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I, Marc Perkel am one of the most published Letters to the Editor writer in the world. I write a letter every Friday and fax it to 1100 newspapers. I reach millions of people every week in my effort to make sure Clinton is elected for a second term as President of the United States.

A lot of you want to write Letters to the Editor but don't know what to write. Here's letters I've written that you can use as an example. Fell free to steal these letters. You can send them in under your name as is or change them as you see fit.

Does writing all these letters make a difference? You bet it does! And once you learn how to do it you can make a difference too. And it doesn't take a lot of time and it doesn't cost very much. Getting your letter published is easy. You don't have to be a great writer or even have good grammer or spelling. All you have to do is keep it short and to the point and try to write about the issues that are currently in the news.

I've been published hundreds of times in newspapers all over the United States including USA Today, San Francisco Cronicle, Dallas Morning News, Chicago Sun Times, New Youk Daily News, and the Kansas City Star. If you read the letters to the editor in your local newspaper you probably have seen my name.

You never know who's going to read your letters and what effect it will have. Here's a letter I got from President Clinton thanking me for my letter in the Baxter Bulletin.

Most of the time I have no idea where I get published. If you see my letters in your local paper, please email me and let me know.

All Politics is not Local

The late Speaker of the House Tip O'Neil once said, "All politics is local." Tip O'Neil was wrong. The elections for the House and Senate are very much national elections. These elections determine which party controls the House and the Senate.

The party that wins the most seats gets to pick the Speaker of the House and the heads of all the committees. If the Republicans stay in control then Newt Gingrich, who shut down the government last year, will be the Speaker of the House again.

When you vote Republican your voting for Newt. If you like Newt and the job Newt's done so far, then vote Republican. But if you don't like the job Newt's done, vote for the Democrat. The Democrats may not be that great of a party either, but at least Newt won't be running the Congress.

Cigarettes are Addictive

Cigarettes are addictive. I know it, you know it, and the American people know it. It's common knowledge. Smokers know it, non-smokers know it. Everyone knows it. Everyone, that is, except Bob Dole.

In spite of the fact that Bob Dole was a smoker himself and that he lost a brother to lung cancer, in the final Clinton-Dole debate Dole still will not say "Cigarettes are Adictive". Phillip Morris, the nations top cigarette manufacture, is also the nations top Republican campaign contributor.

Is there a relationship between cigarette money and confusion about the addictiveness of cigarettes? Do you believe tobacco money influences politicians? You'll have to answer that for yourself when you vote on November 5th.

It's about who you Trust

Bob Dole and the Republicans are making this election a referendum on who do you trust. We need honest people in Washington who we can count on to keep their word.

Bob Dole swears he's going to give you a 15% tax cut, protect Medicare and Social Security, and still balance the budget. Bob Dole has given you his word and his oath and put his honor on the line that he's going to keep this promise. If you think that you are actually going to get that 15% tax cut and that Bob Dole isn't just saying it to get elected, you should vote for Bob Dole.

Last year Bob Dole and Newt Gingrich shut down the government. This year is an an election year. They now promise to never shut down the government again. Listen carefully to Bob Dole and Newt Gingrich and watch how they conduct themselves leading up to the election. Then ask yourself this question: "Do I really trust Bob Dole and Newt Gingrich to run America, balance the budget, cut taxes 15%, and not shut down the government?" This election really is about who do you trust.

Why Republicans are Behind

Bob Dole and the Republicans seem to wonder why they're 20 points behind President Clinton in the polls. Maybe it's because they can't keep their mouths shut during an international crisis.

President Clinton took a bold step to try to bring the Middle East leaders together to avoid war while Dole and Newt undermined the peace process saying irresponsible things during the delicate negotiations. If Bob Dole wants to be president, he needs to show he can restrain is verbal discharges. We don't need someone who is incontinent in the Whitehouse.

Who Feels your Pain?

Bob Dole and the Republicans like to ridicule President Clinton over the expression, "I feel your pain." which referrs to the fact that President Clinton cares about people. The Republicans seem to think that there's something wrong with caring about people.

One message the Republicans are making clear is that they don't feel your pain. They twice shut down the government trying to force President Clinton to give into their demands to take from the needy and give to the rich. I suppose that's what this election is all about. Do we want to elect someone who feels your pain, or someone who does not feel your pain?

Republicans Endanger American Lives

The Republican party is playing fast and loose with the lives of American servicemen by making political hay out of the situation in Iraq. These comments about our role in the gulf only embolden Saddam Hussein to do something stupid that could get our soldiers killed.

If Republicans think they are so smart on foreign policy, I would remind them that in 1991 if the Republicans weren't to chicken to finish the job and take Saddam Hussein out, President Clinton wouldn't be stuck cleaning after them. Clinton has already had to clean up Somalia, Haiti, and Bosnia that he inherited from the Republicans. I think the Republicans, who failed to achieve victory in 1991, should sit down and shut up while Clinton cleans their mess in Iraq.

Another Republican Congress?

Now that Clinton's a sure win for the Whitehouse we need to ask ourselves what kind of Congress is best to work with President Clinton in his second term. Do we stay with the Republicans? Or do we give the Democrats another chance?

In the 1994 election the Democrats made a very serious mistake opposing Clinton. This angered many voters like myself who like Clinton, but don't care as much for Democrats in general. Many Clinton supporters stayed home allowing Republicans to win.

I think the Democrats have been properly punished and humbled and are now ready for a second chance. And since the Republicans proved they can't govern without shutting down the government, it's their turn for punishment. The voters want change. In 1992 we threw the President out. In 1994 we threw the Democrats in Congress out. Now we need to throw the Republicans in Congress out.

Whose Scandal is This ?

I'm confused. When a Republican is working for a Democratic Whitehouse and the Republican gets caught with a hooker, isn't that a Republican scandal? Dick Morris is credited with making Clinton more Republican, but I think Morris was becoming more of a Democrat. Usually it's Democrats who get cought in sex scandals while Republicans usually get caught in money scandals. But with Republicans like Dick Morris and Bob Packwood getting caught with women, and Clinton signing welfare reform, you just can't tell the Republicans from the Democrats anymore.

Doing what's right on Smoking

President Clinton stood up to the Tobacco Lobby to take an important step in stopping them from turning yet another generation into nicotine addicts. In taking this step he will be attacked by Big Tobacco and the politicians in both parties who are addicted to Big Tobacco Money. The time has come, the battle has begun. I stand with Clinton and against Tobacco and will not vote for anyone who takes Tobacco Money.

Tobacco is addictive. Everyone who smokes knows that. Tobacco Money is addictive. Tobacco Money can cause brain damage. One symptom is when you start confusing Tobacco with Milk!

Who do you Believe?

Bob Dole says that this election is about "Who do you believe?" Bob Dole says that he's going to cut your taxes by 15% and still balance the federal budget. I would like to ask the readers a simple question. How many of you think, if we elect Bob Dole president, that you are actually going to see that 15% tax cut? Do you believe Bob Dole?

Credit for Welfare Reform

I find it amazing that Bob Dole is trying to take credit for Welfare Reform calling it "his plan". The bill that was passed is very different than the two bills Clinton vetoed. This bill was put together by Republicans who wanted to get real welfare reform passed over the objections of Bob Dole. Ironically, if Bob Dole hadn't quit his job as Senate Majority Leader, we likely wouldn't have a Welfare Reform bill.

The Republicans in Congress decided they wanted to accomplish something and were no longer willing to sacrifice their jobs to support Bob Dole's futile bid for the presidency. I think the Congressional Republicans and the President should be commended for doing the right thing, making the tough choices, and putting the public ahead of politics.

Same Sex Marriage

Gays who complain about new federal laws prohibiting same sex marriages don't realize that although it may seem discriminatory, that's it's to their advantage to not be able to get legally married.

After having spent the last two years in divorce court, I've come to realize that what is called marriage in America is nothing more than a license you give the government that allows thieving opportunistic lawyers to steal everything you own. No sane person who understands what a marriage contract really is would ever get married.

So I say to the gay community, you don't want what you are trying to get. Go back and fight over job discrimination rather than the right to be robbed blind by crooked lawyers like we heterosexuals have. When it comes to marriage, you're better off without it.

Butt Man vs. Reefer Man

The Republicans may be making a big mistake in attacking Clinton about the fact that some of the Whitehouse staff used to smoke Pot. A large percentage of Americans in both parties have tried Pot and prefer someone who has tried Pot over some prude who feels all former Pot smokers should be banned from society.

If I were to choose our next president between a former Pot smoker and someone who doesn't know if cigarettes are addictive, I'll take the Pot smoker any day.

Teflon President

Why is it that Clinton seems to be immune from political scandal? Since Clinton became president he's been hit with so many fake scandals that people are used to it. So even if a real scandal came along no one would notice. People like President Clinton and they don't like Bob Dole and Newt Gingrich, and people tend to believe who they like the most.

Dole Needs a Message

Bob Dole demonstrated again this week that he needs to get a message and make it clear where he stands on the issues. On one hand Dole claims to be pro-life but is uncomfortable with pro-life leaders. Dole no longer wants to overturn Clinton's assault weapons ban, however the National Rifle Association is confident as president he will. And Bob Dole gets grumpy when he's asked where he stands on tobacco.

If Bob Dole can't demonstrate the ability to answer questions and state his positions on the issues, how are we voters going to know if we want to vote for him?

Dole Snubs Black Vote

Bob Dole made a serious mistake by snubbing the black vote by not showing up at the NAACP convention. You win elections by going to people who aren't likely to vote for you and winning them over rather than just preaching to the converted. Snubbing the NAACP just wasn't very smart.

Bob Dole could have trippled his support among blacks by showing them a little respect. Instead he's managed to solidify the opposition against both him and the Republican Party.

Strong Clinton Economy

Bob Dole may be making a serious political mistake to criticize President Clinton on the economy. During the Bush years the economy was described as "sluggish". We were talking about being in a "tripple dip resession" and "job stagnation".

Now, with Clinton as President we are talking about the economy "overheating" and "putting the breaks on" because the economy is "growing too fast". Because "unemployment is too low" the Fed fears that "wages will go up". And because Clinton has cut the deficit in half we are now talking about "when" we will balance the budget, not "if" we will balance the budget.

Sorry Bob, attacking Clinton on the economy is a bad plan. Better stick with the character issue.

Milk vs. Tobacco

It breaks my heart every time I see teenagers smoke. With so many teenagers getting hooked on tobacco these days, we certianly don't want to send the message that smoking is OK.

The Phillip Morris Company is running ads in British newspapers claiming that the fat content in milk makes it as dangerous as tobacco. Here in America, Bob Dole questioned if smoking was addictive and also compared smoking cigarettes to drinking milk. It's not surprising that Phillip Morris is a big Dole contributor.

I think that smokers and non-smokers agree that they don't want their kids to start smoking cigarettes. I am concerned that if Dole were president, that sending the message that smoking is as safe as drinking milk would cause a lot of kids to get hooked. I'd sure hate to see big tobacco win the battle for our childrens future.

Dole Trashes Heath Care Bill

Last month the Senate unanamously passed a health care bill to allow Americans to be able to keep their health insurance if they change jobs. In the process Republican Senators joined Democratic Senators to defeat a Dole "poison pill" amendment that would kill the bill.

You think that Bob Dole would have gotten the message, but anything that's good for America is bad for the Dole campaign. So in his final act as Senator, Bob Dole managed to get his amendment put back in the bill by the conference comittee.

So now when it's voted down Bob Dole has someone to blame. He can point his shakey old finger at Clinton and say, "He killed the bill!" Bob Dole's "Blame Politics" isn't working. If this election is about "Character", Bob Dole sure isn't impressing anyone.

No Middle Ground on Abortion

The abortion issue really doesn't have a middle ground. You either believe that a woman has a right to choose or you believe a woman does not have the right to choose. It's that simple.

But Bob Dole is trying to be in the middle where there is no middle. On the one hand he supports a constitutional ban on abortions. However, when interviewed on Larry King Live this year, Bob Dole was asked what would he do if his daughter wanted an abortion? Dole replied, "That would be up to her." No Bob, that's what Dan Quayle said. "Up to her" is Pro-Choice!

Bob Dole offends the pro-choice voter because he doesn't even understand the question, and Bob Dole offends the pro-life voter because he's insincere and that life is merely a campaign slogan. To pro-life advocates it is painfully clear that Dole lacks passion for this issue and at best Dole's convictions can be described as "Better than Nothing".

Who Looks Worse

There are several theories about why Bob Dole's leaving the Senate. Some believe that Bob Dole should distance himself from the unpopular Congress saying that they make Dole look bad. However, other's say its Dole who's making Congress look bad. That Dole's going down and he's going to suck his Party down with him.

Personally, I think their both right. But one things for sure. After June 11th the Senate won't have old Bob Dole to kick around anymore.

Moral High Ground on Abortion

Bob Dole claims he owns the moral high ground on the abortion issue as he pretends to be "pro life" in front of conservative audiences. But is he really, or is he just faking it?

Bob Dole likes to spike legislation to make sure Clinton won't sign it. In this case Dole wouldn't allow a bill with an exemption for the health of the mother that Clinton would have signed. Thus, Bob Dole put politics ahead of life for a cheap political shot against the President.

I therefore challenge the morally superior pro life Republicans to offer Clinton a clean bill and see if he signs it. Then we'll find out who really owns the moral high ground on the late term abortion issue!

The Beginning of the End

Bob Dole's resignation from the Senate is the beginning of the end for the Dole campaign. The real reason Bob Dole is resigning his seat is because he doesn't want to suffer the embarrassment of serving in the Senate for two more years after losing to Clinton. By resigning now, Bob Dole will be able to go off and hide like Dukakus, Mondale, Carter, and Ford did after losing thier presidential bids.

Bob Dole's resignation had no other strategic value. If it had, he would have let his fellow Republicans in on it. But they were as surprised as the Democrats. The fact that Clinton knew about Dole's resignation before Newt did clearly indicates that Dole made the decision on an emotional impulse.

Bob Dole realizes the end is near. He's 20 points behind and losing ground. He'll drop out before the convention. If he does, you heard it here first!

Gas Tax Temporary

I don't see why Bob Dole wants to pass a temporary cut in the gas tax if it's going to come back at the end of the year. That's not getting rid of the tax. It just and old election trick.

Now Clinton's called Dole's bluff and says he'll sign Dole's temporary gas tax cut and Dole's running away from the deal. Is this an example of Dole's leadership? I wish Dole would quit making the Republican party look so bad. The Republican party can't afford to keep giving Bob Dole political welfare.

Dole Waffles on Abortion

Bob Dole is sending mixed signals on the issue of abortion causing people to wonder where he really stands. Bob Dole says he's pro-life. He appointed Henry Hyde, a pro-life congressman to chair the Republican platform committee signaling he wants banning abortion to be part of the Republican platform.

However, when Pat Buchannan is shunned at the convention, but pro-choice Republicans like Pete Wilson and Christy Todd Whittman are welcomed, it sends a different message indeed! As Senate Majority Leader, Bob Dole could have passed a bill banning late term abortions that Clinton would have signed if it had the exception for the health of the mother. But Dole put politics ahead of pro-life and sent Clinton a bill he knew he couldn't sign.

While Clinton is clearly pro-choice, Dole is at best weakly pro-life. Dole is being evasive about where he stands causing both pro-choice and pro-life Republicans to be uninspired. Obviously pro-lifers have to vote Dole, but his lack of position doesn't turn them on.

Dole Caught Cheating Again

The Kansas City Star reported that Bob Dole's presidential campaign received thousands of dollars in illegal contributions last year from workers at a sporting goods company, according to three persons who wrote checks to the Bob Dole campaign.

This latest money laundering scandal isn't Bob Dole's first. In 1993 the FEC levied the largest civil penalty ever against Bob Dole's 1988 presidential campaign. The Dole campaign paid a fine of $100,000, and publicly admitted to taking contributions from corporations, illegally using corporate jets, and violating state-by-state spending limits.

Makes me wonder how Republicans who supported other candidates feel about this latest Dole scandal.

The Minimum Wage

Several Republicans have now joined Democrats and not only want to raise the minimum wage, but suggesting a rate of $5.25, 10 cents higher than what President Clinton requested. This issue would easilly pass Congress but it has one obsticle and that obsticle is Bob Dole.

When Bob Dole want's to help the rich he gives them more money. But when he want to help the poor he takes money away. Bob Dole, who's family made 50 times what a minimum wage earner makes, and voted to raise his own paycheck, doesn't realize that a tax cut doesn't help people who don't earn enough money to owe taxes in the first place. Bob Dole should stop being a sour puss obstructionist and let Congress vote it up or down.

Dole's Running Mate

I think Bob Dole needs to pick a running mate that compliments his abilities and provides strength where in areas where he's weak.

John Kasick, for example, is young and attractive. Governor Tommy Thompson is even tempered and well respected and would help give the Dole ticket credibility allowing Dole to move to the right. However, a conservative like Olie North could integrate the Buchannan voters while allowing Dole to move to the left. Or Dole might consider running with a woman to pick up an area where he trails badly, but that might offend older white male conservatives.

Bob Dole has yet to get his message out as to who he is and what he stands for, and his running mate should help him define himself.

It's about Party Loyalty Stupid

Bob Dole's right when Bob Dole calls for the Republican Party to unify around Bob Dole because Bob Dole has always been loyal to the Republican party.

During Watergate, Bob Dole stood by Richard Nixon. In 1976 Bob Dole ran and lost with Gerald Ford. After losing to George Bush in 1988, Bob Dole turned around and supported him. Bob Dole's supporting legislation that Bob Dole doesn't believe in because of Bob Dole's party obligations.

Bob Dole has always put loyalty ahead of Bob Dole's personal convictions. Therefore, I think Republicans are obligated to put their convictions aside and support Bob Dole.

Lose with Honor

With Bob Dole winning 11 races in a row it would seem the Republican Party has made their decision. Rather than go with an extremist or the rich kid, the Republicans have picked a candidate that can at least lose with honor, so as not to embarras the party an cause massive losses in the House and Senate races as well. I commend the Republican Party for making the best play with a bad hand.

Dole as Insider

One thing that reminds us that Bob Dole is a Republican insider is that all the Republican insiders are endorsing him. I think that they are all scared he's going to lose the primary. The party insiders haven't helped Dole's case any by trying to keep everyone else off the ballot except Dole. It might be easier to vote for Dole if the party wasn't trying to shove him down our throats.

Bob Dull

Like a scorpion stinging itself to deaththe Republican Party continues to discharge it's political venom into itself. The leading candidate, Bob Dole, is in third place, is almost out of money, and fighting an image that he's a sleepy old political insider with no more reason to be president other than it's "his turn".

Can someone be duller than George Bush? Dole proves it can be done! He should be thankful that "None of the Above" isn't a ballot choice or he'd be in fourth place right now.


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