Free Susan McDougal

Susan McDougal is a political prisoner
of Kenneth Starr and is being held
as a hostage of the the Religous Right.

This is War!

Susan McDougal has been captured by the Republicans and is being held in jail an psychologically tortured by Republican Special Prosecutor Kenneth Starr because she won't lie about the Clintons. She could go free if she came up with anything that the Republicans could use to take Clinton out. But Susan is an ethical woman and is refusing to cooperate. She has decided she will not lie to save her butt and give the Republicans what they want.

And because she is standing up for principles, I feel that I have to stand with her. As someone who has been persecuted myself for my political views I realize that we can not allow this sort of thing to go on in this country. We must actively stand up and fight this and let the government know that we will not support this sort of political witch hunt.

I therefore urge all who read this to boycott the Republican party and make sure they get the message that we will not tolerate it.

Why she won't talk

The reason Susam McDougal won't talk is because they want her to lie before Kenneth Starr's grand jury. If she tells the truth then her testomony will conflict with the testomony of other witnesses that Starr has coerced into lying. Because of the conflicting testomony, if Susan McDougal tellshe truth, Starr will prosecute her for Perjury. The can do that in a grand jury.

However, the rules aren't the same in open court. Susan McDougal can tell the truth in front of a judge without fear of perjury. And she has offered to do so. But Starr won't allow that because he isn't interested in the truth. Starr is part of the Right Wing Media Conspiracy and is only interested in getting Clinton.

Reuters News Story

Clinton Ex-Business Partner Goes to Jail

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (Reuter) - A former Whitewater business partner of Bill Clinton went to jail Monday rather than testify before a grand jury on Clinton's alleged role in illegal business deals before he was elected president.

Susan McDougal was cited for contempt of court last week and was given until Monday to answer questions before a Whitewater grand jury, but she again refused and instead surrendered to marshals. Her attorneys said she was taken into custody and would be transferred to Faulkner County Jail near Little Rock later Monday or early Tuesday.

It was not clear how much time she would serve on the contempt of court charge. She could be released at any time if she decides to change her mind and testify.

Prosecutors leading the probe into Clinton's personal and political finances had offered McDougal a plea bargain deal but she turned it down, saying she had no information implicating either the president or first lady Hillary Rodham Clinton in any fraudulent deals.

``I am following my conscience,'' McDougal, 41, told reporters before surrendering to marshals Monday. She denied suggestions she might be sacrificing herself for the Clintons and said she had not been given, or promised, support from the White House.

``If the Clintons have helped me or the White House has helped me, then God help us all because I'm on my way to jail,'' she said.

McDougal, her ex-husband James McDougal and then-Arkansas Gov. Jim Guy Tucker were convicted on a string of fraud and conspiracy charges in the first Whitewater trial in May. The McDougals were close friends of Bill and Hillary Clinton and the four joined in the ill-fated Whitewater real estate venture that lost money and has dogged Clinton throughout most of his time in the White House.

Susan McDougal was sentenced to two years in prison for four convictions stemming from an illegal $300,000 loan she was given in 1986 by Arkansas banker David Hale, who testified -- after making a plea bargain deal -- that Clinton, then the governor of Arkansas, twice pressured him to approve the loan.

Clinton denied the accusations in videotaped testimony on behalf of the McDougals but prosecutors apparently did not believe him and wanted to question Susan McDougal on Clinton's role in winning the loan and on whether he had lied in court.

McDougal said prosecutors had ``destroyed my life'' and were willing to trample on anyone in order to get at the Clintons. ''They will do anything, there is nothing they won't do.''

James McDougal faced up to 84 years in prison for his convictions in the complex business deals at the heart of the Whitewater investigation and has decided to cooperate with investigators. It was not clear what information he might be able to give them on the Clintons.

What you can do ...

Want to help? One thing you can do is add this logo to your web site. Protest this incarceration of Republican political prisoners. The other thing you can do is to vote a straight Democratic ticket and punish all Republicans for the sins of their leaders. It's more important that the Republican party get the message than for individual Republicans to win.

The Bottom Line

What's really happening is that the Republicans are desperate to get something to turn this election around and will do anything to anybody in order to get them to lie in their behalf. In order to get the McDougals convicted the Republican Prosecutor pressured, threatened, and made deals with many people to get them to lie to convict them. Now they are being forced to choose between jail and lying about the Clintons.

The Republicans have become an evil party who will do anything for power. They are controlled by the Christian Coalition who is in turn controlled by Reverend Moon (yes, the Moonies) who rake in hundreds of millions of dollars a year. The Moonies own the Washington Times and use it as a leveraging tool to get their message into the legitimate media. These people want to take your freedoms away and rule the United States by enforcing their particular brand if Christianity on you, kind of a Christian version of Iran.

I therefore urge all of you to not vote for any Republican until Susan McDougal is free and the court system is no longer being used by the Republican Party as a terrorist tool against their political enemies.

Susan McDougal is currently in Jail. Susan is refusing to answer questions about alleged criminal acts by President Clinton in the Whitewater Related Trial. The basis of Susan's refusal is her lack of trust in the motives of Mr. Starr who is a partisan Republican with numerous conflicts of interest in this case. (The New York Times has called for his resignation as a result). Mr. Starr may very well have been appointed "independent" council at the behest of ultra conservative Senator Jesse Helms of North Carolina. Mr. Starr has been retained by leading tobacco companies to lead the attack on President Clinton's attempt to regulate the tobacco industry. Mr. Starr was appointed by George Bush as Solicitor General and his ultimate goal is to be appointed to the U.S. Supreme Court. Starr is using Susan McDougal as a pawn in his effort to influence the Presidential election. Susan's family asks for your help and support in protesting by all means possible - her cruel imprisonment and prosecution by Mr. Starr.

Winning Fair and Square

In 1992 Clinton beat Bush by a bigger margin than Reagan beat Carter in 1980. In 1996 Clinton beat Dole by a bigger margin yet. Clinton won the election. Get used to it. Here in America we have elections where the people vote and choose who the president will be. The people chose Clinton twice.

Republicans can't seem to respect the will of the voters. The right wing thinks that it's OK to try to harrass the President and attack him personally through right wing publications like The Washington Times and to abuse the special prosecutor and create a witch hunt.

What ever happened to democracy in this country. If Republicans want to win the presidency, maybe they should field a good candidate and write a good platform, accomplish something, and run on the strength of our ticket. When the Republican party has to stoop to dirty politics to win an election, they are admitting through conduct that they can't win an election based on the merits of their candidates and their positions.

If you wish to help Susan we would suggest that you:

  • Please Email Susan at and let her know of your support.

  • Contact your Senator and Congressman and write major newspapers protesting Susan's continued incarceration.

  • Send a gift to The Susan McDougal Defense Fund c/o Mr. Jim Henley (her brother) 1628 Norfolk St., Houston, Texas 77006.

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