George W. Bush vs. Al Gore
Who can solve America's Problems?

Comparison between President Bush and President Gore

America is faced with a number of problems left over from the Clinton presidency. Who will solve those problems? George W. Bush will. Here's a list of America's problems that distinguish George W. Bush from Al Gore. This comparison between Bush and Gore will show you why George W. Bush will solve problems that Al Gore will just make worse. Keep this in mind as you vote for your next president in this 2000 election year.

Dealing with the Surplus

With the Clinton economy producing government surpluses, each year the congress gets into a partisan battle over what to do with this excess money. The Republicans want tax cuts for the rich. The Democrats want social programs for the poor. The president wants to pay off the national debt. This problem looks like it will continue for the next 20 years. Who is going to solve it?

Not Al Gore! Under President Gore the surpluses will continue to rise, creating more and more excess money to fight over. Gore will continue the policies of the Clinton administration that led to the fighting over the surpluses in the first place. More fiscal discipline, strong economy, smart economic policy, free trade, and investments in technology and programs that bring the working poor out of poverty. Under President Gore, the problem just gets worse.

Under President Bush the problem goes away. Bush will destroy the Clinton prosperity and run the economy the way his daddy ran it. Bush will eliminate the surplus and bring back deficit spending. He'll spend our tax money the same way he spent his campaign funds. Under President Bush there will be no partisan fighting over how to spend the surplus because Bush will make sure there's no surplus to spend. President Bush, he'll stop the fight over spending the surplus!


Under the Clinton administration unemployment is lower than it's been in decades. There are so many jobs that everyone who want to be employed is employed. The competition for workers is driving wages up allowing more people to earn more money than ever before. What are we going to do about it?

Under President Al Gore the problem will only get worse. There will be a strong economy and unemployment will go down even more and people will make even higher wages. Under Al Gore, the problem is still there.

If Bush is elected president, things will change. Bush will reverse the Clinton recovery and go back to the way things were run when his father was president. He'll return America to borrow and spend, raise taxes on the middle class and cut benefits for the poor, while giving big tax breaks to the rich. Interest rates will go up and company profits will fall causing millions of workers to be laid off, and taking the pressure of rising wages. Unemployment to low? Not under President Bush!

The Overheated Economy

Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan is worried that the economy is overheated. The economy is growing too fast and is out of control, sometimes reaching rates as high as 7% annual growth. Again, the Clinton administration is to blame. Greenspan keeps trying to raise interest rates to put the brakes on and slow down the economic growth, but to no avail. The Clinton economy is careening up a hillside. The interest rate hikes have little effect on dampening economic growth because the government is no longer borrowing 400 billion dollars a year and investors have plenty of money to lend. Because of the Clinton-Gore administration, Greenspan can slow down growth.

Again, under Gore, the problem gets worse. We know that Al Gore will continue the policies of the Clinton Administration and build on even more economic growth. As income climbs, unemployment continues to drop, and Al Gore will be paying off the national debt, making the work of Greenspan meaningless. America will continue to get wealthier and stronger at a rate that will worry Greenspan to death.

Bush will eliminate that problem. He'll eliminate spending limits and fiscal responsibility bringing back the deficits his father worked so hard to create. With high deficit spending, Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan will have no trouble putting the brakes on the economy to slow things down. In fact Greenspan won't have to worry about that. Bush will stall the growth like his daddy did and eliminate the problem altogether, allowing Alan Greenspan to go to bed at night and not have to deal with such problems like an overheated economy and uncontrolled growth. President Bush will make this problem go away!

Sudden Wealth Syndrome

The Clinton-Gore economy had created a new disease called "Sudden Wealth Syndrome". Under the Clinton administration a record number of people, especially in the high tech industries, have become millionaires, and aren't prepared to deal with having vast quantities of money. In some cases, this is very disruptive and these people have to seek help to deal with lifestyle problems no one imagined they would ever have. Clinton created the problem, but who's going to solve it?

Gore sure isn't. He's not even taking the problem seriously. His attitude is that they'll have to get used to it. That these people will just have to adapt to this new lifestyle. Under Al Gore, these new millionaires will be paying more in income taxes than they used to make for a living. Al Gore is not a compassionate conservative like Bush is.

Bush will take decisive action and eliminate the opportunities that caused the sudden wealth syndrome from occurring in the first place. No longer will people of modest incomes be forced to adapt to a lifestyle they were never prepared to handle. Where Gore would make things worse, Bush will eliminate the root cause.

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