ETrade is against Free Speech on Web Sites mentioning ETrade

E*Trade dubs to be a politically incorrect web site. is a web site covering diverse issues including sex, politics, physics, software, law, online trading, religion, and many other subjects. The online broker etrade doesn't appreciate being mentioned on this site writing the letter below that they are too good for us.

Marc Perkel Responds

This web site originally had a links page to web pages within etrade's old web site. I had tried several times to give this web code to etrade to improve their site but they weren't interested. So besides using it myself, I posted it on the internet for thousands of other traders to use. I switched my accounts over to Datek a few years ago, but left my jump table up for those still using it. ETrade has since eliminated the old web site and it became obsolete, yet it was still drawing a lot of traffic. So I replaced it with my experiances with day trading and produced a guide for new day traders.

ETrade apparently doesn't want to be mentioned on my web site because my site covers subjects below their moral standards and that my commentary on sexual issues, such as The Men's Guide to Escort Services and the fact that I ran for Congress an have other political opinions makes my site unsuitable in the my views tarnish the fine etrade name. ETrade is a high and mighty moral and ethical company and doesn't want to associate themselves with scum sucking pigs like Marc Perkel and his unconventional views.

I would point out in response to etrade that this is America and we have the right to free speech, including the right to free speech about what we think about etrade. This country was founded by and has become the greatest country in the world because of free thinkers, such as myself. We in America understand that not everyone who trades stock has the same views and that political, sexual, and religous diversity exists. Being that etrade is in Menlo Park California, I'm sure they are familiar with sexual diversity in particular.

Although etrade looks down their noses at my opinions as something so degrading that they don't want to be associated with, I would point out that etrade allows it's members to trade stock in tobacco companies who profit by peddaling a highly addictive poisonous drug to children. They trade stock in companies who polute our air and water and cause people to die of cancer. The trade stocks of companies who produce pornographic films that are shown of HBO and transmitted into out homes over cable television networks, who are also traded through etrade. And I'm sure that etrade wouldn't have any problem with taking my money or the money of anyone who wants to trade stock without a care where that money comes from.

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I therefore call on etrade to be consistant. If the subject matter on tarnishes your fine name, then you should divest yourself of all stocks and interests in companies who promote these issues you claim to reject. I call on you to stop trading stock in companies who are beneath your moral standards. And certianly separate yourself from any media company who produces and television shows or movies that are either sexual explicit or contain political commentary.

As to the search engines, I suggest you educate yourself as to how search engines work. This web page will come up when people do a search on etrade because I use the word etrade more times that etrade uses the word etrade. As far as the search engines are concerned, I win.

Finally, we live in a free society where people express themselves. Many of us who trade stock have a life and do more than one thing. The price of living in a free society is that some times you don't get your way and you run into people who don't agree with you. Get used to it and get a life!

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