he did not pay any attention to this offer from Reverend Moon. What has happened to him since?

On August 20, 1985, thirteen months after beginning his prison sentence, Reverend Moon was released as a complete victor of freedom. Twenty-five representatives of the religious community throughout America gathered in Washington DC and held a welcoming press conference. Reverend Jerry Falwell, leader of the Moral Majority and a well-own television evangelist, and Reverend Joseph Lowery, president of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference and an activist in the cause of black civil rights, were among those who welcomed Reverend Moon's release and urged President Reagan to pardon him. Reverend Falwell stated that whilst Reverend Moon might be the unpopular one at that time, it might be anyone else in the future. Further, that religious leaders were certainly not above the law, but that they ought to have absolute religious freedom.

Father really helped the United States with The Washington Times. Reagan and Bush could not gain power without it. The world knows the Soviet's ultimate goal was to conquer the world by 1984. During Carter's time in office, he lost twelve countries to communism. If someone like him had stayed in office, would Gorbachev be doing what he is now? No. America would have pulled out of Korea, and taken many other actions causing worse collapse. What would have happened in 1984 if Mondale had won? He was a very good friend of Donald Fraser. The United States would also have pulled out of Korea. Would communism have gone down like it has? No. What about if Dukakis had won? Would Gorbachev have had to open up? No. Father wrestled with all his might to guide Reagan and Bush.

Father came to America in 1971. In 1975 America was defeated in Vietnam. Yes, the US Army could not win the war at that time. At that time anti-communism was virtually dead in America, morale was very low. Carter was president. Father came and boosted up the morale. In 1976 there was a great rally at Washington Monument. In 1978 for the following twelve years, Father completely turned around America's atmosphere. This country changed from a liberal atmosphere to a conservative atmosphere. 1975 was the supreme liberal era of the United States. Five years later, the so called extreme rightist Ronald Reagan was persuaded to run for president. Nobody believed he could become president. Father is the one who in 1980 predicted Father would win, when no one else thought so. Reagan himself could not believe what happened. In 1980 Reagan became president and the conservative movement became top. In 1984 Father was in Danbury. Even from Danbury Father commanded the entire Unification forces. So Reagan reigned in this country for eight years with the Reagan doctre. But who is the author of the Reagan doctrine? SDI, commonly known as the Star Wars program was not widely supported by Reagan and others in government. General Daniel Graham, the founder of SDI came to Father and asked him for support saying it was a crucial program for the nation's security. Father pledged his support. SDI was promoted and finally the defense department and the White House became convinced it was a good idea. Three weeks later Reagan announced in the State of the Union message that SDI would become part of the national defense program. If SDI was not created at that time, the existence of the Patriot missile would be impossible. The Patriot is an offspring of the SDI program. American people today know how valuable that program is. They say, "Thank God for SDI." thank God for Reverend Moon.

Furthermore, Nicaragua was one communist nation which connected North and South America. Even though Cuba is communist it is an island. Nicaragua is strategically located on the mainland. Father was in prison, but at that time said Nicaragua must not be abandoned, the Freedom Fighters must be supported. US Congress abandoned the project, they didn't want to give any money to the Freedom Fighters. So the Washington Times made a special editorial on the front page. You never see front page editorials, but it was published. Many people sent money and letters to Congress and the Senate. The leaders were shaken and knew they had to pass the resolution for support that had already been sent to the trash can. They decided that instead of fourteen million dollars, they would send twenty seven million. That is the money that Father earned for the Freedom Fighters of Nicaragua.

Father made a special film on Nicaragua called "Nicaragua is My Home." That film was made by our dear brother Lee Shapiro. His wife is here. Linda, could you please stand up. Lee Shapiro made this film upon Father's order. This film was shown at the White House first. President Reagan wrote a letter of commendation after viewing it. It was shown on PBS, to different localities all around the country and that completely turned around public opinion. Nicaragua today is free. Communism is gone, they have freely elected a president. As soon as Violetta Chommoro became president, she wrote a letter to thank Father. Another heartwarming story was when Lee Shapiro reported to Father about the Nicaragua film, Father said, "We have to push the Soviets out of Afghanistan. You make a movie." Lee Shapiro was completely determined to make a most dynamic movie in Afghanistan. So he traveled there fearlessly. So many people would not go, but he went with the Mujahudeen even to the front line. He himself looked like a Mujahudeen! He grew a beard. His weapon was not a gun, but a movie camera. He was on camel back with all his film taken on the front line. One day coming out of a fight, Soviet helicopters came. Everyone hid in the bushes, but Lee Shapiro realized he had left the film cans on the camel. More important than his life was this exposed film. So he ran trying to get the film, without any fear. The Soviet helicopter gunned him down. It then landed and picked up all that film and took it away to the Soviet Union. Father is now trying to recover it through the KGB. All the Soviet Congressmen who came this last time were told to bring us back that film. In any case, because of Lee Shapiro's effort the Congress unanimously voted him a Medal of Freedom.

Father's job is the unification of left and right, but on different levels, the family level, the tribe level, the nation level, world wide level, universal level, cosmic level and God and human beings level. On every level Father is bringing unity. Father united Christian morality and the leadership of this nation. Ever since Father came, since the time of Ronald Reagan, Father has had influence over choosing the right president and Christianity has come to stand more and more on Father's side. This is very important for this country.

The founding of The Washington Times

This was not however the only contribution Rev. Moon has made. Probably the more significant ongoing contribution would be the founding of The Washington Times in Washington, D.C., as the second daily newspaper in the nation's capital, with a distinct conservative outlook - or more correctly, God-centered outlook. Could you imagine what Washington would have been like with only one daily? This is our headquarters. This is our famous newsroom. And this is our printing plant.

The Washington Times has continuously published for the past 14 years at an aggregate investment of well over one billion dollars! It was indeed a most precious investment for freedom. It is now a must-read for all opinion-makers not only in Washington but all over the United States, and indeed ranks among the great newspapers of the world! And, it maintained a staunch opposition to communism and Soviet expansionism until the collapse of the Soviet empire.

The Hon. Newt Gingrich, Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, said upon his inauguration, The Washington Times "has the real interests of America at heart."

The Strategic Defense Initiative

Through The Washington Times and other organizations he founded, Rev. Moon staunchly supported President Reagan's proposed Strategic Defense Initiative, also known as "Star Wars," to protect the United States from Soviet nuclear missiles through space-based defense. This is a Washington Times political cartoon from that time entitled "Space Shield." As you well know, one of the critical factors behind the collapse of the USSR was its sheer inability to compete with the United States in this area of cutting-edge technology. Ultimately, President Reagan's pursuit of SDI was a kind of trump card, upon which the Soviets could only throw up their arms in defeat. Yet Reagan could not do it until The Washington Times swayed public opinion decisively towards support of SDI.

Reagan thanked Rev. Moon

When Reagan's term was almost over, he invited me, as the President and Publisher of The Washington Times, to the Oval Office in the White House. As can be seen in this picture, he firmly shook my hand in appreciation and said, "Dr. Pak, no one appreciates the value of The Washington Times more than I. Without The Washington Times, my Reagan Doctrine would have been a failure. It could not have triumphed over the Brezhnev Doctrine. Would you kindly convey my deep thanks and appreciation to Rev. Moon, the founder of The Washington Times, who made this most precious investment for freedom?" At this point, may I invite you to give one warm round of applause for President Reagan?

George Bush and the end of communism

The Washington Times also supported the 1988 election of George Bush as the 41st president of the United States. Today, we should give more appreciation to those great heroes, Presidents Ronald Reagan and George Bush, as the liberators of the communist empire. But in my heart, behind the scenes, who produced these two heroes? It was Rev. Moon and God.


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