Who Reads Marc Perkel's
Letters to the Editor?

You never know who's going to read your letter

I, Marc Perkel am one of the most published Letters to the Editor writers in the world. I've written about 250,000 letters to the editor that I send by fax and email. I have been published at least 6 times in USA Today and many other big name papers. Although it's a thrill to get published, it's also a thrill to realize who's reading my letters. You never know who is going to print a letter and who's going to read it. Below is an example of a letter I wrote and a letter I recieved from the President. I have many other examples of my work.

Many times newspapers get my bulk email or faxes and wonder, "Who is this guy and why should we print his letter?" I understand and appreciate that local letters about local issues take priority over someone from out of state who's sending the same letter to 1000 papers. However, if the letter is a real good letter, it can be used to keep readers interested and spark debate. Especially if it's been a slow day for local letters.

In this case the Baxter Bulletin ran my letter I sent to them by email. Who would have guessed that this letter would end up in the hands of the President of the United States? It just goes to show you that you never know who's going to read your paper. So if you're a local newspaper and get an out of state bulk letter, don't just throw it away. If the letter is a good letter and makes a point that is interesting to local readers, use it. It may cause your local readers to think about the issue.

=[ Clinton addresses China ]=

We are lucky in America to have such a visionary president in Bill Clinton. In watching him give his speech to the people of China it's clear to see the difference between President Clinton and his critics.

Where Clinton's critics look to the past and point the finger of blame, Clinton looks to the future with a vision of hope and cooperation. Where Clinton's critics looks at the sins of the past, Clinton looks for opportunities in the future. Where Clinton's critics are obsessed with who they can destroy, Clinton looks forward for a chance to build and to uplift people.

We in America are facing a lot of the same issues as the Chinese. We have to work together with our neighbors around the world to build our futures together. And in order to do that we have to work together as a unified nation with a common vision. I very much resent the efforts of those who would divide us as a nation into factions that hate and despise each other. These people put their own limited personal gain ahead of the good of our country.

We are not going to progress and lead the world into a better future if we are going to indulge in petty personal attacks. I believe that we are a nation that can rise above this and we can show the world by our example, as President Clinton has done by going to China, and show that America is willing to forget the past in the interest of a better future.



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