Bill Clinton vs. Sun Myung Moon
Why Moonies hate Clinton

Clinton is Tougher than Moon

The Moonies hate President Clinton. Clinton won't give into the Moonies. Reverened Sun Myung Moon has been used to having his way with American presidents, especially Republican presidents. Moon was a Nixon supporter and during Watergate, Moonies held rallies and protested the investigations. Since then Moon has had a lot more influence.

Moon claims on his Web Site that he had great influence over Reagan. Moon claims he was the one who got Reagan to go for SDI (Star Wars). Moon claims that through the Washington Times, a Moonie owned newspaper, that he is responsible for Bush winning the presidency in 1988.

Since than President Bush has appeared at Moonies events and endorsed the cause of the moonies. So has former president Ford. Moon has spend at least 2 Billion Dollars influencing American Politics, Christian Organizations, and the American Press. There's your vast right wing conspiracy that Hillary Clinton was talking about. Moon is used to having his way and since he thinks he's God, we mere mortals better not tell him no. President Clinton is one such mere mortal who refuses to bend his knee to the Moonies as Reagan, Ford, Nixon, and Bush did. So Moon is out to destroy Clinton.

Moon looks at Clinton as the competition. Moon has had a lot of influence in world affairs over the years. He resisted the end of the Veitnam War. He supported SDI and Reagan calling the Soviet Union the "evil empire", a statement that almost got us all killed. Although Moon is proud of what he's accomplished, most of what he's done has been self serving and detrimental to society. Moon, being God, wants to control the world. Clinton it an obsticle to Moon.

The reason Moon sees Clinton as such a threat is because Clinton has done much more to help the world than Moon has. Clinton ended three wars, Somalia, Haiti, and Bosnia. The Somalia war wasn't a glowing achievement, but he did get out. However, both Haiti and Bosnia were brilliant and were a direct result of Clinton's personal involvement. Clinton is the worlds most respected leader and this kind of world leadership drives Moon nuts. After all, how can Clinton out do "The Father", as he likes to call himself.

Clinton is a religous man, a Baptist, and a humble man. In fact it is Clinton's humbleness is the center of his strength and Moon's ego is the source of his weakness. Clinton comes from Humble Beginings. His father was killed in a car accident before he was born. His widow mother gave birth to him in a small hick town in southern Arkansas called Hope. Hope is the kind of town where you don't have to use your turn signals because everyone know where you're going. He was raised by his grandmother for several years while his mother trained to be a nurse.

His mother remaried and he got a half brother, Roger. His father was a drunk and Bill had to stand up to his father to help keep the family together. Bill was a good boy and did well in school and at the age of 15 he got the opportunity to go to Washington and meet President Kennedy. Upon meeting the President and shaking his hand, Bill Clinton, at that moment decided he was going to become President of the United States. And he went out and did it. It is as if it was is destiny, and he followed his calling. And I'm thankful he did.

People like Moon hate people like Clinton because with people like Clinton around, Moon has a tough time playing the "I'm God" game. Thus, to defend his place in the universe, Moon has to destroy anyone who refused to bend his knee and endorse Moon, like Nixon, Ford, Reagan and Bush did. So Moon is spending billions to bring Clinton down. So if you're wondering where the right wing conspiracy is, it's being coordinated by Reverened Sun Myung Moon to destroy Clinton.

Moon's Message

The following paragraphs are Moon's own statements I snagged off his web site. Click on his picture, select the SEARCH option and type in "Clinton" and you will see my source. If you don't believe this, check it out for yourself. Moon's complete statements are there.

Moon's Statements

You have heard Father's words. Think about this point. Father talks about this correctly. Jesus had a problem with his parents' house. Nobody has known about these points. They are secret contents, but Reverend Moon has been teaching these things right here on the earth. After you hear these things, spirit world says to you, "What shall you do?" People have said I am a heretic. Who passes judgement? Only God. The Christian world itself has been acting in a heretical way. Twenty million or more people die each year. Those people go into hell. Since the end of World War II, then, over two billion people who have gone to hell. When they get to spirit world, Christians will be accused, "You went against Reverend Moon. And the result of that is that we had to go to hell." How can they escape that accusation? They will say, "We didn't know." That is the way America has been heading. How can God forgive this country? God has been crying. What a miserable situation this is for God. Losing, losing, He has only been losing by following human society.

From now all Christians are going to hell. They have to pay more indemnity. How can we save the earth? No matter how difficult it may be for Christians to lose their position, they will, because I can defeat them anytime, anywhere. You have to take that attitude. We have to repent before the original American people. Don't forget it. Those under forty-seven years old belong to me. President Clinton is under forty-seven. He represents the bad presidents of United States history. How can he digest this? By following me. Reverend Moon is the most serious man. You have to have this concept.

Here in America, I worked on solidifying the right wing, teaching them right ideas and so forth. Also, I had to deal with the left wing, namely communism, and also to deal with the realm of Islam. That realm arose after Jesus death. They had twelve different tribes like Barabbas' and they influenced all the bad religions. They called themselves a religion, but they went against the real, Abelistic religions. This was Islam. Jesus was working on the level of the nation, but when the Lord comes again he will have to work on the world-wide level; world level of right wing and world level of left wing, and also the one in Barabbas' position, which is Islam. He has to literally bring these things into correct alignment. That is the work of the Lord of Second Advent. If he comes on a cloud, how can he possibly do that?

America lost everything little by little after the war because of this. Now, representing the right wing of the world, America is experiencing great difficulty. Father worked so hard to lift up America. When Reagan was elected, nobody expected such a thing. This was done literally by the work of Reverend Moon, though the power of prayer, and through the practical work for that event. But the Reagan administration did not respond to my direction, they even allowed me to be incarcerated. They should at least have recognized that Reverend Moon was their benefactor. But when they failed to do that, then Clinton came and knocked them out.

Now Bill Clinton has come to office and is in the same position as Carter. How can Clinton lead America? How can he be any better than any of his predecessors? Only through the help of Reverend Moon will Clinton be able to lead this country successfully. I had a great plan for George Bush. After I met with Kim Il Sung, I worked very hard on a proposal which was a concrete and workable plan, and I offered it to President Bush. But he did not pay any attention to this offer from Reverend Moon. What has happened to him since?

Father exerted influence to Korea, Japan, and the United States. Not only exerting influence, but working directly. We have been working in Russia and China, as well. Among these five nations, four are in the position of plus or male, while Japan is the only one in the female or minus position. There is one woman which all four men are trying to occupy, in a way. This is exactly the picture we see in the Garden of Eden. There was Eve and Adam, and then three archangels in the male position. So there were four male figures and one female. Very simply, the archangel took Eve, but in restoration Adam must win Eve back.

In Japan, too, the Unification Church has become quite prominent. They have been growing and becoming more powerful. So is America. And in Russia and China, too, they see more and more numbers of Unification Church members arising. You know about the Panda Project, don't you? That was started with that in mind. Father spoke strongly to Nakasone. At the time when he was prime minister, he promised something to me but he did not keep that promise. There were seventeen out of the twenty top ministers in the Congress under his leadership, and Father had a plan to keep it that way, and how to do it. But Nakasone didn't listen. As a result of that, he lost everything.

The only reason I worked to help Bush was to help and improve the future of America, not to destroy the other political party. The name "Carter" sounds like "Cutter." I said many times before 1980, "I will cut out Carter." That is because Carter was moving in the wrong way. Now we see that Bill Clinton is again using the same people who used to work under Carter. Bush didn't listen to Father and that is what happened. Now Father could fight again, but I don't see that as necessary and America no longer deserves that. You, however, can fight the way I did to help America.

So there are many American men who thought silently. Do you think that American men thought that Father was good? Before, Father was the symbol of evil. As they understand more and more they become lower, and conversely Reverend Moon becomes higher. In a very objective view, who is higher, the President of United States or Reverend Moon? American people will listen to Reverend Moon or Clinton more? (Reverend Moon.) That's a reality. Reverend Moon is against evil and shows why he is against it. Praise rather than complaint is due. The conclusion that mass wedding is very good is because the way of life after being through the mass wedding is far superior to anything else. Wife and husband are married for 10 years yet live separately, yet the wife doesn't even worry about her husband even though they don't live together. They are so worry-free that they gain weight. It's an Oriental expression that if you are worry free then you gain weight. Is that bad or good? Man and woman both deserve credit for this but who is the center of religious life, woman or man? (Woman.) Yes. Who follows the central religion, women or men?

Father came to the United States to work with the American people, the government, and U.S. Christianity. We were able to work on so many down-to-earth issues and to inspire the Reagan administration to achieve victories which ultimately brought down the empire of communism. Upon that victory Father could go on and the consummation of all the dispensational ruler were accomplished. Christianity failed its mission, so the Unification Church was established.

Father worked with the two Reagan administrations and the one Bush administration, and now Clinton has come into office. This is almost like a self-test, to see whether the United States can rise above Clinton and unite ideologically with Father. If so, then this nation can have hope. If the Clinton administration fails to unite with Father, then it will go down the drain. When Clinton and his policies come into being, the first opposition must come from Christianity. But Christianity has lost its center and its hope. For that reason, they have lost their power, and that is why Clinton was allowed to win the election. It was the failure of Christianity. This nation which is supposed to be Christian has been turned into almost a model nation for Satan, losing everything precious. People are losing their own identity, losing brotherhood, losing their own parents, and losing God. This nation has really become a playground for Satan.

In Washington, the well-known former senator Paul Laxalt was once a Republican candidate . I asked Bo Hi Pak to go and meet with him, and Senator Laxalt sent greetings to me and Mother on our birthdays today. And at the same time, he said, "Today, America is crumbling fast. With Clinton, this nation is crumbling even faster. There is only one hope-that Reverend Moon's crusades can win out, and not only upset Clinton but be the engine moving this nation in the other direction. This is the only hope." Senator Laxalt was saying that he would assist Father in order to advance God's work and Providence here in this country. Especially, he said, he would like to mobilize his dear friends, Ronald Reagan and George Bush, to lend their support. He volunteered to help with introductions in that direction. Those people who have been very prominent in Father's dispensational path, such as Mikhail Gorbachev and Ronald Reagan, now George Bush, all these people shall be mobilized for the final stage of God's dispensational work.

I have nothing to do with the White House, but I cannot stand by and see this country's leadership become so weak that it surrenders under communism. The United States is a Christian nation and ultimately a revival is coming, because God loves America and especially Christianity. Christianity cannot be destroyed. Christianity must be revived. Reverend Moon initiated the Washington Times. Why? It seems crazy, but now so many ministers praise and support Reverend Moon because the Washington Times cuts through the immorality in this country. This makes all the expenditure worthwhile.

I want to see a good man flourish and become the leader of this nation. President Clinton has much to repent for; leaders in Congress have a lot to repent for; and through our paper we want to let them know. Have you joined together with me in this crusade? (Amen.)

Satan can only reach up to the national level. When it comes to the world level, only God is able to subjugate it. Once we go beyond the national level then Satan has nothing more to do with our lives. Look at the reality of the world, the gigantic nation of America is being manipulated by Kim Il Sung. President Clinton doesn't know what to do and the Washington Times is giving him such a strong blow that it may knock him down. Who is doing it? Who opposed President Carter? This man standing here on the stage. (Laughter.) Clinton is exactly like the brother of Jimmy Carter. How can we protect the nation and world from their political action? America doesn't have that power. We are the ones who must know in what direction the world should go.

Are you really truly American citizens? (Yes.) Do you really love your President? (No.) (Laughter.) This is not a laughing matter. If you are given a choice to love Reverend Moon or President Clinton, whom do you have to love first? (Father.) You say that because you are Unification Church members. (Laughter.) Thinking people in the society also consider Reverend Moon more valuable than President Clinton. Isn't the Washington Times becoming more famous every day? The Washington Times exercised its power properly by chasing seventy congressmen who were involved in immoral behavior and causing them to step down. At this time the Washington Times is digging into President Clinton's past, mistakes that have been covered up. When American people in general look at the situation, do they think that Reverend Moon is doing too much or would they encourage Father to go ahead and find out the truth? They all know that Reverend Moon is not an American citizen so, in a way, you should feel that a non-American is here, digging into these bad situations and coming up with the truth. There is no other choice because right now there is nobody else who is righteous enough or brave enough to do this except Father. What do you gain by opposing and judging your President? You may find yourself in all kinds of life threatening situations by doing so. Reverend Moon is labeled as a person who goes up against anyone who is unrighteous, so the entire population of 240 million American people have been judged at one time or another by Father. Therefore, even if he goes against President Clinton, they consider that normal behavior for Father. Father has the label that even though he is Korean, he is here to save the entire world.

If we look at the situation in Korea, the former presidents have failed and look at what is happening -- they are totally chastised through blame and accusation. Look at how the world order is being tested so seriously. The whole system in Japan and Korea is being shaken. In Korea two former presidents are now in jail. The presidency of America is also undergoing a most rigid testing. House Speaker Newt Gingrich is opposing President Clinton by insisting that in seven years the budget has to be balanced. When Newt Gingrich proclaims that this has to be done because America has the responsibility for the whole world then God thinks it is all right. However, if Mr. Gingrich is determined to do the same thing merely for America then it would mean other nations would be sacrificed. Other nations would be afraid if America were to insist for its own national interests alone. If America insists on acting for its own sake alone, it would drive God into such a position that He would be unable to forgive America.

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