Burning my Census Form

Setting limits on what the Government can ask for.

It's about Freedom from Government Intrusion

The individual's right to privacy

I have several different reasons for burning my census form. Some apply to everyone and some are personal. I will start with the reasons that apply to everyone, which involve constitutional issues and the right of the government to require that you provide information under penalty of law. This is an important privacy issue and it's my duty as a citizen to burn my census form in protest to make sure that the government keeps within its constitutional bounds. The constitution says:

"Representatives and direct Taxes shall be apportioned among the several States which may be included within this Union, according to their respective Numbers, which shall be determined by adding to the whole Number of free Persons, including those bound to Service for a Term of Years, and excluding Indians not taxed, three fifths of all other Persons. The actual Enumeration shall be made within three Years after the first Meeting of the Congress of the United States, and within every subsequent Term of ten Years, in such Manner as they shall by Law direct."

The reason for the census is for the purpose of counting people so as to determine the number of representatives in the House and for apportioning direct taxes. Thus, for constitutional purposes, the only thing the government needs to know is how many people there are and where they live. To fulfill the requirements of this, there only needs to be two questions.

  1. What is your address?
  2. How many people live there?
Any questions beyond that have no constitutional basis. Now, it is my personal opinion that these questions can be slightly expanded to include the names, ages, and sex of the people in your household, but that's it. Any government requirements beyond that is an unconstitutional extension of government authority and a public invasion of privacy. The government has no right to know your private personal information.

During World War II the United States used census data to round up Japanese and put them in internment camps. Afterwards, the apologized for having done that. And, if we ever had another war they might do it again and apologize again afterwards. But it's information they shouldn't have in the first place.

We as loyal citizens of the United States have a duty to the Constitution to distrust the government.

Our government was founded on the principle of distrust of government. When we broke away from the King of England our founding fathers determined it was very important to put safeguards in the Constitution to ensure that the government existed only for the purpose of serving the people, and not ruling the people. To ensure this, the constitution created a checks and balances system so that each branch of government made sure the other branches complied with the Constitution. The presumption built into the Constitution was that if the government wasn't policed, it would become corrupted and turn into something that ruled, rather than served, the people. To ensure this never happens the founding fathers made the distrust of the government an important part of the Constitution. We, as citizens, have a duty to the Constitution, in order to preserve freedom, to distrust the government.

The Race Question

I think it's time we stop asking the race question, "What race are you?" All races have the right to vote and all people are a genetic mix. The very idea that race determines your opinion or your income is in itself, racist and divisive. We are all Americans. We all come from Africa if we go back enough generations. Let us all refuse to be identified in terms of race and the frequencies of light reflected off the surface of our skin. We are members of the "human" race. I am not defined by the color of my skin. It's what I think and do and believe in that defines me.

So what's the harm in just filling it out?

These questions involving race, income, lifestyle are all fed into supercomputers than contain maps of every neighborhood the United States. By combining this with statistical information and exit poll information the government can use this information to draw congressional voting districts that favor elections that produce a manipulated result. Rather than create rectangular and logical boundaries, these boundaries are manufactured to isolate groups of people and dilute their voting power while enhancing the voting power of groups who are favorable to those who are in power when the boundaries are drawn. This kind of manipulation has been going on for a long time. It's called Gerrymandering, and they use census information to do it. These districts look more like squashed bugs than congressional districts. With today's more advanced computers, people could be assigned to congressional districts on a house by house basis.

By giving the government this information we are allowing the government to draw congressional districts to produce election outcomes that are government manipulated. This manipulation of election outcomes by the government undermines the will of the people to express themselves at the ballot and undercuts the integrity of the election process, one of the most sacred process of any democracy. By refusing to cooperate with the census you undermine the ability of the government to manipulate districts based on census information that the government has no business knowing. These divisions, based on race, amounts to racial voter segregation and divides society on racial lines. If we are ever going to eliminate racism in America, we must stop letting the government draw voting districts based on race. America will never be integrated as long as we are asking the people to state their race on government forms. And it's not just race manipulation. It's also based on income, education, and religion.

They use the census data to manipulate the shape of congressional districts so as to change the results of elections based on race and income.

Some would argue that if we have no black majority districts that the blacks don't have a voice in government. Not so! Every black has one vote just like every white has one vote, and to presume that "blacks think alike" is racists. We have too much government racism and much of our racial problems we have today is because of institutionalized racism by the government trying to manipulate society along racial lines. Think about that and refuse to answer race based questions. The government has no right to manipulate what voting district you're in based on the color of your skin.

What the Government should do instead!

Instead of requiring the long form, the long form should be separate and the government should pay people $25 to fill it out, and that it be voluntary. Then, for statistical purposes the government can go back to a few people who didn't fill it out and pay them a lot more money to ask them why they didn't do it. At no point should the government force a person into giving up that information.

By offering a $25 reward for filling out the form, they would get a lot higher response and not have to hire all these people to go door to door trying to force and threaten people into filling out the long form. A carrot instead of a stick. Be nice to people, and pay then for their time. That's what should be happening, and if more of us go out and burn our census forms, maybe we can get the government to admit that they are here to serve the people, not to rule us.

But the information is important ...

They argue that this information is important for the government to know. It helps the schools and the economy and has all kinds of other exaggerated benefits. That doesn't matter. If it's important to them, then they should pay us for it. Take some of the billions of dollars they claim the would save and the billions saved from not having to hire as many census workers and pay the people for it.

What's more important, the efficiency of the government or the rights of the people? Clearly any patriot has to side with the rights of the people. We can not start setting precedents allowing our rights to be eroded away a little at a time for "justifiable reasons". If we start down that road then before long they'll require computer chip ID implants, for exactly the same reasons. In order to have freedom, we're going to have to accept that the government might not get as accurate a count as they would have if this were the Soviet Union and Stalin were in power. Our freedoms and liberties have always had a price, and it is worth it to protect those freedoms and liberties. It's not that it's not much trouble and why not just do it. It's an offense to the Constitution for them to demand it.

We burn our census forms because it is the constitutional duty of the People to keep the government in check.

We must never forget that during the 1950s and 1960s that the United States government and the CIA did bizarre LSD experiments on people the abducted off the streets in order to attempt to produce mind control and memory wipe techniques. Populations were exposed to radiation experiments without their knowledge or consent. Biological weapons were tested on American cities to determine how diseases could be spread. Before the Vietnam war it was "my country, right or wrong". Now the country better have a damn good reason and a plan before engaging in war. That's because the hippies in the 1960s and 1970s got out and burned the flag and went up against a government who got out of bounds and needed to be limited. We don't allow the CIA to test weapons on unwilling and unknowing citizen victims.

The government is like growing a garden. Plants have to be weeded and pruned in order to grow correctly and produce good food. The government is like a child that needs discipline. If we spare the rod, we spoil the child. That's why it is necessary for the people to set bounds on the government and punish them when they get out of line. I believe the long census form was an innocent mistake by government workers who thought it would be really helpful to the statisticians if they knew everything about us. But they crossed a constitutional line and it takes people like me and you, burning our census forms, to prune back the government and put it in its place. Our duty, as freedom loving American citizens includes some pruning and weeding, for if we don't, then Waco and Ruby Ridge will continue to occur.

We must never forget that the government exists for the sole purpose of serving the People and for no other reason.

So, in the spirit of our founding fathers who made the duty to distrust the government part of the Constitution, I call on everyone who loves America to join with the founding fathers and oppose the census and force them to abandon their requirement and to admit that they have no right to force you to fill out your long census form.

Watch it Burn! - MPEG Video

My additional personal reasons for protesting the census

In the beginning I stated I had additional personal reasons for protesting the census. These reasons apply to a lot of Americans, but not to a majority of you. In burning my census form on the steps of the Missouri Supreme Court I am protesting the way the courts treat me and the fact that judges have declared themselves to be above the law.

I have been locked in a never ending legal battle where the courts have stripped my of my right to own property and earn an income, and to allow crooked lawyers to steal everything I own. I am a legal outcast who no longer has a place in society. I live only on the fringe of society just as slaves did 150 years ago.

When they take away my freedom and liberty, they don't get to count me as a person. If judges can break the law, then I can break the law.

When I go into court, the judges don't hear my voice. I am ignored. The fail to follow their own Rules of Court. The judges of the Missouri Supreme Court refuse to sign orders of the court and judgements and everything they've done for years is void. I've called on the legislature to file articles of impeachment against the court to force them to comply with the law, and they refuse to take action. When the government refuses to follow the constitution, it is the duty of the people to rise up and force them to act. I therefore burn my census form in protest of judicial lawlessness.

The courts treat me as if I'm a non-person. It is as if I don't exist. They refuse to hear my words and trespass on my rights to due process of law. If I am treated as a non-person, and I don't have the right to own property or earn a living, then I refuse to allow myself to be counted as a person. I therefore encourage all people who suffer legal abuse at the hands of crooked and corrupt courts to burn your census forms on the courthouse steps in protest of being treated as a non-person. The census form used to ask how many slaves lived in the household. I am a slave and I refuse to be counted.

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