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Flag Burning - January 20, 2001 - 12 noon EST
The moment the impersonator is sworn in.

Flag Burning is our Patriotic Duty

There comes a point when the citizens, Acting as the Fourth Branch of Government, have a duty to their country to rise up and slap the government down when it gets out of line. We must never forget that the government exists for only one purpose, and that is to serve the people. That the government and the courts derive their powers by the concent of the people, and that the government has a duty to put the Will of the People above it's own self interests. When the government fails, it is the duty and the responsibility of the people to put the government in it's place and let the government know that it is, in fact subserviant to the people.

Our forefathers did not fight and die to preserve the flag, but rather they fought and died to protect our right to burn it, just as our founding fathers did to the British flag. The burning of the flag is an act that asserts the right of the people over the government. The denial of the right to burn the flag is the assertion of the government to rule the people. America is ruled by the people, not the government, and it is in fact our patriotic duty, at this juncture to assert that duty.

Flag Burning is a patriotic act done by people who care deeply enough about our freedoms to challenge the government when it becomes a threat to the people. Patriots who love America burn flags.

In the 1960s the government got itself trapped in the Vietnam War (police action) and was unable to get itself out. The systems of government failed to make itself do what was right. But the people, in order to preserve the nation, rose up against the government, forcing it to act in a lawful and responsible manner. In this case the electoral college has failed to produce a result that anyone can rely on. This is a failure of the methods of the Constitution itself. Now we have opportunists who would usurp the porews of the people, who have clearly spoke their intent through the popular vote, and substitute a process that has failed. That is not acceptable.

It might be different if the electoral system produced a clear winner, even if it disagreed with the popular vote. That would have been a different situation. But the electoral system didn't produce a clear winner. It failed! And we must admit that it failed. If Gore, by some chance were to win under the electoral system, and he can (as electors are people and free to vote as they choose) then the Bush supportes should burn the flag. The process, as applied to these circumstances is unfair, and the courts have a duty to declare the process void. If they fail to do their duty, it is our duty to enforce the Will of the People on the courts.

When the electoral system fails to produce a result that the people can rely on, we must go with the popular vote.

George Bush lost this election. He lost the popular vote, and he lost the Florida vote. But because his brother is governor and the secretary of State is going to get to be an ambassador, the vote was manipulated to produce a false result. I will not accept Bush as president (Al Gore does not speak for me on thisissue) and if he is installed in that office then this country will not be my country and I will treat the government as an occupying foreign power and that a coup has occurred.

I therefore urge all loyal citizens to make it clear to the Republican controlled press that we will not accept this and that we are prepared to burn the flag to make our voices heard. I call on all of you to beging organizing a massive flag burning to be held at the moment Bush is sworn in. And maybe some burnings sooner. When the government becomes the lawbreaker then there is no law.

The United States Supreme Court will now be known as the Republican Supreme Court.

I have to agree with this statement; "Although we may never know with complete certainty the identity of the winner of this year's presidential election, the identity of the loser is perfectly clear. It is the nation's confidence in the judge as an impartial guardian of the rule of law", Justice Stevens, in his dissenting opinion. You got that right sucker! And if you think we're just going to sit here and let it happen, you're dead wrong.

I need someone to produce an annimated flag burning gif file for me to post and distribute.

The Constitutional Crisis has Begun!

As a legal expert myself. founder of People before Lawyers and having filed my own Election Lawsuit I can say what the United States Supreme Court did was shocking! This is the first time in the history of the court that they made a clearly partisan political decision. I'm sure that every lawyer out there or other person familiar with law have their mouths open in disbelief. I guess I'll have to throw out my Blacks Law Dictionary because they just redefined injunctive relief. More later!

NEWS - BUSH STEALS ELECTION - The fix is in! The loser of the popular vote by 337,000 votes, and after using his brother and his puppet Secretary of State and organized mobs (Rent a Riot) to manipulate the election results, the Republican controlled Supreme Court stops the vote count just as Gore is about to overtake Bush's lead, Bush has made one of the most brazen power grabs in political history. For more information, Click Here.

The Florida Mob

Remember the Florida mob that broke into the counting headquarters and wre pushing through the door trying to get in? Who were these people? Were they concerned citizens who were merely expressing their political beliefs? Not hardly! Here's who they really were!

  1. Tom Pyle, policy analyst, office of House Majority Whip Tom DeLay (R-Tex.).
  2. Garry Malphrus, majority chief counsel and staff director, House Judiciary subcommittee on criminal justice.
  3. Rory Cooper, political division staff member at the National Republican Congressional Committee.
  4. Kevin Smith, former House Republican conference analyst and more recently of
  5. Steven Brophy, former aide to Sen. Fred D. Thompson (R-Tenn.), now working at the consulting firm KPMG.
  6. Matt Schlapp, former chief of staff for Rep. Todd Tiahrt (R-Kan.), now on the Bush campaign staff in Austin.
  7. Roger Morse, aide to Rep. Van Hilleary (R-Tenn.).
  8. Duane Gibson, aide to Chairman Don Young (R-Alaska) of the House Resources Committee.
  9. Chuck Royal, legislative assistant to Rep. Jim DeMint (R-S.C.).
  10. Layna McConkey, former legislative assistant to former Rep. Jim Ross Lightfoot (R-Iowa), now at Steelman Health Strategies.

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Notice to Republicans:
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Republicans seem to be preparing to seize power through methods where they would refuse to certify the election results in both the Florida Legislature and the United States Congress. In such a move they will throw out the Will of the People and subsitiute the will of the Republican Legislature. We should start preparing to resist a Republican coup.

Current Republican Lies

Latest legal News

As many of you know, as the founder of People before lawyers, that I'm somewhat of a legal researcher. The way it looks to me, Florida can, and should, lose it's electoral votes. This would result in no winner and the rest of the country would determine the race.

First, here's Florida's law regarding the presidential elections:

103.011 Electors of President and Vice President. --Electors of President and Vice President, known as presidential electors, shall be elected on the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November of each year the number of which is a multiple of 4. Votes cast for the actual candidates for President and Vice President shall be counted as votes cast for the presidential electors supporting such candidates. The Department of State shall certify as elected the presidential electors of the candidates for President and Vice President who receive the highest number of votes.

Seems very straight forward, except that there are no provisions in case of a tie vote or a void vote. In the case of a tie or void vote, neither candidate would recieve the highest number of votes and therefore neither candidate would be entitled to electors.

A void election, in Florida common law, is an election that fails to produce a result. That happens in cases where there are either irregularities or corruption, and the results of the irregularities make a number of ballots questionable, and the number of questionable ballots excedes the gap between the candidates. For example, if the gap is 1000 votes, but 2000 votes are determined to be tainted in some manner, then the election is void.

In Florida, judges have a lot of discretion as to how to resolve void elections, if possible. Generally, in an election that can't be fixed and is truely void, a new election is held. Florida would normally have to have a revote. But, as it turns out, the United State Constitution prohibits a revote. The constitution says:

Article 2, Section 1, Clause 4: The Congress may determine the Time of chusing the Electors, and the Day on which they shall give their Votes; which Day shall be the same throughout the United States.

What this means is, there can be no revote for a presidential election. If the Florida courts rule the election void, then there is no winner and it can't be fixed. Some states allow for a coin flip to determine the outcome of a tie election. But Florida is not one of those states. If Florida loses it's electors, then the other 49 states determine the winner.

Is this fair? Should Florida lose it's voice in this election? Actually yes! The reason this is fair is because Florida's voting systems are sloppy and corrupt and the sloppiness and corruption clearly excedes the gap between the candidates. For all practical purposes, Gore and Bush tied. No one at this point, with all the disputed votes can say that either on of them actually won. Thus a void election with no electors would correctly and fairly represent the outcome of the Florida vote.

It would be very easy to make this case to the Florida Supreme Court. Not only is it fair and just, but it gets Florida off the hook and resolves the Florida vote in a way that is not only legally correct, but truely reflects the reality that this is a tie race. And it's an easy way out for the State of Florida. And judges like the easy way out.

Information the media isn't smart enough to explain

I'm very unhappy with the Moonie controlled news media that has been promoting the Bush campaign. I am also frustrated with reporters who aren't smart enough to accurately report legal issues and remedies. I therefore am posting this to give you accurate information on what is going on and what you can do about it. This is where you'll find the real news.

You have to remember that the media wants Bush to win. The people who own the news networks are the super rich that will get the most from Bush's tax cut. The big name reporters are also in the highest income categories. These people have a personal interest in Bush winning this election and they are skewing the news in Busk's favor as they have done throughout this election.

Refuting Republican Claims

The Republicans are making a number of confusing and misleading claims to divert attention from the facts. The bottom line facts are that Gore won the popular vote, Gore won the Florida vote, but the Florida vote was miscounted and was irregular. Gore won.

The Republicans claim that mistakes happen and that this is an accepted norm. And if these mistakes benefit Bush he should be president as a result of those mistakes. They point out that the same county kicked out 15,000 votes last time they used the butterfly ballot and no one complained then. So it may not seem fair, but it's just too bad.

Bush got more votes than Clinton did in 1992 or 1996.

There was election fraud in Chicago in 1960 but Nixon didn't file lawsuits to contest it. He took his defeat like a man and let Kennedy be president. Because the Democrats cheated in 1960, the Republicans should get to cheat once too.

NOTE: This is not Gore's web site. Click Here to go to Gore's site. His phone number is 615-340-2000. His email address is I am not part of the Gore campaign so don't email me asking me what Gore thinks. I do not speak for Gore.

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