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Moonie Influence - Cult Control of the World

A lot of what I posted here are things I just read for the first time, and quite frankly, it's scary. Moon has a big ego and likes to brag. After all, the man claims to be God. However, when you spend a billion dollars to influence the press, you're going to influence the press. And clearly the Moonies have influenced the press.

What I find disturbing is the amount of influence this cult leader has over our daily lives, especially if what he cliams is true. Moon takes credit for SDI or Star Wars and he takes credit for getting George Bush elected president. That's a hell of a lot of foreign influence over America, especially when you consider what a loser Bush turned out to be and what a waste SDI was. It was Reagan and Bush with bad ideas like SDI that quadrupled the national debt and now 1/4 of every tax dollar we pay is to service interest on this debt. If Moon is going to take the credit then he should take the blame as well.

Moonie Myths

I'm sure you've all heard this conservative myth. "We won the cold war because we invested in Star Wars and it broke the Soviet economy trying to keep up, and they collapsed." That idea is a Moonie idea and it's a rewrite of history. The credit for the reforms in the Soviet Union go to Gorbachev who realized through his own vision that they were better off with personal freedom. Reagans hard line and "Evil Empire" statements made Gorbachev's work much harder and Reagan's work, backed by the Moonies through the Washington Times could have triggered World War III. They think they're doing the world a favor, but they're not.

They live under Rocks

The Moonies do their dirty work in secret. That have over 1000 front organizations that they use to get money and buy influence in the media, christian organizations, and in the Republican Party. I think the best way to overcome them is to drag them out into the light and expose them for what they are. If these people are so Godly, then why do they hide behind fake organizations to defraud people? This isn't religous freedom.

I call on web masters everywhere to expose the truth about the Moonies. If you know about Moonie front organizations then post it. If you know about preachers like Jerry Falwell who's taking Moonie money then we need to let those followers know that their Christain organizations are Moonie influenced. If you know about right wing think tanks that support political candidates that are being funded by the Moonies, then lets expose them. I wonder if the Republican Party knows how much money the Moonies are spending to influence their elections, especially the primaries. It looks to me like the Moonies have hijacked the Republican Party.

The Moonies are not your friend

The Moonies are a dangerous mind control cult with millions of followers and billions of dollars. Reverend Moon is a religous nut who is trying to take over the world. Moon openly admits that he thinks he is God and he expects to be worshipped! As you read my Washington Times exerpts from Moon's web site, you will see how deeply rooted the Moonies are in the press, the Christian evangelical movement, and the Republican Party. If you're a member of the Press, a Christian, or a Republican, this should scare the Hell out of you.

Moon's biggest flaw is his ego. Most of his power comes from brainwashing and is done in secret. The best way to fight someone like Moon is to drag his butt out into the light for everyone to see. I believe in freedom of religion. If you want to be a Moonie you have a right to do so. But I also believe in free speech and a fully informed public so that people know what they're buying into. I'm I'm using my right to free speech here. Even though a person has a right to be a Moonie doesn't make it a legitimate religion. And just because you have the right to be an idiot doesn't legitimize your idiocy. A pig is still a pig even when it's set free. It's just like smoking cigarettes. Just because it's legal and you have the right to smoke, it doesn't mean you aren't going to get sick from it.

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