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A winning team, and a job well done.
Al Gore will be our next president. Clinton has done a good job and Al Gore was right there helping to make it happen. As a Vice President, Al Gore has been the most active and involved in history. Most VPs do little or nothing but give political speeches when the president is busy. But Al Gore has been active in reforming government and cutting the size of government by 250,000 non-military jobs.

NOTE: This is not Gore's web site. Click Here to go to Gore's site. His phone number is 615-340-2000. His email address is townhall@alGore2000.com I am not part of the Gore campaign so don't email me asking me what Gore thinks. I do not speak for Gore.

What a world. The Democrats turn Sex Police, the Republicans are running a Cocaine user, and Pat Buchannan picks a Black Woman as his VP running mate. Is this the Twilight Zone?

Why Gore over Bush?

It's getting close to decision time. Time to pick who the next president is going to be. How do we decide that? Let's start by looking at the obvious.

Under Bush's dad we had the highest deficits in history. Under Clinton/Gore we turned those record deficits around into record surpluses. Now we have enough money to start paying down the national debt. The Bush/Reagan debt. If we're going to have Social Security and Medicare when we retire, we have to pay off the national debt. We can't afford to pay interest on the debt and afford Medicare and Social Security at the same time.

Gore's plan is the same as Clinton's plan. Bush's plan is the same as the Reagan/Bush plan. We have tried it both ways and the bottom line is, Gore's plan works. Bush's plan doesn't.

The choice is, do we go back to the Reagan/Bush deficits? Or do we stay with the Clinton/Gore surpluses? It really is that simple.

Bush spent over 100 million dollars on his campaign before the first primary vote was cast. More money than Clinton and Dole did combined in the whole 1996 campaign. If Bush becomes president, he's going to pay back that 100 million dollars with a trillion of out tax dollars. That's a real good return on investment for the super rich. That's why the centerpiece of the Bush plan is a big break for rich people.

The Trillion bucks that Bush is going to give away to his friends is our hard earned tax money. That's the money we all have been paying in to retire on. That's the money that is supposed to take care of us in our old age. But Bush is going to rip us off like his daddy did. 15 cents of every dollar in taxes we pay now going to pay the interest on the debt from when his daddy was president and vice president for 12 years. That's money we could be spending on ourselves. And you know who's collecting the interest on that debt? Rich people!

I don't have anything against rich people. I hope to get rich some day myself. But I don't want to get rich on the backs of old people. I want to earn my money, not get a kickback from Bush once he gets into office. Bush give more money to rich people than all his other programs put together, including the military, education, prescription drugs, etc. The reason Gore has more money for his programs is because he's not giving a trillion bucks to the rich. So Gore has the money to pay off the national debt, which everyone agrees is the right thing to do.

It is true that the rich are paying higher taxes under Clinton/Gore. But the reason the rich are paying higher taxes is that the rich have done very well under the Clinton administration. There are more rich people that are making more money than any time in history. What Clinton and Gore have done is make everyone richer, and because of that tax revenue has gone up. That's why we have surpluses now instead of deficits. But the point is, a Gore administration is even better for the rich than a Bush administration, because the rich, as well as the rest of us will do better under Gore than under Bush.

Gore vs. Bush - Comparison Chart

Gore vs. Bush - Where they stand on the Issues




The Economy Surpluses Deficits
Abortion Yes No
Preserve Social Security Yes No
Protect Medicare Yes No
Tax Cuts For Working Families Trillion Bucks for Richest 2%
Pay off National Debt Yes No
Guns Everyone Except Criminals Everyone
Education Spending $125 Billion $25 Billion
McCain Campaign Finance Reform Yes No
Size of Federal Government Smallest under Clinton/Gore Bigest under Reagan/Bush
Health Insurance for All Children Yes No
Perscription Drugs for Seniors Yes Not Hardly
Protect the Environment Yes No
Tax Money for Private Schools No Yes
Military Spending Twice Bush's Budget Rich come First
Next Generation Weapons Systems Yes No
Government Imposed School Prayer No Yes (Christians only)
Plan for America Continue Clinton's Work Go back to his Dad's Plan
Direction for America Stay with what Works Go back to what doesn't work
Alcoholic No Yes
Kissing Uses Tounge On Cheek
Takes money from the Moonies No Yes
Enforce Pollution Laws Yes No
Squander Budget Surplus on Rich No Yes
Understands his own Economic Plan Yes No

Gore didn't invent the Internet - But ...

A little known fact is that when Al Gore was in the Senate, Senator Al Gore was the driving force behind the development and funding of the Internet. If not for Al Gore, you wouldn't be reading this on the web right now. Al Gore has always been pro-technology and is a deep thinker and understands high tech issues. In this high tech world it good to have leaders like Al Gore who understands the issues. He didn't invent the Internet though. Al Gore isn't like his Republican adversaries who still think the world is flat.

Al Gore's Personality

I just want to thank the Republicans for this nice
billboard. We're proud of President Clinton too.
Yes, Al Gore has a personality. But unlike Reagan and Clinton, Al Gore doesn't make great speeches. Al Gore is like Clinton, only duller, and without a Monica. It's similar to the relationship that George Bush was like a washed out version of Reagan. Although Al Gore is a very competent leader and will do a good job, he's going to do a good job in a very unexciting way. He's boring to most people. I'm a nerd so I find him interesting. Al Gore is very interesting if you talk to him about issues he's interested in. But he doesn't provide the drama that Clinton and Reagan are known for. With Al Gore you can expect 8 years of boring prosperity.

In the picture below, I'm making Al Gore an honorary member of the Nerd Liberation Movement. The Nerd Liberation Movement is a group of people who believe that the world would be better off if smart people were in charge. Although it won't be exciting, and the news media will hate the lack of scandal, I'm looking forward to having a president who's a nerd.

Al Gore needs new Jokes

Here's a new joke for Al Gore to replace an old one he's been using:

Clinton compared to Gore

Marc Perkel honoring Al Gore with a membership in the Nerd Liberation Movement
I like Clinton. Clinton is the best president we ever had. I don't think Al Gore will be as good as Clinton because Al Gore doesn't have "the vision thing" the same way Clinton does. But Al Gore has worked closely with Clinton and he has learned from the master. Clinton and Gore believe the same things. Clinton has done a great job and Al Gore will continue along the same path. After 8 great years under President Clinton, expect 8 more great years under Al Gore.

cover I think Al Gore views are a little to the left of Clinton. Al Gore is more likely to hug a tree that a person. He more of an environmentalist than Clinton is, and he's more pro union labor than Clinton. On the other hand, I like the fact that he's not a lawyer and may be more likely to take the position that The Rights of the People come before the Profits of Lawyers.

Clinton is more like Reagan in that he is personable and delivers great and inspiring speeches. Gore doesn't have the showmanship that Clinton and Reagan had. Gore is more like Carter without a hostage crisis. Gore is a very honest, sincere, and hard working individual who will get up every day and do a good job.

Staying with what works

cover When President Clinton took office the deficit was around $350 billion and climbing. It was projected that if Bush were reelected that the deficit was going to climb to $800 billion by 1997 and would be over a trillion dollars a year by now.. Bush didn't have a clue as to what to do. Clinton and Gore came in and took responsibility and turned the economy around so that now we have a budget surplus instead of never ending debt. We're paying down the national debt and the economy is strong. Clinton and Gore made it happen. Gore now has 7 years of experience working with President Clinton and is ready to move up to the top spot. There's a saying, "If it's not broken, don't fix it." I rather doubt that America is going to change leadership when things are going so well.

The bottom line is, Al Gore is a good man who will do the right thing. That's why I support Al Gore.

When the Republicans were in power for 12 years all they did was borrow and spend. We elected Clinton and Gore in 1992 to put and end to the era of Republican fiscal irresponsibility. Republicans have clearly taken the position that they would squander the surplus by giving the rich big tax breaks and passing the debt on to the next generation. I rather doubt that the voters want to go back to Republican deficit spending. The bottom line is that the economy is good because of Clinton and Gore and I doubt the voters are going to change parties in the face of success.

When Bush's daddy was president the economy was flat. We were in a triple dip recession. Wages were low and unemployment was high. The debt was skyrocketing and Americans were wondering if we were going to make it. In 8 years of Clinton Gore we have gone from America's biggest deficits to America's biggest surpluses, and Bush wants us to go back to what we had before Clinton? That's going to be hard to sell.

Al Gore and Joe Lieberman are going to continue with the same plan that Clinton and Gore have done for the last 8 years. Cutting government waste, fiscal discipline, smart tax breaks that help the economy. We're not going back to voodoo economics.

Bush confuses me

It's been interesting watching the Bush convention on television. I say the Bush convention because it sure doesn't look like a Republican convention to me. What I see are Republicans pretending to be like Democrats and accusing Al Gore of acting like a Republican. They're holding their tongues trying to be all nice and lovey dovey and I find it amusing how they are fighting to hold out that illusion. The very idea of "compassionate conservatives" is a contradiction. Does anyone really believe this? And if they do, what happened to the Republican party of two years ago.

"If [Bush] is a reformer, then I'm an astronaut."
- John McCain

Where is Newt Gingrich? Where is Dick Armey? Where is Tom Delay? Henry Hyde? Where's Ken Starr? Where's Rush Limbaugh? Where's Ralph Reed? Where's Jerry Falwell? Why are the Republicans not trotting out the heroic impeachment managers? I never heard any mention of Monica, Linda Tripp, Paula Jones, no one praising Ken Starr. Are the Republicans ashamed of their recent past. Do they want us to forget about what they did two years ago? What the Republicans don't talk about speaks volumes about how afraid they are of President Clinton. Obviously the Republicans know and admit through their conduct that they were wrong, at least in the eyes of the people. But have the Republicans really reformed? Or is this just an act? Is W really more like Clinton than Al Gore? And isn't that what this election is really all about? Who can convince the public that they are more like Clinton, (less Monica) and can continue to build on the fine job Clinton has done as president.

The Republicans ran in 1998 on the issue of Clinton's penis and lost. Now they are afraid to even bring it up.

I'm impressed with all the "people of color" they rounded up to put on stage as if the party is "inclusive". They even came up with a gay guy and got the Christian Right to hold their hate and protest him by praying during his speech. They even got McCain to sell out and support Bush. McCain never mentioned "campaign finance reform" for obvious reasons. It would call into question where Bush is getting all his money. But when you look out into the audience you see the same kind of Republicans they've always have, white millionaires. And when you look at the platform, the agenda is all about tax cuts for these millionaires.

What really amazes me is how afraid the Republicans are of President Clinton. They are so afraid of him that they barely mention his name. As much as they put Clinton down for being a draft dodger, it seem to me that someone who is afraid of a draft dodger has to be a bigger coward. Of course they are afraid of Clinton. The last time they took Clinton on they lost two Speakers of the House. We learned that the Republicans were more sexually active than the President was. I have to admit that I was truly surprised by the level of Republican sexual activity because I never thought Republicans were that cool in the sack.

It must be interesting to try to run for president like Bush is and try to pretend that the Republicans are responsible for Bill Clinton's accomplishments while at the same time diverting the Clinton surplus to pay for tax cuts for the rich rather than to pay off the tab left over from his daddy's administration. Al Gore has stepped forward to finish the job that he an President Clinton started in taking responsibility for paying off the Bush/Reagan debt. I put Bush first now because he spent 12 years of borrow and spend where Reagan only spent 8 years ruining the economy. Bush is also more responsible because he knew he was doing the wrong thing at the time he was doing it. Bush is the one who looked at the Reagan plan in 1980 and called it "Voodoo Economics". Bush coined that term and he was right. Now his boy is going to go back and do exactly the same thing his daddy did. Tax cuts for the rich, borrow and spend.

You know, my heart really goes out to those poor children of millionaires who can't inherit all their parents money tax free. That is so unfair that we have to shift the tax burden to the backs of waitresses who are trying to make child care money so that they and their children can survive. The are talking about protecting social security and that your retirement money is in some invisible "lock box". There is only one way to protect social security and medicare and that's to pay off the national debt first. If a candidate isn't talking about paying off the debt first, they are lying to you. The true test of what a conservative is, is a person who supports paying off the national debt, not someone who will squander it with tax cuts for the rich.

They don't talk about impeachment, Paula Jones, Linda Tripp, or Ken Starr. I find that amusing. I bet Bush will talk about it once he gets behind in the polls.

Bush's economic plan is to do the same thing his daddy did before him. It's the "Son of Voodoo" plan. Started by Reagan and proven to be a failure. I can't imagine why anyone would want to turn back to the Bush years.

Paying off the National Debt vs. Tax Cuts for the Rich

There are many issues that distinguishes the candidates in this race, but I believe there is one important issue that stands out among the rest. That important issue is that Al Gore and the Democrats are committed to paying off the nation debt rather than giving tax cuts to the rich. I believe that the Democrats have the right idea by putting our financial responsibilities first and making sure America is secure by paying off what we owe.

The Republicans are touting their Social Security "Lock Box" and their "Medicare Lock Box" as a "solution" to Medicare and Social Security. But where is this "Lock Box"? It's an invisible box that Senator John Ashcroft keeps under his arm. And if you can see the invisible lock box, you can be sure that you're Social Security money is in there. If you believe in the invisible box, then you vote for George W. Bush. But Al Gore has a better plan.

The Gore plan is to continue the work he and Bill Clinton started and pay off the national debt. Clinton and Gore turned the economy around from spiraling debt and recession to prosperity and surplus. But the "surplus" isn't really a surplus because we still have to pay the tab for the 12 years the last Bush was in the White House. Then we'll have a surplus. Only by paying off the national debt can America be sure that we will be prosperous enough to support Medicare and Social Security and not turn our children into tax slaves. Our children should not have to support us in our old age and still have to pay interest on the Bush/Reagan debt. It is our responsibility to be responsible and pay off the tab we ran up in the 80s so that we're not still paying for Bush/Reagan 20 years from now.

Paying off the national debt is the only way to save Social Security and Medicare. If a candidate isn't for paying off the debt first, they are not a conservative.

People like to call themselves conservatives, especially fiscal conservatives. To be a conservative is to be responsible with money. Anyone who is not responsible with money can not be called a conservative. We have all had credit cards and most of us have run into hard times when we had to rely on the credit card to get us by in hard times. But then comes times of prosperity and we feel the wealth, but we still have those credit card bills. At that point we do the right thing and we pay off those debts so that the next time those hard times come, we have that credit card paid off so we can use it again. That's the way fiscal conservatives like Al Gore feel about our national debt. If we don't pay it off now, when will we? Bush would squander our prosperity and leave the debt there for yet another generation to pay. And that's the difference between Gore and Bush and the decision that's facing us in this election. What this election is about is whether or not we are going to be responsible and pay our bills, or if we are just going to party on and give the rich more money to spend.

Bush wimp factor

During the last Bush campaign there was the issue of the Bush wimp factor. The new wimp factor is not "son of wimp". Al Gore wants to debate Bush early and often but Bush is afraid of Al Gore. Bush knows that Al Gore is a lot smarter than he is and that Al Gore will kick his but on the issues. So Bush is going to try to hide out so he doesn't go head to head with Gore.

George W. Bush is a chicken. If you thought his daddy was chicken, you ain't seen nothing yet. Bush is so scared of the Democrats that he doesn't even mention Clinton's name. He calls it "compassionate conservatism" which really means that he's a coward. If you call Clinton a coward because he's a draft dodger, what do you call someone who's afraid of a draft dodger? You call him a compassionate conservative. Bush is such a coward that he's afraid to debate the draft dodger's vice president. What a little wussy!

Who would have thought that less than two years after the failed impeachment attempt that the Republicans would be on their knees groveling in front of Clinton and Gore, afraid to challenge them and take them on over the issues? Who would have thought that they would make the Republican Party heavyweights hide so that they don't offend President Clinton? This is the most amazing thing I've ever seen in politics. It's amazing what you can buy with Sun Myung Moon's Money.

"Compassionate Conservative" is just a code name for "I'm a little chicken".

Maybe Gore's Too Clean

We may come to miss Clinton and his scandals. People who are too clean can be boring. I think a few scandals builds character and makes you a more interesting person. That's why Republicans like Son of Bush are doing so well. He's more like Clinton personality wise than Gore is. Bush may not have had as much sex as Clinton, but he's ahead in doing Drugs like Cocaine. The Republicans are going to have a hard time with the moral high ground this election because the Republicans will be supporting a candidate who clearly doesn't meet their artificial standards of moral character. If the Republicans still claim character is important, they're going to have to vote for Gore.

They say that character counts. They say they believe in morals and family values. They must be talking about Al Gore.

This is going to be an interesting race. I don't see how the Republicans are going to rally around Bush without giving up the character and moral issues to Al Gore. I suppose when it comes down to it, it's more important for the Republicans to win even if they have to sell out to everything they say they hate. I'm just waiting for these hard core Republicans to claim that Bush's womanizing and cocaine use is a private matter and his personal choice. It's going to be most entertaining to watch that happen. Is Bush going to advocate going back to the Reagan/Bush borrow and deficit spend? Or is he going to try to position himself to be more like Clinton than Gore is.

Bush's lead is a clear defeat for the right wing of the Republican party who were clearly to blame for their massive defeat in the 1998 elections. America sent a message that they would rather have a president that fooled around with interns and cigars than to give the Republican right wing any political power.

Restoring Dignity to the Presidency

cover The United States hit an all time moral and spiritual low during the Reagan and Bush administrations. Reagan and Bush embarked on a policy of big tax cuts for the rich and an orgy of government spending like a frat boy with a new credit card. Ronald Reagan enacted the biggest tax increase in the history of America and it didn't even put a dent in his record deficit spending. The only president who ran the national debt up faster than Reagan was George Bush. Reagan and Bush expanded the government faster that any presidents in history and accumulated more federal debt than all other presidents put together. They threw open the doors of the Savings and Loans and allowed their rich political cronies to raid the vaults resulting in 500 billion dollars in taxpayer bailouts. This included several hundred million that went into the pockets of the sons of President Bush. A fact that was hidden until the day after the 1988 election when Silverado Savings and Loan crashed.

Clinton/Gore put an end to the Iran-Contra, Big Government, Savings and Loan Scandal, Borrow and Spend policies of the Reagan and Bush era.

cover Although Congress has prohibited Reagan and Bush from getting involved in the war in Nicaragua, they decided they were going to do it anyhow by secretly selling arms to our enemies in Iran to by weapons for the contras, which were delivered by cocaine dealers who were hauling guns south on the return trip from bringing drugs north. Although there were investigations, the were eventually terminated in 1992 when President Bush pardoned all the conspirators on Christmas day, undermining any further investigations.

Debt Free by 2009?

In 1992 the economy was out of control. The deficit was soaring, 400 billion a year, and rising. The economy was flat. Some called it a triple dip recession, some called it a depression. President Bush was clueless as to what to do about it as they let their cronies and Bush's sons raid the country's Saving and Loan industry. Was America facing bankruptcy from the Reagan/Bush policies of borrow and spend? What would we do if we could no longer pay our debts? What would we do if the Japanese quit loaning us money? It was like we Americans were on our knees as beggars looking for the Japs to give us a handout as President Bush puked in the Prime Minister's lap. Balancing the budget and restoring fiscal responsibility was like an impossible dream. And then came Clinton/Gore!

I believe President Gore will have the national debt paid off by the time he leaves office in 2009.

cover Like a pair of heroes riding in on a white horse the Clinton/Gore team had a plan. The promised to focus on the economy like a laser beam. Clinton/Gore understood the importance of fiscal discipline, creating new jobs, and paying off our national debt, the Reagan/Bush debt. America decided to give Clinton/Gore a chance, and they delivered on their promise. Now we have budget surpluses and we're just beginning to pay of the national debt. And fortunately, in the 5 budget years the Republican Congress has been in power, not once have they had their work done by the October 1st deadline and have been forced to accept the Clinton/Gore budget. The Republican do nothing Congress has been living off of Clinton's political welfare for the last 5 years, trying to take credit for the accomplishments of the Clinton/Gore administration. But when the Republicans go up against Clinton/Gore, the fold faster than Superman on laundry day!

Al Gore is a conservative and hasn't made the promise that he'll have the national debt paid down to zero in the next 8 years of his presidency. However, at the rate the Clinton/Gore team has changed deficits into surpluses, I think it's safe to expect that if Al Gore is President, that the national debt will be gone when Gore passes the torch to his Democratic successor. And when America is debt free, we'll have a 15% across the board tax cut without cutting any programs because 15% of every dollar we pay in taxes goes to pay the interest on the Reagan/Bush debt.

Reagan/Bush was a national disaster. Clinton/Gore saved the day and turned our country back in the right direction. Why would anyone want to go back to the Bush daze?

cover I don't know why anyone would want to elect another Bush when we haven't paid off the bills the last Bush stuck us with. Are we going to go back to the malaise days where a clueless Bush was ruining our country into the ground? Or do we stay the course and let President Gore continue the Clinton/Gore economic recovery. I think we should pay off the national debt before we let the Republicans trash the economy again. Clinton thinks America can be debt free in 13 years. President Gore can do it in 8.

Clinton Coattails - Clinton Fatigue

What effect will the Clinton presidency have on Al Gore? A lot of people, (mostly Republicans) are talking about Clinton fatigue. That the country is tired of Clinton and ready to move on. These people are dead wrong. It's lucky for the Republicans that Clinton is limited to two terms because there's no doubt in anyone's mind that if Clinton were to run again that he would win handily. People not only are not tired of Clinton, but this race is going to be about who can best move the country forward in the direction Clinton has set.

It's time for Al Gore to give us his vision of the future and his goals and visions of who he is and what a President Gore will mean to America.

Having said that, I don't think Al Gore will automatically inherit either Clinton's coattails or any fatigue. Al Gore is a different person and he will have to win or lose on his own merits. Al Gore has to put forward his vision and his ideas of where he will take the country. He can't assume that he will be elected as Clinton elite. It's my belief that Gore will only inherit what he stands up and claims. We need to know what will be the same and what will be different under President Gore. We need for Gore to speak up and say who he is and what his vision is. And although he doesn't have Clinton's charisma, he needs to have a vision of the future and let us know what that vision is.

I'm putting forth a lot of these ideas as suggestions because this is the first Gore for President site on the web and I am a hell of a writer and a thinker and I know that the Gore campaign and the press watch this web site closely. I've done a number of interviews and radio talk shows because of these web pages and I'm hoping that he is listening to this. And, for the record, I'm still denying that Gore has offered me the Vice Presidency.

Things that bother me about Al Gore

cover Although this is a pro Gore site it doesn't mean that I agree with all his positions. I think it's good for supporters to disagree with a candidate so that the candidate will take notice and get back on track. As the first Gore for President site on the Internet, I attract my share of press. I have been interviewed on several radio talk shows about my support for Al Gore. But I'm someone who says what I think and if I don't agree with the candidate I say so. Some of what I have in this section are positions I want Al Gore to take. Some of what I say here is to point out stupid positions Al Gore has taken in order to help him to grow. I'm not a party loyalist, so if you're a party loyalist and don't think I should be saying this then grow up! Even Clinton makes mistakes.

Voting for Al Gore is like voting for our greatest president, President Clinton, one more time. God blessed America with Clinton/Gore.

Gore's Accomplishments as Vice President

On the Economy:

On Reinventing Government:

On Education:

On Technology:

cover On Strengthening Families:

On the Environment:

On Livable Communities:

On Foreign Policy:

Gore's Accomplishments as a Congressman and a Senator

On Arms Control and Foreign Policy:

On Health Care:

On the Environment:

On Technology:

On Closing the Opportunity Gap:

Fighting for consumers and taxpayers:

I'm a proud Clinton supporter. It's been an honor to have the opportunity to support such a fine president. Thank you President Clinton for your loyal service to America, for restoring our national dignity, and for restoring our country to be a great nation and a world leader.

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