Marc Perkel for Senate

300 Word Position on Issues
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Short Summary on Where I Stand

Originally Written for League of Women Voters

This is a short summary that can be quoted as my positions on the issues in 300 words. This is the short version. I have written about these subjects in much more detail Here. If you have a political website or are writing an article or doing a comparison, that allows for a short description of the candidate, feel free to copy this as a summary of where I stand.

I have more of my positions on the Internet than any other candidate in history.

My focus is on Judicial Reform. Removing crooked judges from the bench. Crooked lawyers and crooked judges should not be allowed to practice law. I support ending Judicial Self Regulation and limiting Judicial Immunity when judges refuse to Obey their own Rules and Ethical Standards. I've called for the Impeachment of the entire Missouri Supreme Court because the judges Refuse to Sign Judgements.

I consider Party Loyalty to be a cult type mental disorder and I put country before party. I think Gore will make a better president than Bush. I believe Republicans should stop taking money from Tobacco, Alcohol, Firearms, Polluters, and the Moonies. I am Strongly Pro-choice. I believe drug addiction is a medical problem, not solved by criminalization. Prisons are not drug treatment centers. I therefore support the decriminalization of drugs and the Legalization of Marijuana. I Burned my Census Form on the steps of the Missouri Supreme Court.

I support Clinton's economic reform and give him exclusive credit for the budget surplus. In fact, I think Clinton was one of our best presidents and Reagan was one of our worst presidents. I believe the Impeachment of Clinton was wrong. My views on most issues are similar to Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura. I'm Anti-Tobacco. I support the separation of church and state. I support only reasonable restrictions on gun sales. I'm against Term Limits. I'm against race based affirmative action. I'm against Same Sex Marriage but for domestic partnerships. I believe every person has a fundamental right to medical treatment.

I support the return of Elian Gonzalez to his father. I'm pro death penalty but with constitutional protections to make sure we don't fry the innocent. I'm for doctor assisted suicide. I'm for Legalizing Prostitution, and keeping the government out of private sexual issues between consenting adults. I'm an environmentalist. I support flag burning. I support paying off the national debt first. I'm a Strong Civil Rights and Personal Liberty Advocate. I'm not afraid to say what I think. The government exists for the sole purpose of serving the needs of the people and nothing else.

The government exists for the sole purpose of serving the needs of the people and nothing else.

Biographical Information

I Detailed History including scandals is available online.

Marc Perkel
Perkel for Senate
309 North Jefferson #220
Springfield Mo. 65806
Voice: 417-521-2000
Fax: 760-838-8023

Age: 44
Date of Birth: 10-10-1955
Place of Birth: Wheeling, West Virginia
Marital Status: Divorced
Children: One Step Daughter - Princess Type
Religion: Church of Reality
Occupation: Computer Programmer - Electronics - Law
Education: School of Hard Knocks - Self Educated
Sex Scandals: Worse than Clinton - But I'm single.
Social Category: Nerd, Hippie
Political Positions: Socially Liberal, Fiscally Conservative
Thinking Style: Mensan, Out of the Box, Fearless Visionary
Not a Lawyer

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